Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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Hunter Biden Brouhaha
Dear Producer,
Tomorrow’s show will pretty much wrap the real Covid slowdown and ramp up for the upcoming November elections highlighting the Trump Biden showdown. Always remember that your No Agenda Show is the only news analysis program that has no hidden agenda or behind-the-curtain influences.

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Las vegas meetup group photo
Big Vegas Meetup. Looks like a party.
Tomorrow's Show
Out-of-the-blue ex-staffers from the defunct TV show “The Apprentice” are suddenly moaning and groaning about Trump being demanding and petulant as the show host and star. It’s too funny to read and pointless since the only news outlets covering it are the trade magazines for the industry. The end of the election cycle smears are going to be hot and heavy targeting both sides.
Clipping from Hollywood reporter slamming Trump
These sorts of stories almost always crop up during a season to boost interest and ratings. Why now? Biden is why.
The Brexit talks are off the rails and there seems almost no chance that any sort of deal will happen with the result becoming a ”No Deal” Brexit. This means the UK leaves the EU with no agreement on anything including the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. It’s been over four years since the UK voted to leave the EU and absolutely nothing has been accomplished to fulfill this obligation to the people of the country. It’s laughable. Only your No Agenda podcast has covered this event fiasco in detail since 2016. That will continue in earnest as new deadlines are approaching.
Editorial cartoon about Brexit
On show day both Biden and Trump will be doing competing Town Hall Meetings. Biden will be on ABC while Trump is on NBC. This should be interesting insofar as comparative ratings are concerned. That said nobody thinks either of these events are going to be good TV and Thursday Night Football on Fox should be the ratings winner by far.
Piture of Biden and Trump
Changelings caught on camera.
In the meantime, we’ll be looking at the explosive Hunter Biden email dump. This screenshot from the POST which summarizes the problem for Joe Biden.

Good times.
NY Post headlines about Hunter Biden
To be discussed.
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Clipped tweet about Widmer kidnapping
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