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Security flaw left ‘smart’ chastity sex toy users at risk of permanent lock-in

API One Apache CXF
2KTechCrunch / 8h
Just because almost every gadget or appliance can be connected to the internet, doesn’t mean they should be. Outages can render these “smart” devices useless, and many use weak security that can make them easily hackable. And as security researchers recently found out, the consequences of having a major security flaw in one popular sex toy could have been catastrophic for tens of thousands of use

Apple will reveal the iPhone 12 on October 13th

Apple iPhone 12 October 13
1KEngadget / 3h
Apple's new Watches and iPads just had their turn in the spotlight; now it's time for the iPhone 12 to take the stage. The company has just sent out invites to an event on October 13th at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern with the tagline "Hi, Speed.” By all accounts, the company will be packing plenty of new devices into next week’s show. Reports suggest that we could be looking at two versions of the iP

Apple announces date of iPhone 12 event. Here's what to expect.

Apple iPhone 12 October 13
1KMashable / 3h
Read more... More about Apple , Apple Event , Iphone 12 , Tech , and Consumer Tech

Something Peeled an Entire Layer Off This Star Like a Giant Orange

Futurism / 5min
Bare Bones Before the star Cassiopeia A exploded in a supernova, something had already come by and stripped it bare. The clouds of gas expelled by the supernova, Live Science reports , are missing hydrogen, which usually forms the outer layer of a star while heavier elements stay toward the core. Now, scientists think they know why: Cas A may have been too close to the earlier supernova of its ne

Dell UltraSharp 32 HDR 4K monitor takes on Apple’s pro display

SlashGear / 6min
Dell has introduced a number of new products today, one of which is the new Dell UltraSharp 32 HDR PremierColor Monitor. According to the company, this is the first-ever 4K monitor made for professionals that features 2,000 mini-LED backlit dimming zones. As with TVs that feature similar technology, the inclusion of dimming zones means users can expect high-quality contrast with … Continue readin

Twitter tests a new way to find accounts to follow

52TechCrunch / 12min
Twitter is testing a new way to follow accounts. The company announced today it’s rolling out a new feature, “Suggested Follows,” that will pop up a list of other accounts you may want to follow on the profile page of someone you had just followed. The feature will be tested on Android devices, for the time being. The feature offers a tweak to how following currently works on mobile. At present,

Wix has created a new digital-first typeface

24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 20min
Wix's new typeface MadeFor was designed by the company's in-house studio and the type foundry Dalton Maag.

DoorDash Wants a Big Wet Kiss on the Lips

Gizmodo / 24min
It’s become normal, thanks to Silicon Valley, for companies to periodically burst, unannounced, into our feeds to tell us they are ACTUALLY VERY GOOD FOR SOCIETY and then recede into shadows til the next battle with regulators. Why is DoorDash here, now, with a report telling us it saved the restaurant industry during … Read more...

McLaren hybrid teaser promises best of both worlds

McLaren Hybrid 2021
SlashGear / 26min
McLaren’s new hybrid supercar is fast approaching, and the British automaker has been dropping new details about its so-far-unnamed gas-electric model. Expected to launch in the first half of 2021, the new “High Performance Hybrid” (HPH) will combine speed with the potential for all-electric driving, McLaren promises. Full details of the drivetrain are yet to be announced, but McLaren has … Conti

I’m a software engineer at Uber and I’m voting against Prop 22

77TechCrunch / 29min
Kurt Nelson Contributor Kurt Nelson is a mobile engineer at Uber based in San Francisco. These are his personal views. I’ve been a software engineer at Uber for two years, and I’ve also been a ride-hail driver. I regularly drove for Lyft in college, and while my day job involves writing code for the Uber Android app, I still make deliveries for app-based companies on my bike to understand the sta

How to Unlock Instagram's Secret Old-School App Icons

34Lifehacker / 30min
I never gave much thought to the look of the various icons on my device—especially since I’m an iOS user, which means you’re generally stuck with what you get. However, the launch of iOS 10.3 back in 2017 let developers offer supplemental app icons people could use, and iOS 14 has blown the door wide open for… Read more...

Cambridge Analytica sought to use Facebook data to predict partisanship for voter targeting, UK investigation confirms

100+TechCrunch / 33min
The UK’s data watchdog has sent a letter to parliament In lieu of a final report on a wide-ranging investigation into online political advertising which saw it raid the offices of Cambridge Analytica in 2018 after it emerged that the disgraced (and now defunct ) data company had improperly acquired data on millions of Facebook users. In the letter the regulator says the material that it reviewed

Toyota Announces Hydrogen-Powered Semi Truck

500+Futurism / 40min
Hydrogen Truck Toyota announced today that it will officially develop a hydrogen fuel cell powered electric semi truck. “It will be quiet, smooth and powerful while emitting nothing but water,” Tak Yokoo, Senior Executive Engineer at Toyota, said in a statement . Emitting Water The Japanese carmaker’s North America division will be partnering with Hino USA, a commercial vehicles manufacturer, to

How to Spot the Most Common COVID-Related Scams

28Lifehacker / 44min
Part of the “new normal” of the pandemic is the uptick in COVID-related scams. More than 200,000 Americans have lost a sum total of around $145 million to them since the start of the year, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Here are some of the common frauds catching people off guard. Read more...

Save up to 30% on Anker Soundcore Speakers, Today Only

28Gizmodo / 48min
Save up to 30% on Anker Soundcore Portable Speakers | Amazon Gold Box Read more...

Save up to 30% on Anker Soundcore Speakers, Today Only

32Lifehacker / 52min
Save up to 30% on Anker Soundcore Portable Speakers | Amazon Gold Box Read more...

How the Latest COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Apps Actually Work

95Lifehacker / 52min
At least 21 percent of the U.S. population has access to one of the official COVID-19 contact-tracing apps developed by various state governments, but only a fraction of people actually use them. Read more...

Standing by developers through Google v. Oracle

API One Apache CXF
96TechCrunch / 52min
Mike Linksvayer Contributor Mike Linksvayer is Head of Developer Policy at GitHub, leading the company's efforts to advocate for developers globally. The Supreme Court will hear arguments tomorrow in Google v. Oracle. This case raises a fundamental question for software developers and the open-source community: Whether copyright may prevent developers from using software’s functional interfaces —

Why startups are going public now

100+TechCrunch / 52min
After all those years of startups not going public, 2020 is a little bit different. It feels like more companies are filing, and more companies are seeing their debuts through. We’re even seeing direct listings and SPAC-led deals, along with a trove of traditional IPOs. Data backs up how we feel about this year’s IPO market. Notably, however, the year did not start out too hot. Quite a lot of 202

Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card Review (2020)

200+One Mile at a Time / 56min
Marriott Bonvoy Boundless™ Credit Card 6x points at Marriott 2x points on everyday purchases no foreign transaction fees Annual Fee: $95 Apply Now The loyalty programs of Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, and Starwood were combined in early 2019, to form Marriott Bonvoy. As part of this agreement, both American Express and Chase are issuing co-branded credit cards . We’ve even seen some changes made to the

A decade in, Instagram is bigger than ever. So are its problems.

72Engadget / 57min
When Instagram first launched a decade ago, it was nothing like Facebook. The app, which began as a Foursquare-like check-in network, had one purpose: to make photo sharing easy (and make those pictures prettier in the process). It’s easy to forget now, but that was a relatively novel concept in 2010. The iPhone was only three years old, and most smartphones took grainy, low-resolution photos. Wh

Buying Verizon 5G Home is even harder than finding a Verizon mobile 5G signal

56Ars Technica / 57min
Enlarge / A Verizon 5G Home router/receiver mounted on a window. (credit: Verizon ) If you're hoping to get Verizon's 5G Home Internet service in the near future, you're probably out of luck—even if you live in one of the few cities where it's already deployed. More than two years after its unveiling, Verizon 5G Home is for sale in parts of eight cities, with an emphasis on "parts." PCMag's Sasch

Fix Google Pixel's Auto-Brightness Bug and More With the Latest Android Update

October Google Pixel 2
28Lifehacker / 59min
Google’s October Android security patch is rolling out today. These regular updates patch OS-level security bugs for all Android devices, but this month’s patch also has a number of bug fixes for Pixel devices running Android 11. Read more...

Razer's Dumb Light-Up Visa Card for Gamers Is Proof This Timeline Is Cursed

Razer BlackWidow V3
Gizmodo / 1h
Tech companies are really loving the idea of making credit cards. Apple did it , Google’s purportedly working on it , Samsung got on that train this summer, and just yesterday, Venmo announced it, too, making a card . But leave it to Razer to create the dumbest of them all: the Razer Card, a prepaid Visa cashback card… Read more...

