Saturday, October 25, 2014

No Agenda-The Seventh Anniversary Show!

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Tomorrow will be a great show with a discussion on how the Democrats regained control of the message to get women to vote for them. Yes, another high school shooting and lock down. More of these events actually happen then get reported in such a bold nationwide way, so these big stories have some sort of agenda and apparently can be controlled enough to manipulate the media.

The problem with all this are the various stories as to who exactly stopped the shooter. And your No Agenda Show will always ask, “what drugs was the kid using?” and by this we are not referring to street drugs. The media never delves into this because the drug companies own the media with all the advertising they do. Yet another reason the No Agenda Show can bring you stories untouched by the compromised mainstream. And we continue to do this with your support. Visit the support page here.

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