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Quarantine in China and the Senate

The Bernie Saga
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Tomorrow’s show is loaded with great material as you’ll hear about the never-ending two day impeachment proceedings of which the Democrats are making a mockery. Susan Collins and Mitt Romney have sided with the Democrats to no avail.

And there has to be a discussion about the Harvey Weinstein trial where one of the witnesses testified giving creepy graphic details. Apparently, Weinstein smells like poop and has no balls! What is going on? Has the alien invasion begun?
Weinstein using a walker
The Wuhan Coronavirus has noteworthy characteristics that will be discussed in some frightening detail. And as we approach the Iowa caucuses you’ll note that the media promotes the idea that whoever wins in Iowa wins the nomination. This is patent nonsense and only holds true for the past few years otherwise Tom Harkin (1992) and Richard Gephardt (1988) would have been nominees.
Bernie Sanders
So, if Bernie can mange to win, the narrative may change since the Dems do not want Bernie. As for the Democrat Senators stalling the finale of the Impeachment “trial” it is possible that this is to keep Bernie in Washington DC while Biden (not a Senator) and Mayor Pete can spend more face time in Iowa. This is part of the grand scheme to derail the Sanders campaign at all costs and make sure Biden gets the nomination.
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