Friday, September 15, 2006

Catch-up time! Server is working--sort of

I managed to get my SBS server up and running, somewhat okay. At least enough to finally retrieve email and my documents normally. However it does appear that there is more to it then that. Technically speaking, the DHCP server service is not started and will stop if I manually start it and it appears this is due to my Cisco RV082 router which is acting as the DHCP server for the network. Other then making everything a manual ip address I am pretty much at a loss as I simply haven't got the time to pick away at it with my services being required elsewhere. As much as I like a challenge, this is one that has been going on too long and even after performing a server 'repair install' it appears that I will be starting from scratch. That is, when I decide that the time is right to pull the plug as there never seems to be a good time to do this, I have been working on a redundancy plan of action on my bench to help with the server down time... wish me luck! It appears this weekend and probably well in to next week I'll have my hands full with my own computer issues. I am also taking this opportunity to tweak my bench which should also help streamline things in the future.

Now that it appears Autumn is knocking on the door (yesterday was my first day without wearing shorts since May), I am hopeful that my services will be even more efficient in the future...again, wish me luck!