Monday, September 11, 2006

Server issues (once again) causing slow-downs

I have pretty much had enough of not being able to connect to my server (where it holds my email, documents, etc) and having to connect directly to it to answer a simple email is crazy. Therefore I started the process of backing it up and starting from scratch. Since it has been almost two full years with virtually no real maintenance other then fixing the odd connection problems due to my router not connecting I would have to say it was time, however, I just can't seem to justify the time spent on it whereas I must stop all other activities to concentrate on this one task... this is something I am just not accustomed to since multi-tasking is something you just have to do when dealing with computer and their problems. In any case if you find your email has not been answered, please be a little patient as I haven't lost the email, it just isn't available until the server is back up and running which I hope will be by the end of the day (Monday Sept 11).