Saturday, September 02, 2006

Time for new ink for your printer, or maybe just a new printer?

I have blogged about this before, the fat that it is actually cheaper to just buy a new ink jet then to get the new ink cartridges, but now it appears it may be time to take that plunge and purchase a colour laser printer!

Yes, this is what I decided to do once my inkjet all-in-one stopped printing. Even though I still have a full set of cartridges, which will never get used I guess, since they stopped making that printer type and the fact that I opened them in hopes that all it was, was a dried up print cartridge. Not the case, and so I have basically wasted money...something nobody likes to do. For that reason alone, it is probably not your best idea to purchase ink from places such as Costco where you get two colour cartridges (or in my case 2 sets of magenta, cyan, and yellow). Unless you do go through a lot of ink or you know the printer is going to last. Quite simply, it is cheaper to just buy a new printer. As well, you won't just be getting a printer, but a copier and scanner as well as a multi-card reader!

But what about colour laser printers? Currently you can get an HP at Staples I notice, for under $300 however I have heard a few bad things about this one, not to mention it is HP and personally I stay away from HP printers since they started making the multi-function devices. I have found there are just too many printer driver issues to deal with that you are better off with an Epson. I have always been an Epson person but not so with laser printers.
I bought a Brother B/W laser over two years ago and I am now getting the toner refill notice. I paid $129 with a $40 rebate back then and thought I was stealing it, however that same unit sells for $89 now so things haven't changed that much with the B/W Laser printers. Thing is, the colour ones are dropping (finally).

Personally I opted for the Samsung 510 which is not on sale locally where I live but they do have the next model(at Staples as I noted the first place I looked since Staples is pretty much in every small town). London Drugs will usually follow suit and match any sale price, as will Future Shop.

Check them out though, for less then $400 and knowing you won't be replacing the ink as often, you will end up with a much better cost per page! If you are an existing client of mine, contact me for some deals that I might be able to swing your way!