Florida online voter registration deadline extended after website crash

32Mashable / 1h
After Florida's voter registration website failed Monday night, the state's residents will get additional time to register to vote online. From hanging chads , to improper purging of voter rolls, to modern day poll taxes , the state of Florida has long been synonymous with voting disasters. This year is no different. Hours before the deadline to register online to vote in the Sunshine State on Mo

Ducati is producing a motorcycle with built-in radar

60Engadget / 1h
Ducati has started production on what it claims is the “world's first motorcycle equipped with front and rear radar technology .” The company worked with Bosch on the radar system, which allows the Multistrada V4 to offer some rider support features. Each radar weighs 190 grams and is about the size of an action camera, so the system won’t add too much weight or bulk to the motorcycle. The front

The new Arlo Ultra 2 security camera can record 4K footage for six months straight

Arlo Pro 4 Ultra 2
28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 1h
The Arlo Pro 4 and Arlo Ultra 2 smart security cameras offer either a 2K or 4K resolution with a six-month battery life.

The Bat-Family's Vehicles Are Getting Their Own Animated Kids' Show

78Gizmodo / 1h
“Jingle bells, Batman smells.” But luckily the Batmobile didn’t lose a wheel—instead, it’s patrolling the streets right alongside the Caped Crusader . Warner Bros. Animation has announced Batwheels , a new children’s show about a bunch of talking cars that help Batman fight crime. Read more...

This Is the Best Way to Store Sippy Cups

63Lifehacker / 1h
I’m kidding. The photo is a joke, I’m not here to suggest you store your kid’s sippy cups by wedging them between two tree trunks. That seems like a solution that only works for this one specific sippy cup, and surely you’ve got more than one. In fact, you probably have multiple, as well as plastic water bottles of… Read more...

Get rid of insects with the Wizap™ Monster

32Engadget / 1h
Few things in life are more obnoxious (and potentially dangerous) than being swarmed by mosquitos and other flying insects. Whether you’re an avid camper who spends days on end in the great outdoors or you simply like to unwind on your unscreened porch after a long day’s work, fighting off aggressive and blood-thirsty mosquitoes can often feel like a full-time job. This Wizap™ Monster 360° 3-in-1

Fall Guys Season 2 Knight Fever level revealed and it looks super hectic

Fall Guys Knight Fever
21SlashGear / 1h
Anyone who has played Fall Guys knows that it’s a very hectic game, but by this point, most regular players already know the courses that are in the game front to back. Season 2, which launches later this week, promises to change that – not only by tweaking existing courses, but also by adding entirely new ones. Today, we’re getting … Continue reading

Computer Scientist: AI Can’t Flourish Without a Physical Body

95Futurism / 1h
Know Thyself If we ever want to develop the kind of advanced, thoughtful AI shown in science fiction, it might need a human-like body. Aberystwyth University computer scientist Mark Lee argues that a truly advanced AI system that can learn from and interact with its environment must have a robotic body as well. Lee wrote in The Conversation that otherwise, even the best AI couldn’t develop the se

This PS5 and Xbox Series X NBA 2K21 trailer shows the true power of next-gen

NBA LeBron James Miami
28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 1h
Coming in November with changes to the player builder, myCareer, the Neighborhood and in-game physics

Arlo Pro 4 and Ultra 2 wire-free cameras expand DIY features

Arlo Pro 4 Ultra 2
SlashGear / 1h
Today Arlo revealed a pair of new home security cameras that’ll allow their users greater access to home security with minimal wires. There’s an Arlo Pro 4, a camera that connects to Wi-fi making the DIY setup extremely simple with 2K HDR video and a 160-degree field of view. The Arlo Ultra 2 works with a new wire-free design, 4K … Continue reading

Google is beefing up password security on mobile versions of Chrome

Google Chrome 86 iOS
50Engadget / 1h
Google has rolled a series of security updates into the latest version of Chrome on Android and iOS, pushing the mobile browser toward parity with its desktop granddaddy. Chrome 86, the version that lands today, will support Safety Check on Android and iOS, Enhanced Safe Browsing on Android, and improved password-filling on iOS. Google is also implementing a program that not only recognizes when

Google expands Assistant accessibility tools with new speech integration

Google Nest Audio Tobii
43Engadget / 1h
One thing that makes voice-activated helpers like Google Assistant so powerful is that you don’t need to interact with a visual software interface to get the most out of its functionality. For those who have trouble seeing or don’t have fine motor control, the fact they can use their voice to communicate with Assistant means they can get just as much out of the software as anyone else. But not ev

SpaceX awarded contract to help develop US missile-tracking satellite network

SpaceX US Musk Satellites
100+TechCrunch / 1h
SpaceX has secured a contract valued at just shy of $150 million by the U.S. Space Development Agency, a branch of the U.S. military that is tasked with building out America’s space-based defense capabilities. The contract covers creation and delivery of “space vehicles,” aka actual satellites, that will form a constellation offering global coverage of advance missile warning and tracking. Alongs

Iranian hackers targeting Zerologon flaw, says Microsoft

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 1h
Attacks exploiting Zerologon could allow hackers to take over an organization's entire corporate network.

Russian space corporation unveils planned “Amur” rocket—and it looks familiar

62Ars Technica / 1h
Here's a schematic of the proposed Amur rocket. [credit: GK Launch Services ] On Wednesday Russia's state space corporation, Roscosmos, unveiled plans to develop a new "Amur" rocket. The booster will be powered by new and as yet undeveloped rocket engines that burn methane. Just as significantly, for the first time, Russia is seeking to build a reusable first stage. And Roscosmos is targeting a l

5 Free Marriott Nights Worth 250,000 Points Is Too Big A Bonus, How Can Chase Even Make That Work?

View from the Wing / 1h
At my last published points valuation 250,000 points are worth $1750. How can Chase do that? Their previous best-ever offer for the card was just 100,000 points. What it comes down to is Chase's lower marginal costs, combined with a bet than some consumers won't take advantage of the full value of the certificates, so the certificates cost substantially less than equivalent points would. Those th

Salesforce Ventures launches $100M Impact Fund to invest in cloud startups with social mission

Salesforce Impact Fund
100+TechCrunch / 1h
When Salesforce Ventures launched the first $50 million Impact Fund in 2017, it wanted to invest not only in promising cloud businesses, but startups with a socially positive mission. Today, the company launched the second Impact Fund, this time doubling its initial investment with a new $100 million fund The latest fund is also designed to help bring more investment into areas that the company f

Behold the new icons for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Meet

G Suite Google Workspace
43Ars Technica / 1h
Google Workspace, the new name for G Suite. [credit: Google ] Google's business productivity suite is getting its fourth brand in 14 years. This business app suite was originally called " Google Apps for Your Domain " when it launched in 2006, then " Google Apps for Work ," then " G Suite " in 2016, and now it's " Google Workspace ." Google says, "Our new Google Workspace brand reflects this more

Google Wifi price cut for entry-level mesh networking

Google Wifi Wi-Fi NW
SlashGear / 1h
Google has quietly cut the price of its older mesh network equipment, with Google Wifi demonstrating it can live on alongside Nest Wifi. Launched in 2016, Google Wifi was the company’s first mesh networking system, promising to blanket your house with multiple beacons rather than relying on a single, high-power router. It met with generally positive reviews, not least because … Continue reading

Deal alert: Croatia in spring 2021 from $520 round trip

The Points Guy / 1h
Editor’s note: As the travel industry reopens following COVID-19 shutdowns, TPG suggests that you talk to your doctor, follow health officials’ guidance and research local travel restrictions before booking that next trip. We will be here to help you prepare, whether it is next month or next year. There are less than five dozen countries in the world accepting U.S. travelers right now, due to the

Samsung phone update One UI 3.0 Android 11 public Beta released

Samsung Galaxy One
SlashGear / 2h
Today Samsung released their next major update for the Galaxy phone ecosystem. This update is a public beta, which means it’s good enough for testing by those that opt-in, but not quite perfected for the entire live line of devices. Today you’ll find the Samsung One UI 3.0 Android 11 beta available for download so long as you’re a part … Continue reading

MacBook 2020 release date, price, news and rumors

Twelve SuitCase MacBook
32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
Rumors about a new, smaller MacBook with a 12-inch screen abound, but how much can we believe and how much is just gossip? Here's what we know about a possible 12-inch MacBook

John McAfee arrested, indicted on tax evasion charges, sued for fraud

John McAfee SEC Spain
100+Ars Technica / 2h
Enlarge / John McAfee gesticulating on his yacht outside Havana, Cuba, during an interview with AFP in June 2019. (credit: Adalberto Roque | AFP | Getty Images ) Noted cybersecurity eccentric John McAfee is under arrest in Spain awaiting extradition to the United States after being indicted on federal tax evasion charges. The Department of Justice unsealed the indictment ( PDF ) yesterday followi

We might be just weeks away from a restart to North American cruising

The Points Guy / 2h
Are we just weeks away from a restart of cruising in North America ? The leaders of the world’s biggest cruise companies were optimistic about the possibility on Tuesday during the keynote opening session of Seatrade Cruise Virtual, an online version of the cruise industry’s annual meetup. “My confidence level, or my optimism level, is very high,” Royal Caribbean Group chairman and CEO Richard Fa

If You Love To Learn, This Streaming Service Was Designed Just for You

Futurism / 2h
Binge-watching used to be considered a bad habit. But for better or worse it’s become part of mainstream culture, and now pretty much everybody admits to doing it from time to time. But all binge-watching wasn’t created equal, and what you choose to watch makes all the difference. So if you’re tired of binge-watching trash TV, it’s time to give CuriosityStream a try. It’s the streaming service fo

Thanks To Modern Science, We Now Understand Aging Better Than Ever Before

Futurism / 2h
Walk into any drugstore in America and you’ll find dozens of so-called “anti-aging” products, from beauty creams and under-eye serums to face masks and hair dyes. Of course, none of these things will actually stop aging . They just appeal to human vanity. In reality, if you’re truly concerned about what will happen to you as you grow older, you should worry less about reducing signs of aging on t

Xbox Series X backwards compatibility makes your favorite games even better

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
It's not just next-gen games benefitting from the Xbox Series X's raw power.

