Saturday, October 11, 2014

No Agenda-Saturday Memo

Supposed image of al-Nusra terrorist provided by Getty images. Note it appears to be a woman with eye-make-up and she is wearing a colorful t-shirt. These are both violations of strict Salafist rules of deportment. Picture is bullcrap.

Memo from John

Your Saturday No agenda missive.

Dear Producer,
Your No Agenda Show will have a lot to talk about on tomorrow’s show including the latest Ebola gambits, the continued threats from the (unknown until a couple of weeks ago) Khorasan Group that’s out to get us. The Wiki page is so new for this operation that changes are constantly made including this gem:

Khorasan is a historical term for a region overlapping modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.[4] The name of the group was coined by intelligence agencies as a reference to the high-ranking Khorasan Shura, a leadership council within al-Qaeda, of which many members of the group are a part.[5]
It’s not bad enough that apparently this group’s name was made up by “Intelligence agencies” but it seems to stem BOTH from the area and by some guy whose name is Khorasan. Yeah, right.
Only your No Agenda Show will discuss this operation in any sort of detail with it in mind that it’s a cover story for something else going on. And this is why your No Agenda Show needs your support to continue this work. Please click here and contribute what you can as any amount helps.
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Always remember, it is your support that makes the show work.

Your co-host,
John C. Dvorak

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