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The corporate media attacks Google. What?


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Think about the following story being outlined in Techdirt (and almost no other media outlets) as you consider the value of the No Agenda Show and why it needs support.
And when you look into it, the message communicated by the caption is also not true.
According to the apparently genuine and damning documents attached to this story about the MPAA going after Google, the MPAA was getting a little annoyed with Google failing to protect the interests of the movie and music industries. By failing to protect they meant that Google was allowing search results that would find links to copyrighted material that could be downloaded without payment or permission

Worse, Google’s YouTube was a constant source of irritation for hosting copyrighted clips and entire presentations and had to be constantly monitored.

The idea, as outlined in this article, was to put together a public relations campaign to smear Google and teach them a lesson and send the company a message. There were earlier hints that something like this would happen when so-called project Goliath was revealed last year.
This in itself was not weird or unusual in the world of business. What should get your attention was the explicit manner in which they would do this: By specifically planting negative stories within the Wall Street Journal and the Today Show.

It seemed as if these were conduits for smear campaigns orchestrated by the MPAA as well as conduits for movie promotions. And this makes nothing but sense when you consider the fact that the WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch who owns the Fox movie studios and the Today show is owned by the same company that controls Universal Studios another massive Hollywood operation.

This scandalous story has no traction on any of the networks and certainly not Fox news or MSNBC. ABC is run by Disney, so they are not about to cover it.  CBS is controlled by Sumner Redstone who also runs Viacom and thus the Paramount movie studios.
Does anyone see a problem here? And what other non-movie media operation is going to go after this cabal? Would the New York Times risk it? These guys are going after Google! This is non-trivial. So nobody is making a fuss.  Nobody.

This is your grim future without No Agenda. A complete and final system of intertwined entertainment conglomerates whose goal is to take your money and show you whatever propaganda they feel like showing. This is the Death Star and it has been completed.

Just watch the Today Show and compare what they deliver to you. Compare it to what you get from the No Agenda Show. It’s a comparison you can make. The differences are stark.
This media system is in place to control the way you think. It’s pretty simple and it works. People support No Agenda because it  provides insight into this, valuable and much-needed insight. Valuable to you. A lifeline to reality. The show needs your support to continue this work. Donate what you can afford.
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