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Dullest Debates Ever

Kung Flu Fighting
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Tomorrow’s show
You’ll hear about the new mess in Syria that seems to be provoking a fight between Turkey and Russia. That can’t be good for world peace. The mainstream media would rather kvetch about Trump and hand wring over the Democrat party epic fail in Iowa than report on any important world event.

Then there was the last Dem debate that had a few moments that you will hear about. And we’ll have more updates on the Coronavirus better known as the Kung Flu, or Wuhan Flu to the song writers. It’s not a situation that is improving.
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Somethings to note. Dr. Jordan Peterson is at deaths door and his problems are under reported by the mainstream for some reason.

Also, it looks as if the firing of Lt. Col. Vindman, the weirdo who testified against Trump in the House hearings, is causing enough of a stir that the Dems will try to impeach Trump over it. Meanwhile, in the Senate, they are adding new judges to the system every day.
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