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Guthrie Trump Debate

Phonied Up Town Hall Meetings
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Stock picture of vote by mail shows one guy delivering two ballots,
just like they do in California and Washington to keep Democrats in power.
Tomorrow's Show
You’ll hear about the miserable Town Hall meetings done after the show on Thursday. Biden kept it together during his Town Hall and still refused to answer any “packing the court” queries. Trump, meanwhile, had to deal with a mean-spirited Savannah Guthrie who seemed more intent on a condemnation kick which Trump handled very well, It resulted in some funny memes.
Next week, also on Thursday, there is supposed to be the last debate. This was announced just as it was announced that Joe Biden’s camp is having a late outbreak of Covid cases. This looks like a lead-in to a sudden Biden infection and subsequent cancellation of the last debate.
The left leaning Democrats are starting to feel their collective oats long before the election and making various moves on all the names of all the schools across the country beginning but not limited to San Francisco. The irony there is that Diane Feinstein has an elementary school named after her and they want to change the name as well as the names of 44 other schools. Here is the article, it’s astonishing.
More disturbing is the emergence of a movement to change the name of the state of Washington to something else. A contest is in order!

Demeaning and removing the names of the founding fathers across the country is pure Marxist evil and people are afraid to call it out.

No Nation can survive if its children are taught to hate the country.
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Also note that Sweden never exhibited that second wave bump like the lock down countries all did. Nobody wants to discuss any of this. Exccpt for the No Agenda Show, that is.
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