Google is giving Web Stories a bigger spotlight in its mobile app

Google Discover Stories WS
42Engadget / 2h
Google is bringing Web Stories (formerly known as AMP Stories ) to the Discover feed in its iOS and Android app. The format is designed to show off visual content in a similar vein to Snapchat and Instagram Stories . Before today, Web Stories had mostly appeared in search results, particularly on the mobile web. Folks in the US, India and Brazil who have the app will now see them at the top of th

This Health Intelligence Service Goes Beyond Gut Health by Measuring Your RNA

Futurism / 2h
A lot of folksy medical advice has been disproven by modern science. We now know, for example, that you can’t contract a cold from cold, wet weather . And you don’t have to wait an hour after you eat before jumping in the pool. And it turns out that ulcers are not actually caused by stress or spicy food . However, modern science hasn’t disproved every piece of health advice your grandma ever gave

“Hi, Speed”: Apple’s October 13 event is expected to reveal iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12 October
64Ars Technica / 2h
Enlarge (credit: Apple) Apple normally introduces each year's new iPhone model at a September event, but the iPhone was conspicuously missing from Apple's September 15 event this year. That event focused on other products, including a new iPad and a new Apple Watch . Now Apple has announced an October 13 event—that's a week from today—with the tagline "Hi, Speed." It will begin at 10am Pacific Ti

I played 15 hours of Baldur’s Gate 3 early access, and I want them back

Baldur Gate 3 Early D&D
100+Ars Technica / 2h
This was an early access build of BG3 , so we will not be focusing on glitches—just structural problems. [credit: Jim Salter ] When I got the chance to play Baldur's Gate 3 in early access, I jumped on it—I've been a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast for roughly 40 years, going back to Blue Book Basic D&D as a small child in the late 1970s. To the best of my knowledge, I've played every licensed D&D

Amex is dropping El Al, here’s why you shouldn’t care

The Points Guy / 2h
As first reported by Travel with Grant , American Express made a few changes to its credit card terms. The most notable change is that the bank is removing El Al as a Membership Rewards transfer partner. This change is effective on Dec. 31, 2020, when American Express and El Al’s partnership seemingly ends. While this may look like a huge loss for cardmembers on paper, it’s actually not a huge de

'Population One' is the best VR battle royale yet

One Oculus 2 GPU VR
95Engadget / 2h
We've seen a few attempts at battle royale shooters in VR, like Virtual Battlegrounds and Rec Royale , but so far they haven't managed to capture the hectic magic of Fortnite and Apex Legends . It's often too clunky to traverse large maps, and matching up with other players can be a pain since there aren't many headsets out there. Just when I was ready to give up on finding the ideal virtual real

Japan May Restart Tourism In April 2021

200+One Mile at a Time / 2h
Japan is an incredible country, and it’s probably the place I’m most excited to return to when the time is right. In April 2020, Japan introduced a travel ban indefinitely , preventing most tourists from visiting (currently visitors from 159 countries are banned). I know many of us have been wondering when the country will reopen, and there’s an update on that front, even if it’s not very concret

How to Choose, Store, and Eat Grapes

44Lifehacker / 2h
For a large portion of the country, it is grape season, a vastly underrated fruit season. Most of us have access to grapes all year, but fall is when they really show off. And whether you’re partaking of the season’s more unusual grape offerings or simply enjoying a standard green table grape, you should pick, wash,… Read more...

Amazon’s Josh Miele and Anne Toth talk Alexa and the future of accessibility at Sight Tech Global

Amazon Prime Day Alexa
100+TechCrunch / 2h
When Alexa launched six years ago, no one imagined that by today there would be hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices or that Alexa would become part of so many lives. For people who are blind or visually impaired, voice assistants are a huge convenience, whether you are calling a loved one, cooking a meal, checking a sports score, or asking for the weather or time. This fall, Alexa intro

5 early Amazon Prime Day deals that you can shop right now

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
Early Amazon Prime Day deals have arrived with price drops on TVs, headphones, smart speakers, security cameras, and more.

Google adds ‘Stories’ to its search app for iOS and Android

Google Discover Stories WS
100+TechCrunch / 2h
Google announced today it’s introducing a Stories feature to its Google app for iOS and Android , which now reaches over 800 million people per month. In a new carousel within the app, users in supported markets will be presented with a row of tappable visual Stories from participating publishers. These Stories can include full screen video, photos, and audio and can link out to the publisher’s o

This Year's Hole in the Ozone Is Twice the Size of the U.S.

38Gizmodo / 2h
If you’ve been looking to cast yourself into a deep hole from which you can never return ( I have! ), the one in the ozone layeris a prime choice right now. Read more...

Razer launches BlackWidow V3 gaming keyboard in two different flavors

Razer BlackWidow V3
SlashGear / 2h
Razer today announced the BlackWidow V3 keyboard, which is the latest entry in its popular line of gaming keyboards. The BlackWidow V3 comes with several improvements over its predecessor, offering users their choice of Razer mechanical keys. It also comes in full-size and tenkeyless models as well, so those who like a more compact keyboard can get one with the … Continue reading

AirPods are on sale at Amazon ahead of Prime Day

66Mashable / 2h
SAVE UP TO $39: Apple AirPods (wired charging case) and AirPods (wireless charging case) are on sale at Amazon ahead of Prime Day — grab them for $129 and $159.99, respectively. If you're still holding on to those wired headphones, now is the time to make the switch to wireless. Get ready to walk, run, work out, and chill wire-free with Apple's iconic AirPods. Choose between classic AirPods with

The Pentagon Commissioned SpaceX to Build Missile-Tracking Satellites

100+Futurism / 2h
Commissions Open! SpaceX just partnered with the U.S. military’s Space Development Agency (SDA) to manufacture four new satellites that the Pentagon will use to detect and track missiles from space. The $149 million contract is for four satellites, according to Reuters , which are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2022. The actual missile-tracking sensors will be developed by a separate sub

Xbox Series X is getting some of the best games of the last decade, leak suggests

46TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
Bethesda's games are hitting Xbox Series S/X, according to an ESRB listing.

Beirut Blast Ranks Among History’s Most Powerful Accidental Explosions

44Gizmodo / 3h
By analyzing videos uploaded to social media, scientists have calculated the strength of the blast that devastated the city of Beirut in August, finding it to be among the biggest non-nuclear explosions in human history. Read more...

Black hole discoveries earn three scientists the Nobel Prize in Physics

33Mashable / 3h
The 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three scientists Tuesday for their discoveries around one of the most fascinating and mysterious parts of our known universe: black holes. Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez were jointly awarded half of the annual Prize for their discovery of a compact, supermassive object indicative of a black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Richard Penrose

Deal alert: Cancun, Mexico City and Cabo from $140 round trip this winter

The Points Guy / 3h
Editor’s note: As the travel industry reopens following COVID-19 shutdowns, TPG suggests that you talk to your doctor, follow health officials’ guidance and research local travel restrictions before booking that next trip. We will be here to help you prepare, whether it is next month or next year. What a year it’s been. With many countries restricting U.S. travelers due to the coronavirus pandemi

Netflix now works on Facebook's Portal TV

Facebook Portal Netflix
55Engadget / 3h
If you have Facebook’s Portal TV device, you can now use it to stream Netflix shows and movies. The streaming giant had been a notable omission from a lineup that includes Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, Sling TV and, of course, Facebook Watch. Facebook is following Amazon (which just announced Netflix integration a couple of weeks ago) in bringing Netflix support to its smart displays. The company

You can search for songs on Spotify using lyrics now

Spotify Apple Music
36Mashable / 3h
Sometimes you just have to know which song it was where Fred Durst said, "L-I-M-P Bizkit is right here!" Take heart, Spotify's newest little feature will help you out in those dire circumstances. As of Monday, Spotify users can now type lyrics into the music streaming app's search bar and expect to find which song the lyrics are from. We've all been there: Sometimes you can remember a line from a

Grab a mini projector on sale ahead of Prime Day

Sale Amazon Prime Day
29Mashable / 3h
Mini projectors on sale on Amazon ahead of Prime Day as of Oct. 6: FAN FAVORITE: VANKYO Leisure 3 mini projector — save $15 MOST SAVINGS: APEMAN 4500L mini projector — save $61 BEST FOR KIDS: Anker Nebula Astro Portable Projector — save $40 A projector is a fun, space-saving investment for movie nights — and a mini projector (aside from being very cute) is a great option for kids' rooms, cramped

11 Things You Can Do in watchOS 7 That You Couldn't Do Before

7 Apple Watch 6 iPhone
76Lifehacker / 3h
Apple’s watchOS 7 upgrade for Apple Watches just rolled out, which means not only a freshly updated operating system for the recently launched Apple Watch Series 6 , but also new features for Apple smartwatches stretching all the way back to the Apple Watch Series 3 from 2017. These are the new features you can make… Read more...

