Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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The latest news in the Ebola crises is that yet another person has contracted the illness in Dallas. Who knows how many people she has infected herself? You can be certain each new case will get plenty of publicity and focus attention on the false promises delivered by the CDC and Obama.'


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Not to let a good crises go to waste, Fox news is riding this horse harder than anyone else, doing its best to scare the public. The purpose is to put focus on the President. Blame him. The emergence of this bumper sticker shows that the Republican strategists, (who knows which ones) have a clue. If the Democrats can scare women into becoming Democrats by tales of gun violence, then Ebola may scare these same ninnies to the Republican Party as the disease is now being associated with Obama and the Democrats.

Then there is the Isis situation. This is also being blamed on Obama as we now discover that all sorts of chemical weapons are still hidden away in Iraq and the Isis creeps are going to get their hands on them. Read the story here.

After we run roughshod over the entire country for a decade, how does this happen?

All these stories are about the midterms and you can be sure it’s going to get worse before the elections.

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