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Trump Doubles Everywhere

Mike vs Kamala
Dear Producer,
Tomorrow’s show incorporates the Pence-Harris debates with a contrasting duo of VP Mike Pence and Cal Attorney General Kamala Harris. It should be quite the event.

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News clipping
Tomorrow's Show
The numerous sightings of dubious Donald Trumps makes you wonder how many body doubles there are for the guy. One report said the Secret Service allegedly said there were five of them.
Trump double
This image showed up on Twitter with the question, "Who is this guy?" Coule be a body double, one of five. And what's with the high-school haircut?
And during the past few days a number of oddball conspiracy theories have emerged regarding Trump and the virus which only your No Agenda Show will discuss in any detail. The mainstream media, which eschews any such discussion, is ironically responsible for their existence because it cannot seem to give us straight unbiased news with any consistency. You’ll hear the best theories on the No Agenda Show.
Trump Double II
The Trump on the right exhibits that indent above the right eyebrow but just looks wrong. Plus have you ever seen Trump in a blue shirt, ever?
You’ll also hear a deconstruction of the Pence-Harris debate which should be hilarious once you get past the Harris attack on Trump, which should include a lot of the standard anti-Trump tropes including the “very fine people" and “Russian bounties.” Maybe Pence will defend Trump better than Trump did. Whatever the case it should be a hoot. If you missed them, here are the bingo cards for the event.
Kamala Harris
Now everybody clap!
And, of course, the Covid fear mongering continues unabated despite the obvious downturn in actual hospitalizations and falling death counts to the point that this could easily be declared “over.” But the Democrats, in particular, do not want it to be over until after the election. And if this strategy actually works to get them a victory, then this gambit will become part of every election in the future. We’ll see.

Good times.
Dog lovers
Is this "meme" racist? A dog of a joke? Or is it just HOWL-larious.
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John C. Dvorak
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Cheap Bernie supporters go for Biden
Bernie sign altered for Biden
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