Tone raises $4M to help e-commerce brands text with their customers

200+TechCrunch / 3h
While many companies are using chatbots and other forms of automation to manage their communication with customers, Boston-based Tone is betting that humans will remain a key part of the equation. “The traditional models of bots and humans is, ‘Hello, I’m a bot, now you get to battle with me to finally get to a human,’” said Tone CEO Tivan Amour. “Our verison of that is, ‘I’m a human using AI to

Inside Airbus’ posh new A220-100 private jet, ACJ TwoTwenty

The Points Guy / 3h
When Alberto Riva had a chance to experience Delta’s new Airbus A220 , he declared it “love at first flight.” With a wide cabin, high-tech features, spacious seating and large windows, the aircraft formerly known as C Series has been a hit with passengers and airlines alike. Photo courtesy of Airbus. It’s certainly no surprise that the A220 has caught the eye of business jet operators, too. Airbu

Scientists Tried to Gene Hack Cows to Survive Climate Change but the Cows Died

100+Futurism / 3h
Touch of Gray To help the cattle industry survive the disastrous environmental impacts of climate change — caused in part by the industry itself — scientists are gene-hacking cows to be more resilient. Heat stress is already a serious problem for dairy cows in New Zealand, New Scientist reports . So scientists have started to alter their genetic code to keep them cool , by turning their black coa

Apple's iPhone Event Is Oct. 13, for Real This Time

Apple iPhone 12 October
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Back in September, which seems like years ago but was actually just last month, we thought Apple’s Time Flies event might feature some new iPhones, though rumors had long swirled they would go on sale later in the fall due to coronavirus-related production delays. But the September event came and went without nary an… Read more...

Treat Your Wrists to the Best Ergonomic Keyboards, According to Enthusiasts

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Top Product: Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard | $130 | Best Buy Read more...

iPhone 12 launch event confirmed, and Apple is hosting it next week

Apple iPhone 12 October
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Apple has confirmed it's hosting another launch on October 13, and it's almost certain to be the iPhone 12 unveiling.

Apple will announce the next iPhone on October 13

Apple iPad 2020 Today
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Apple just sent out invites for its upcoming hardware event, all but confirming the arrival of the next iPhone. The event is scheduled nearly a month to the day after the its last big event, which gave us the Apple Watch Series 6 and two new iPads. A new iPhone was conspicuously absent from the proceedings — not an entirely unexpected turn of events, of course. CEO Tim Cook confirmed earlier this

Hyatt Extends Suite Upgrades, Delays Peak Pricing, And More

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Back in April, World of Hyatt announced it would be extending elite status by a year, as well as extending the expiration of quite a few benefits. Well, today World of Hyatt has revealed some more positive changes, including the extension of more benefits, as well as the further delay of some (potentially) negative changes. Suite & club upgrade awards will be extended All unused Hyatt suite upgra

Apple’s iPhone 12 event is on October 13 – What to expect

Apple iPhone 12 October
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Apple will hold its next event on October 13, with invites for what’s expected to be its big iPhone 12 reveal landing today – and the “Hi, Speed” tagline suggests 5G is on the menu. The launch – which will, like the Apple Watch and iPad unveils, and WWDC 2020 before it, be live-streamed rather than an in-person event – … Continue reading

2 behemoths clash in the Fat Bear Week finals

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Welcome to Fat Bear Week 2020 ! Katmai National Park and Preserve’s brown bears spent the summer gorging on 4,500-calorie salmon, and they've transformed into rotund giants, some over 1,000 pounds. The park is holding its annual playoff-like competition for the fattest of the fat bears (you can vote online between Sept. 30 and Oct. 6). Mashable will be following all the ursine activity. Two hugel

Will Dunking Your Head in Ice Improve Your Mental Condition?

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We test a lot of hacks from the youthful abyss that is TikTok, but today we are trying out something so austere, it has been covered in The Gray Lady. (I assume that this lady does not yet have a TikTok account, as we had to read written piece.) Read more...

Google Assistant comes to gaze-powered accessible devices

Google Nest Audio Tobii
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People who rely on gaze-tracking to interact with their devices on an everyday basis now have a powerful new tool in their arsenal: Google Assistant. Substituting gaze for its original voice-based interface, the Assistant’s multiple integrations and communication tools should improve the capabilities of the Tobii Dynavox devices it now works on. Assistant will now be possible to add as a tile on

The Witcher Season 2 Photos Highlight a New Witcher in Training

Witcher Season Geralt
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Let’s be honest: Ciri didn’t get a lot to do in season one of The Witcher . Well, those days are gone. Netflix has shared the first look at Freya Allen in season two , and it’s clear Ciri is no longer running: She’s preparing for war. Read more...

Hyatt becomes the first major hotel chain to extend loyalty perks again

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the demand for travel is still significantly suppressed. With fewer people traveling, airlines and hotels have been busy making customer-friendly adjustments to their loyalty programs. At the outset of the pandemic, most travel companies extended elite status and associated benefits to 2021. Roughly six months later, and we’re back for round two. In Septembe

Despite pandemic, Amazon Prime Day expected to generate nearly $10B in global sales

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A new forecast released today estimates Amazon’s delayed Prime Day sales event will top last year’s by bringing in an estimated nearly $10 billion in worldwide sales when it runs later this month. According to eMarketer, which released its first-ever Prime Day forecast, consumers will continue to spend heavily on e-commerce and seek out deals ahead of the 2020 holiday season, benefitting the majo

Google Wi-Fi Returns at Just $99 With a Three-Pack for $199

Google Wifi Wi-Fi NW
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Last year, Google pushed Wi-Fi networks to the limit with the excellent Nest Wi-Fi system—a collection of routers that double as Google Assistant smart speakers. But the company is taking a step back and re-releasing the Google Wi-Fi, a cost-effective mesh network system without all the bells and whistles. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

The Batman, Matrix, superhero flicks get release date mix-up

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The Batman, the Robert Pattinson Batman movie most recently had a release date of October 1, 2021. Yesterday, it was announced that DUNE, originally set for December of 2020, would be moved to an October 1, 2021 release date. As such, the movie The Batman will be pushed to March 4, 2022. At the same time, the next MATRIX movie … Continue reading

Spotify Adds Ability to Search Songs by Lyrics and Launches New App

Spotify Soundtrap Capture
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This week, Spotify is rolling out the ability to find songs by searching for their lyrics. It’s a feature that’s been a long time coming and it will undoubtedly become second-nature for users in no time at all. Read more...

Hyatt dropping award price of 12 hotels, further delaying peak pricing

The Points Guy / 3h
Usually, major hotel loyalty programs increase or decrease the number of points required to stay at various properties in February or March each year. In some programs, this can impact hundreds of properties — and it’s common that the hotels and resorts we like to use points at increase in award price, while ones we usually don’t care about quite so much are the ones that become less expensive on

Gorgeous NASA X-Ray Images of Universe Look Like an 80s Nightclub

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NASA released a “ treasure trove of cosmic delights ” last month — gorgeous imagery courtesy of telescopes from around the world. The universe, seen in infrared, radio waves, and gamma rays, is a spectacular sight to behold, with colors, spirals, and star bursts looking like they were dreamed up by a computer animator. But beyond some color coding and “multiwavelength” layering, this is what the

How to Change the Instagram App Icon on iPhone

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Instagram is celebrating its 10th birthday by letting you can change the app icon throughout the month of October 2020. There are a dozen options to choose from, including the classic Polaroid icon. Here’s how to change the Instagram app icon on your iPhone. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Airlines get a break on slot rules at New York, Washington airports

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Airlines can hold onto their slots at busy airports in New York and Washington until March, a bit of good news from U.S. officials amid a worsening outlook for their first winter during the coronavirus pandemic. The Federal Aviation Administration has waived slot usage rules at the congested New York John F. Kennedy (JFK) and New York LaGuardia (LGA) airports as well as at Washington Reagan Natio

A Security Flaw Could Send Your Dick to Jail Forever

API One Apache CXF
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If, for whatever reason, you’re debating whether to get a “smart” male chastity device, perhaps reconsider. What can be connected to the internet can be hacked—and that includes dick prisons and other teledildonic gadgets. Read more...

