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Sick Haters
Actually Rejoice!
Dear Producer,
It’s a somber moment as President Trump, Melania and a lot of other White House staffers came down with the Covid-19, It’s the news of the week.

For that reason No Agenda is adding a “get well soon 45” donation to the show as a way to literally exploit the moment in a positive way, this is a contrast to the Democrat hate we see elsewhere. It’s a way to support the show with the President’s health in mind. Click here for that.

I will personally send the list of names (only) to the White House on behalf of No Agenda next week with a message of “get well soon.”

And, of course, the show does need your continued support. Any amount will do. Click here and contribute what you think the show is worth to you. Everything helps. All credit cards accepted.
Staffers unhappy.
Tomorrow's Show
Trump’s health will be discussed along with the possible appearance of a body double. More interesting is the need for both Twitter and Facebook to ban all the “Let’s hope that Trump dies of Covid” posts. This is mostly to protect these services from being seen for what they are – political instruments of the sickest sort.
This horrible individual is a former Obama staffer and became a writer for the now left-leaning Vogue Magazine. A real charmer, this one.
The vile Rob Reiner has chimed in with “We won.” His singular hatred for the President is remarkable (and well documented by this newsletter) with his creepy wife and daughter supporting his extremely hateful efforts.

Some observers think this should benefit Trump once he begins doing business as usual from the hospital. Your No Agenda Show Covid reporting continues on tomorrow’s show too.
There may be some more postmortem on the debates as you have to ask the question why was Chris Wallace chosen to be the moderator in the first place?
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John C. Dvorak
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More Never-ending Reality Charts.
It's the same everywhere. Lots of new cases, as deaths and hospitalization fall to zero.
This thing is over!
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