Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's Remote Baby!

For the next two weeks, anyone wishing to utilize in my services will have to depend on the remote capabilities that are now built in to your computer! I have decided it is time to put the tweaker down and walk away from the bench.. more like RUN away! Yes, as of Tuesday I will be heading down the highway (I-5) to points beyond with no real destination. The drive is something I truly enjoy as it gets my mind occupied on other things besides computers! Many think I am crazy to take the time to sit in a car and drive, but not for me. Not with all the electronic gadgets that I usually have with me such as dual gps systems (one for keeping me in the right direction) while the other is mapping out the geocache sites that I may stop at. I then turn to my pocket pc for information on that geocache. My laptop is usually tracking my journey using MS Streets therefore I can always know where I am and where I want to be. I am never too far out of range as with any real problems I can always shuttle a service loaner over to you so no worries matey....I am never that far from cellular range (sometimes I wish that wasn't the case but unless I go in to the deep woods of the USA, there is typically some sort of cellular coverage)!