Samsung's new 5G-enabled Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are on sale ahead of Prime Day

Samsung Galaxy S7 US
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SAVE UP TO $46: As of Oct. 6, select variants of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are on sale on Amazon ahead of Prime Day. Based on first impressions , Samsung has some serious iPad Pro competitors on its hands with the all-new Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ — and if Apple's pricing is your biggest hangup, this deal we just found on Amazon ahead of Prime Day could easily tip the scale in Samsung's f

Nivelo nabs $2.5M seed to reduce risk in digital ACH payments

Nivelo ACH TechCrunch
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As we plunge deeper into the pandemic, online transactions have become increasingly important, and ACH transactions, the ones that help us get direct deposit of our paychecks or pay our bills are growing ever more essential. Nivelo , an early stage startup from a former JP Morgan executive wants to take the risk out of ACH transactions and today the company announced a $2.5 million seed investmen

Nintendo Switch deals are back - save on bundles and the console itself at Very

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Nintendo Switch deals can finally save you some cash again, thanks to Very's latest bundles and discounts on the console itself.

What Is Microsoft Editor, and How Do I Use It?

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Microsoft Editor is an AI-powered intelligent writing assistant available for Word, Outlook, and as a browser extension. Microsoft Editor, available in over 20 languages, aims to make you a better writer. Here’s a brief look at how to use it. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

SteelSeries Arctis 7X and 7P Headsets Are Ready for the New Xbox and PlayStation

SteelSeries Arctis
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SteelSeries makes some of the best-regarded gaming headsets around, and the company is preparing a line for the new Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. While older headsets should work fine, the new wireless Arctis 7 series is definitely worth a look if you want something new. It comes in 7X and 7P flavors, for Xbox and PlayStation respectively, for $150. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

What Are File Permissions in Linux, and How Do I Make Sure Mine Are Secure?

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In Linux, file permissions determine the levels of privilege for file owners and everyone else. It’s important to make sure any web-facing files have their permissions set correctly, so that a compromised process can’t write to places it shouldn’t. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

Polar updates its flagship fitness watch

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These days, the majority of wearables updates are about evolution than revolution since most of them are already plenty good enough. Polar’s newest flagship, the Vantage V2, embodies this idea with a greater focus on the period of time around your workout. The emphasis is, like some of its previous devices, on if you’re ready to do a full workout, and if you’ll get the benefit of going hard on an

Not Again

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There was one brief, beautiful week where Atlantic hurricane season let up after a staggering run of storms , and we could relax. That break is, unfortunately, over. Read more...

Apple drops third-party headphones and speakers – This might be why

Apple Bose Sonos HomePod
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For years now, rumors have been claiming that Apple is working on its own pair of over-the-ear headphones, and it feels like we might finally be closing in on their reveal. No doubt that phrase has been uttered plenty of times over the past couple of years, but today, some intriguing evidence for the impending arrival of these headphones surfaced. … Continue reading

SpaceX wins contract to make US missile tracking satellites

SpaceX US Musk Satellites
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SpaceX continues to get cozier with the US military . The private spaceflight outfit has won a Space Development Agency contract (via Space News and The Verge ) to build missile warning and tracking satellites for the Defense Department. The roughly $149.2 million deal will have SpaceX build low Earth orbit vehicles with “wide field of view” infrared sensors that can monitor potential threats and

Get pure and portable sound with a Beats Pill+ on sale for over $50 off

Amazon Prime Day One
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Save $53.95: The Beats Pill+ portable wireless speaker is on sale on Amazon ahead of Prime Day for $126 as of Oct. 6. Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Pump up the evening campfires or early morning hikes with some music. If you want a bit more bass than what your phone can offer, grab a portable speaker. Beats continues to prove that size does not represent power. Th

Pokemon GO free remote raid pass just released

20SlashGear / 4h
Starting today, Niantic will allow users to attain a single free Remote Raid Pass in Pokemon GO. This release requires that the user have 3 or fewer Remote Raid Passes in their bag before they attempt to get another. It also requires that they know where to look in the in-game store for this first of several free Remote Raid … Continue reading

Hyatt Announces Upgrade Extensions, Award Category Changes And Date For Peak/Off-Peak Devaluation

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Hyatt has announced another round of customer-friendly moves for program members who aren't traveling now, and that improves program value for redemptions next year when demand should still be soft. They're extending expiration of elite upgrades and various free night awards and further pausing expiration of points. And they've announced the date when they'll roll out the peak/off-peak redemption

Tuesday's Best Deals: PlayStation Plus Subcription, New iPad, Anker Speakers, Nordic Ware Sheet Pans, UNIQLO Flannel, Ilia Chromatic Eye Tint, and More

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A PlayStation Plus subscription and up to 30% off Anker speakers lead Tuesday’s best deals. Read more...

Mercedes’ big EV roadmap revealed – New models and a tech surprise

Mercedes-Benz EQS EQE
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Mercedes-Benz plans to launch four new electric vehicles on a custom EV platform from 2021, the new cars part of a push for reinvention as it eschews attempts by Google and others to break into the smart car dashboard. The all-electric ECQ SUV, which is already on sale in Europe and will debut in North America next year, will be … Continue reading

How to access Instagram's secret retro icons for its 10th birthday

Instagram Facebook
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It’s Instagram’s 10th birthday today. And it has a gift for users. In celebration of a decade of life, the app is letting users switch to retro and colorful app icons. This comes on the heels of iOS 14’s aesthetic home screen trend, and I, for one, am not complaining. Instagram tweeted out a cryptic emoji message to its followers yesterday. It hinted that something exciting was on the way, and to

Roomba and Neato vacuums on sale for $299 ahead of Prime Day

Sale Amazon Prime Day
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Robot vacuums on sale as of Oct. 6: BEST FOR PET HAIR: iRobot Roomba e5 — save $50.99 BEST FOR TRICKY LAYOUTS: Neato Botvac D4 — save $130 Buying a new vacuum at a time when you're staying home more than usual is either a waste or genius — depending on how you look at it. We're on the latter side. If you're working from home and otherwise avoiding leaving your home as much as possible, you're tra

Treat yo' kids: 'Parks and Recreation' children's book is here

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Looking for the perfect way to treat yo' self and the kids in your life? A children's book inspired by Parks and Recreation is coming, so you can officially call off your search. Parks and Recreation: Leslie for Class President , written by Robb Pearlman and illustrated by Melanie Demmer , follows a tiny, blue-eyed, blazer-wearing Leslie Knope as she runs for office. Unlike the NBC comedy, howeve

Dolly Parton Thinks Her New Album Title Is ‘Corny’

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It’s called A Holly Dolly Christmas.

Wondercise’s on-demand fitness classes pair with your existing smartwatch

43Engadget / 4h
If you’re looking for on-demand fitness classes that sync up with the tracker on your wrist, Apple’s upcoming Fitness+ service isn’t your only option. Wondercise , the Taiwanese on-demand fitness service, is rolling out its platform to the wider world. The company claims that, if you have a compatible smartwatch, your movements will sync up on screen in real time to help you keep on top of your f

Lone Star Air: Liberia’s New National Airline

45One Mile at a Time / 4h
I’m always excited to see new airlines launching, and this is no exception. Liberia to revive national airline after 30 years The government of Liberia and Goldstar Air of Ghana have signed a strategic partnership to revive the country’s national airline. The new national airline of Liberia will be named Lone Star Air , and the motto will be “Wings of Liberia.” The plan is for the airline to init

Did Apple TV Plus secretly become one of the best streaming services in 2020?

41TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest and Beastie Boys stories are among our highlights this year, but the service still has a way to go.

Google is providing cash awards to 76 startups through a racial equity initiative announced in June

100+TechCrunch / 4h
In June of this year, as more of the world began to awaken to the many ways that people of color are systematically discriminated against amid months of protest, a wide number of companies announced initiatives aimed at improving the representation of underrepresented groups within their own ranks and as recipients of their investment dollars. Unsurprisingly, Alphabet, among the world’s biggest a

I'm Karen Walrond, Speaker, Author and Hurricane Harvey Survivor, and This Is How I Parent

Solitaire Dreams HH
41Lifehacker / 4h
Karen Walrond has been many things in her life—a lawyer, speaker, photographer, author, leadership consultant, and a mother. She was born and raised in the Caribbean, met her husband-to-be in London, and they are now raising their teenage daughter, who they adopted at birth, in Texas. Walrond and her family are also … Read more...

Tuesday's Best Deals: PlayStation Plus Subcription, New iPad, Anker Speakers, Nordic Ware Sheet Pans, UNIQLO Flannel, Ilia Chromatic Eye Tint, and More

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A PlayStation Plus subscription and up to 30% off Anker speakers lead Tuesday’s best deals. Read more...

BlackBerry CEO: Our security journey isn’t over yet

24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
John Chen outlines how BlackBerry’s security journey still has room to grow.

Find the best Samsung TV for your home with AO

300+TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
Whatever your household, AO has the perfect TV for you.

Scientists Just Took an Actual Picture of a Planet in Another Star System

500+Futurism / 4h
Using the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile, a team of astronomers say they’ve managed to confirm the existence of an exoplanet — by taking an actual picture of it. The planet, called “b Pictoris c,” is located some 63 light-years away from Earth in the Beta Pictoris system. Using the new brightness and dynamic mass information they’ve gleaned by imaging it, they’re hoping they can zone in on h

Top five mobility startups to showcase at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

100+TechCrunch / 4h
Last night, 10 disruptive mobility companies pitched on the virtual TechCrunch stage for a spot at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020. Each company pitched for one minute followed by a Q&A with our expert panel of judges – Shahin Farshchi (Lux Capital), Natalia Quintero (Transit Tech Lab) and Rachel Holt (Construct Capital). The judges heard each founder and then selected the top five companies to pitch

A bunch of Amazon services are on sale ahead of Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day Alexa
62Engadget / 4h
Amazon Prime Day 2020 is only one week away, so now’s the time to hop on that 30-day free trial for new Prime members. The online retailer’s annual shopping event brings deep discounts on thousands of products, from tech to home essentials and everything in between, but you must be a Prime subscriber to get the savings. And for those that are Prime members right now, the deals are already startin

Here’s what’s happening today at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

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Mobility enthusiasts from around the world, welcome to Day One of TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 ! Get ready for two days of programming dedicated to the people and technology behind the transformation of transportation. Mobility’s a rapidly evolving revolution, and we’re thrilled to have the community’s best founders, investors and technologists standing by ready to help you build your startup, expa

Save up to 50% on pre-owned games with this promo at GameStop

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SAVE UP TO 50%: Pick up a new game priced at $29.99 and up at GameStop , and get 30% off a pre-owned game — buy two new games, and get 50% off a pre-owned game. Gaming is not a cheap hobby, not by a long shot. Never mind the hundreds you have to spend on consoles and gear, what really starts to add up is the games you buy. At $60 each (normally) and a seemingly endless number of choices, it's ine

Beware the Hidden Costs of Buying an All-Digital Game Console

SSD the Xbox Series
200+Lifehacker / 4h
The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are the first living-room video game consoles to have all-digital versions at launch. That means no discs to fiddle with, and is a lower price tag—at first. Read more...

Facebook’s Portal adds support for Netflix, Zoom and other features

Facebook Portal Netflix
100+TechCrunch / 4h
Facebook announced this morning it’s bringing a number of new features and services to its family of Portal devices, including support for Netflix and Zoom. The company will also introduce easier ways to launch Netflix and other video streaming apps via one-touch buttons on its new remote, in addition to expanding its selection of its stories offered through its Story Time feature, adding new way

Netflix adds 'New & Popular' section to promote new content for all your binge-watching needs

Netflix Witcher Season
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Read more... More about Entertainment , Television , Movies , Netflix , and Entertainment

The Echo Show 5 is even cheaper than it was last Prime Day

36Mashable / 5h
Save $45: The Echo Show 5 is on sale for $44.99 ahead of Prime Day, a 50% discount as of Oct. 6. Amazon is letting Prime Day be a slow burn this year with deals rolling out gradually until the big day(s) on Oct. 13 and 14. One early Prime Day deal that's live as of Oct. 6 is on the Echo Show 5 — Prime members can save $45, or 50%, on the Amazon device. This is an even better deal than last year's

What’s the Difference Between Outlook’s PST and OST Files?

46How-To Geek / 5h
Microsoft Outlook stores your emails, tasks, and appointments as either PST or OST files. These both do the same basic job. However, there are some differences that are important, depending on whether you want to backup, restore, or move your data. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Dell's $5000 4K Monitor for Designers Has a Built-In Colorimeter

26How-To Geek / 5h
One of the most frustrating, tedious aspects of designing products or visuals is getting the color right on your screen. You can have the most expensive insanely detailed monitor on the planet, and if it’s not configured right, you’ll still be working with a handicap. Dell’s trying to remove that handicap with the UltraSharp UP3221Q. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Grado's first true wireless earbuds promise the brand's 'signature sound'

55Engadget / 5h
Grado is best known for its classic headphone designs , but it’s now jumping into thoroughly modern hardware with its first true wireless earbuds. The new GT220 buds reportedly preserve Grado’s “signature sound” despite the Bluetooth link, promising a neutral midrange response with “definitive” bass and a “natural” high end. While you probably won’t mistake these for reference headphones, they mi

Skullcandy Lowered the Bar For Cheap Wireless Earbuds to Just $30

31Gizmodo / 5h
Head on over to Apple’s website and you can get a pair of wired EarPod headphones, the same style the company usually ships with its smartphones, for $29. But for an extra dollar, you can head over to Skullcandy’s website and grab a pair of its new Jib True Wireless earbuds for just $30, and feel less guilty if you… Read more...

Introducing the realme 7 series: incredible features, amazing battery power

300+TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 5h
The realme 7 Pro offers incredible battery power, while the realme 7 brings amazing gaming for a mid-range price

Scribe Therapeutics launches a platform for engineering CRISPR-based therapeutics

100+TechCrunch / 5h
A new company called Scribe Therapeutics founded by two former members of CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna’s UC Berkely genetics lab (alongside Doudna herself) launched on Tuesday, debuting a platform designed specifically to help develop and engineer new thereapeutics based on CRISPR for addressing specific diseases, with permanent treatments in patients. Doudna is part of the leadership team behi

Envoy launches Protect to help workers return to the office safely

100+TechCrunch / 5h
No matter the industry, the coronavirus pandemic has absolutely rocked the way that we work. Work from home is the new norm. But many are anxious to get back into the office, and startups are looking to help with that transition in the safest way possible. One such startup is Envoy , a company that launched back in 2013 with a guest sign-in platform for offices. Today, Envoy is launching a new su

Remotion raises $13M to create a workplace video platform for short, spontaneous conversations

100+TechCrunch / 5h
One of the broader trends of the pandemic has been the unbundling of Zoom, with startups pulling out a feature or two and designing entire products centered around a specific vision of remote work. One of the more tempting product ideas has been the development of the omnipresent always-on video workspace, where managers can always see their directs onscreen and team members are only a shout away

Your MacBook might be hiding a major security vulnerability - here's what you need to know

Apple T2 Security Macs
34TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 5h
An exploit previously used to jailbreak iPhones can be modified to jailbreak Macs and MacBook devices.

Teracube's latest phone is cheaper, more eco-friendly and easier to repair

58Engadget / 5h
Last year, Sharad Mittal and Anthony Tsim launched a Kickstarter campaign for Teracube , an Android smartphone with a four-year premium care warranty. The phone itself is $300, but any repairs would just cost a $39 flat fee. The idea is that you’d send it back, get a refurbished version in return and then your repaired phone could then be sent to someone else. Despite the business plans environme

Dell's first mini-LED monitor is bright, accurate and $5,000

Dell UltraSharp Monitor
100+Engadget / 5h
If you’ve been following the Apple rumor mill in recent months, you’ll know the company reportedly plans to start using mini-LED displays in some of its devices later this year. The tech offers many of the same benefits as OLED, including high contrast ratios and wide color gamut support, without the danger of burn-in. Those traits are what make it compelling for professional use where features l

Ethiopian Airlines Offers Planes & Pilots To South African Airways

62One Mile at a Time / 5h
Could South African Airways (SAA) make a comeback, but with Ethiopian Airlines planes and pilots? South African Airways is broke While South African Airways has been losing money for about a decade, things finally took a turn for the worse in December 2019, when the airline entered business rescue . This is a procedure by which practitioners took control of the airline, with the goal of maximizin

Dell updates its UltraSharp monitor lineup: USB-C, mini-LED backlighting, and more

Dell UltraSharp 32
60Ars Technica / 5h
The Dell U2421E UltraSharp 24-inch USB-C hub monitor. [credit: Dell ] Dell announced today that it is refreshing its lineup of UltraSharp monitors—part of the lineup, anyway—with new models arriving now and more trickling out through December. The most mainstream of the big new introductions is probably the UltraSharp 24 USB-C Hub Monitor (U2421E), which is available to order starting today at $4

Star Alliance Member Avianca Offers The Ultimate Test Of Whether Covid-19 Spreads Inflight

View from the Wing / 5h
Are HEPA air filters enough to stop a super-spreading event on a plane? Bankrupt Star Alliance member Avianca seemed determined to find out. They held a concert in the sky, with musicians who had holes cut out of their masks so that their mouths were unobstructed to play instruments. Continue reading ...

Researchers discovered a hidden drawing behind ‘Mona Lisa’

Popular Mechanics / 5h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Teracube's new eco-friendly smartphone is cheap and built to last

Apple iPhone 12 IDFA
58Mashable / 5h
Last year, Teracube released what it called a "sustainable smartphone" meant to combat e-waste with a long warranty and replaceable battery. If you didn't get that one, you can now get its successor for about a tenth of the price of a new iPhone. On Tuesday, Teracube announced the follow-up to its environmentally friendly phone that we reviewed earlier this year. It's called the Teracube 2e and i

5G promises trillion-dollar boost to post-Covid global economic recovery

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 5h
5G can deliver huge economic and societal benefits, claims new report

Free Up Phone Space With WhatsApp's Updated Storage Manager

65Lifehacker / 5h
If your WhatsApp conversations are anything like my Facebook ones, they’re probably stuffed with piles of GIFs, pictures, and videos. This normally isn’t a big deal, because all this content gets stored on a server somewhere—out of sight, out of mind. Read more...

The Latest, 8th Gen 128GB iPad Is Back in Stock—and $34 off—Bringing the Grand Total Down to $395

Apple iPad 2020 Amazon
88Lifehacker / 5h
iPad 8th Gen (128GB, Gold) | $395 | Amazon Read more...

G Suite rebrands as Google Workspace goes toe-to-toe with Office

G Suite Google Workspace
SlashGear / 5h
G Suite is going through some big changes today, with Google changing the service’s name to Google Workspace. It appears that this change is being made to give a deeper sense of integration among Google’s various productivity apps, and to put it in a better position to challenge Microsoft Office. With more people working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, … Continue reading

The Teracube 2e Is a Repair-Friendly Smartphone for Dirt Cheap

80Gizmodo / 5h
One of the most frustrating things about being a smartphone use is how increasingly difficult it is to get a repair done on your device on your own terms—not to mention at a decent price. But newcomer Teracube is back with a second repairable phone, and besides its exceptional warrant and promise of easy repairs this… Read more...

Like underwater rainforests, vertical farms grow crops sustainably and rebuild ecosystems

36Mashable / 5h
Zero-input underwater farms , which means growing food without the need for freshwater, fertilizer, or feed, could be the most sustainable way to produce food in the era of climate change. The crops, which soak up greenhouse gases, further help rebalance and rebuild local ecosystems. Greenwave, a pioneering regenerative ocean farming initiative, is offering an online toolkit to help train others

SpaceX gets back on track with a stunning Starlink launch near sunrise

Musk SpaceX Satellites
200+Ars Technica / 5h
Falcon 9 with 60 Starlink satellites flying directly in front of the Sun from Titusville, Florida. [credit: Trevor Mahlmann for Ars. ] SpaceX has been trying to get its twelfth batch of operational Starlink satellites into orbit for a while. The company's first attempt on September 28 was scrubbed due to thick clouds over the launch site at Kennedy Space Center. A second attempt on October 1 got

Inside Root’s IPO filing

100+TechCrunch / 5h
Last night, Root filed to go public , adding a second name to the insurtech IPO rolls in 2020. Lemonade was first out the gate this summer, taking its rental and home insurance business public at an attractive valuation , compared to its revenues and margins as we traditionally understand them. Wall Street was enticed by its growth and burgeoning consumer brand, according to one insurtech executi

Tesla Model Y roof flies off into the wind on California highway

Popular Mechanics / 5h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Ambani sells over $750 million Reliance Retail stake to Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

100+TechCrunch / 5h
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, which invested $750 million in Indian telecom giant Jio Platforms in June this year, has returned to invest just as much capital in Mukesh Ambani’s other venture. Reliance Retail, India’s largest retail chain, said on Tuesday that it is selling a 1.2% stake in the business to Abu Dhabi Investment Authority for about $752 million. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority is t

Watch Ford’s 2021 F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid go through its unique torture testing

SlashGear / 5h
Ford is setting out to prove its new 2021 F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid is just as durable and reliable as its non-electrified siblings, aiming to put to rest any concerns that the upcoming pickup will need to be coddled. In a new video released today, the gas-electric truck goes through not only the same torture testing as usual, but a new, … Continue reading

Take This Haunted, Halloween-Themed Road Trip for Your October Pandemic Vacation

92Lifehacker / 5h
In this pandemic era, true vacations are few and far between. Flying to a destination is not ideal unless absolutely necessary , and some places are re-imposing stricter quarantines and business closures in response to rising COVID-19 case numbers. Read more...

Hackers could have locked users inside a smart chastity device

500+Engadget / 5h
Security flaws in sex toys are nothing new, but one set of vulnerabilities could have been particularly dangerous — not to mention embarrassing. Pen Test Partners has disclosed (via TechCrunch ) app programming interface flaws in Qiui’s Cellmate, a male chastity sex toy, that let attackers remotely lock a user’s penis in. If that happened, you’d need to force the toy open using either heavy tools

How to Add Movies and TV Shows to Your Google Watchlist

22How-To Geek / 6h
Staying on top of your favorite TV shows and movies can be difficult given the dozens of streaming services. If you add your favorites to your Google Watchlist, though, it’ll help you keep track of them. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Holiday 2020: The 5 Best Fitness Trackers

21How-To Geek / 6h
Fitness trackers are excellent gifts for those that want to, well, track their health and exercise. Whether the person you’re shopping loves to run, swim, or lift, a fitness tracker is sure to be a great boost to their workouts and help them get a better overview of their health. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

How to Add New Users to Your Google Cloud Platform Projects

G Suite Google Workspace
How-To Geek / 6h
Google Cloud Platform uses regular Google accounts for authentication, which means you can add new users directly from their Gmail or G Suite account, rather than manually creating employee accounts like with AWS IAM. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

Holiday 2020: 10 Fun Gifts for Your Waffle-Obsessed Friend

22How-To Geek / 6h
Oh, glorious waffles—the flapjack upgrade that includes built-in pockets to store syrup and delicious toppings. If that sounds like the beginning to an ode to waffles a friend of yours would write, we have some great gifts to send their way. Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›

Surface Pro deals offer big savings and Type Cover keyboard bundles at Microsoft

24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
Microsoft's latest Surface Pro 7 deals offer big savings and will send you home with a cheap Type Cover keyboard as well.

Birth of a star captured by the Gemini South Telescope

Popular Mechanics / 6h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

BT is offering an £80 Mastercard with this excellent value fibre broadband deal

24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
Looking for fibre broadband deals? This plan from BT offers fast speeds, affordable prices and a big cash incentive.

How to Make Bagna Cauda, the Official Condiment of Luxury

100+Lifehacker / 6h
Luxury is a tricky concept. Expensive things are often thought of as luxurious, but luxury has less to do with price point, and more to do with time and labor. Though it shouldn’t be, having the time to shop, cook, and feed oneself at a leisurely pace is quite luxurious, as are goods that require a lot of labor or… Read more...

We Need More Movies Like Vampires vs. the Bronx

200+Gizmodo / 6h
Director Osmany Rodriguez’s Vampires vs. the Bronx is the sort of coming-of-age movie that there simply aren’t enough of. It’s about a bunch of Black and brown kids from a part of New York City that doesn’t get nearly enough love, who all know that there are plenty of important life lessons to be learned from comic… Read more...

Sony A7S III release date in India is October 12

24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
Sony’s videography flagship camera, the A7S III, will launch in India next week with the ability to shoot 4K video at 120fps.

SpaceX launches 60 new Starlink satellites – Musk drops public beta details

SpaceX US Musk Satellites
27SlashGear / 6h
SpaceX’s Starlink public internet service beta could be close at hand, Elon Musk has confirmed, assuming successful deployment of the space company’s newest satellites. The Falcon 9 launch this morning began a several-times delayed mission, with 60 new Starlink satellites set to join the constellation as well as another demonstration of SpaceX’s reusable rocket tech. Originally, the mission – Sta

Amazon’s ‘Black Box’ Is Like a Lost ‘Black Mirror’ Episode

68Wired / 6h
Blumhouse’s new sci-fi thriller is goofy, soapy fun.

Gocycle GXI (2020) Review: The Folding Ebike to Beat

84Wired / 6h
This folding electric bike will get you from A to B without fuss, and it’ll fit in the tiniest apartments.

'Yakuza: Like a Dragon' trailer shows off its minigames

44Engadget / 6h
Anybody who’s ever played a Yakuza game before would tell you that half of the fun is playing its minigames and doing its crazy sidequests. Looks like we can expect the same thing from Yakuza: Like a Dragon , even though Kiryu is no longer the protagonist and it’s set in a Yokohama district instead of in the fictional version of Tokyo’s Kabuki—cho. Sega has released a new trailer entitled “The Qu

Airbus Launches Swanky A220 Business Jet

Airbus A220 ACJ Jet
100+One Mile at a Time / 6h
Today Airbus has unveiled its newest business jet , based on the Airbus A220. ACJ TwoTwenty Business Jet basics The newest plane in the Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) lineup is the TwoTwenty business jet. The plane is based on the Airbus A220-100 , though they’re choosing to write out the numbers in naming this jet (which is bit odd, because Airbus’ other business jets don’t have the numbers written

NetSuite readies itself for an increasingly remote and autonomous future

24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
NetSuite unveils a host of changes to its platform to help businesses navigate the new climate.

11 Things You Can Do in watchOS 7 That You Couldn't Do Before

7 Apple Watch 6 iPhone
76Gizmodo / 6h
Apple’s watchOS 7 upgrade for Apple Watches just rolled out, which means not only a freshly updated operating system for the recently launched Apple Watch Series 6 , but also new features for Apple smartwatches stretching all the way back to the Apple Watch Series 3 from 2017. These are the new features you can make… Read more...

SITREP: With “Skyborg,” Air Force hopes to give pilots a “loyal wingman”

100+Ars Technica / 6h
(video link) This summer, the US Air Force awarded contracts to four companies to develop prototypes for the Skyborg Program, the Air Force's effort to provide relatively inexpensive autonomous uncrewed combat aircraft to serve as robotic wingmen to human-piloted F-22 and F-35 fighters. Skyborg is one of three Vanguard initiatives —programs intended to stretch the Air Force's capabilities with di

Lyft adds free Grubhub food delivery to Lyft Pink membership

Grubhub Lyft Members
100+The Points Guy / 6h
Lyft and Grubhub just announced a new partnership that adds a huge new benefit to Lyft Pink , the company’s subscription service. Starting today, Lyft Pink members have access to Grubhub+ and Seamless+ free of charge. This subscription service waives delivery fees and offers exclusive discounts on the Grubhub and Seamless apps. In the past, we’ve seen discounts like $10 off after spending $100 on

Scratchpad announces $3.6M seed to put work space on top of Salesforce

Salesforce Impact Fund
100+TechCrunch / 6h
One thing that annoys sales people is entering data into a CRM like Salesforce because it’s time spent not selling. Part of the problem is Salesforce is a database and as such is not necessarily designed for speed. Scratchpad wants to simplify that process by creating a workspace on top of the CRM to accelerate the administrative side of the job. Today, the company announced a $3.6 million seed r

Lyft dips toes into food delivery for first time

70Mashable / 6h
Lyft has added e-scooters, e-bikes, car rentals, and other services to its original ride-sharing app over the years, but it's stayed away from food delivery. Until now. On Tuesday, Lyft announced that its subscription plan, Lyft Pink , will now include perks from restaurant delivery app Grubhub. Lyft Pink subscribers — who pay $19.99 per month for Lyft discounts — will get access to Grubhub+ (and

How to Find Downloaded Files on an iPhone or iPad

iPhone iPad Apple 14
26How-To Geek / 6h
If you’ve downloaded files to your iPhone or iPad, accessing them might be confusing compared to a Mac or PC. There’s a special folder where iOS and iPadOS store downloads, and you can find it via the Files app. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Chargebee raises $55 million to help businesses move to subscriptions

Chargebee Series IP
100+TechCrunch / 6h
Chargebee, which helps businesses set up and manage their billing, subscription, revenue operations and compliance , said on Tuesday it has raised $55 million in a new financing round as it looks to accelerate its expansion in global markets. The new financing round, a Series F, for the San Francisco-headquartered firm was led by Insight Partners with existing investors Steadview Capital and Tige

Tokyo-based virtual reality game developer Thirdverse gets $8.5 million Series A

Thirdverse $8.5M VR
400+TechCrunch / 6h
Thirdverse , the virtual reality game developer behind “Swords of Gargantua,” has raised $8.5 million in Series A funding. The round was led by JAFCO, with participation from Presence Capital, Sisu Ventures and Incubate Fund, and will be used for hiring, co-founder Masaru Ohnogi told TechCrunch. Based in Tokyo, Thirdverse was started four years ago as Yomuneco, but relaunched as Thirdverse in Jun

Talk to Your Boss About Burnout Before It's an Emergency

200+Lifehacker / 6h
Over the past few years, we’ve gotten much better as a culture at recognizing burnout at work. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve made the changes necessary to address the root causes of burnout, even simply being able to identify when we’ve reached that point (or are about to) has been a step in the… Read more...

Lexus J201 Concept will defend its title at the 2020 Rebelle Rally

SlashGear / 6h
Lexus has something in store for overlanding enthusiasts at the 2020 Rebelle Rally. Last year’s champions Rachelle Croft and Taylor Pawley of The X Elles will return to defend their crown onboard another Lexus. But instead of the GX460, the team will get to experience the Lexus J201 concept, a fully-equipped off-road vehicle based on the LX570. Assembled by renowned … Continue reading

What we're buying: Our WFH essentials

64Engadget / 6h
Plenty of Engadget staffers are already well-acquainted with working from home, but it took on a whole new meaning in 2020. Now, instead of an occasional perk, it became the new normal. So, some of us took the opportunity to make our WFH lives a little easier, either by purchasing new office furniture or simply a fun little gadget. Here are just a few of them. Elgato Key Light Elgato My apartment

Amazon's Echo Show 5 drops to $45 in early Prime Day deal

Amazon Prime Day Alexa
51Engadget / 6h
Amazon’s most compact smart display is now the cheapest it’s ever been. The Echo Show 5 dropped to $45 today, which is 50 percent off its normal price. The last time it was even close to that price ($50 to be precise) was back in May. This is an early Prime Day deal, so you must be a Prime member to get the savings (and yes, you’re still able to get a 30-day free trial of Prime if you’re a new su

LinkedIn Stories now available in India; here's how to use them

33TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
LinkedIn wants to break the monotony of professional updates on the platform and hopes that the introduction of Stories will help users destress and share professional updates.

G Suite gets massive overhaul, rebranded as Google Workplace

G Suite Google Workspace
36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
Google reveals much-needed G Suite upgrade, with greater interoperability between productivity apps.

Vivint Smart Home security system

24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
In this , we give you the low-down on a premium home security solution that you’ll certainly want to consider.

Nadal vs Sinner live stream: how to watch free French Open quarter-final and from anywhere

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
Live stream Rafael Nadal vs Jannik Sinner, no matter where you are in the world and for free - the first debutant to reach the men's French Open QF since... Rafa Nadal.

The Witcher season 2 photos tease Ciri fighting back

Witcher Season Geralt
50TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
Netflix has released more teaser photos of the fantasy drama's second season, which is now filming.

Thanksgiving a bust? Airlines slash November schedules as demand sputters

100+The Points Guy / 6h
There’s an old joke in the airline industry that if a carrier can’t fill a plane over Thanksgiving, then they are doing something wrong. That may just be the case at American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines this Thanksgiving. New numbers from travel data firm OAG paint a harsh picture of the upcoming holiday. Bookings for November at American and United are at roughly a quarter of w

Could some distant planets be better for life than Earth?

20SlashGear / 7h
When we think of a planet in the universe ideally suited for life, we naturally think of the Earth. Currently, Earth is the only planet known to sustain life. A new study has identified 24 planets outside of our solar system that could potentially have conditions more suitable to life than the Earth. The study, led by scientist Dirk Schulze-Makuch … Continue reading

Soundtrap Capture simplifies mobile recording and music collaboration

100Engadget / 7h
Since its debut in 2013, Soundtrap has offered a simplified way to make music online. The cross-platform, web-based recording studio has a streamlined look that isn’t intimidating for beginners — a departure from most modern digital audio workstations (DAWs). While this makes Soundtrap more inviting for users of all skill levels, its suite of tools has options for the more experienced too. And th

Neutrino Detectors Could Be Used to Spot Nuclear Rogues

100+Wired / 7h
In theory, the particles could reveal whether a reactor is building up plutonium for weapons. US energy experts are starting to take the idea seriously.

'Mafia: Definitive Edition' Shows the Peril of Unwanted Remakes

64Wired / 7h
Upgraded graphics and animations are a breath of fresh air, but old story tropes hold this remake back.

Why Degrowth Is the Worst Idea on the Planet

100+Wired / 7h
Despite still growing over the last 50 years, we already figured out how to reduce our impact on Earth. So let's do that.

5 Graphics Settings Worth Tweaking in Every PC Game

92Wired / 7h
Sure, you can settle for the default presets, but even small changes can mean better performance – or a much better gaming experience.

SpaceX successfully launches another Starlink mission, with over 700 satellites launched to date

SpaceX Satellites US
100+TechCrunch / 7h
SpaceX has launched yet another flight of 60 of its Starlink broadband internet satellites. The launch took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 7:29 AM EDT (4:29 AM PDT) this morning, after having been delayed three times earlier due to scrubs – twice because of weather, and one because of an unusual sensor reading. This is the 12 Starlink mission to date, and it means that over 700 of th

A CDN Can Speed Up Your Website. Here’s What You Need to Know!

How-To Geek / 7h
A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is designed to reduce the load on your primary web servers by caching your static assets on a network of servers. These servers will be closer to users, which can speed up your load times. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

What Does a Lens Hood Do, and When Should You Use One?

21How-To Geek / 7h
Almost every lens you can buy comes with a stiff plastic collar that fits on the front called a lens hood. Here’s what they do, why they’re important, and when you should use one. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Why You Should Use a Webcam Cover

89How-To Geek / 7h
Unless you’re using a desktop computer and haven’t hooked up an external webcam, there’s a good chance the device you’re reading this post on has some sort of front-facing camera. If you’ve never considered the security implications that may be present and why you might want a webcam cover, it might be something you should think about. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Are Government Loans Taken By American, United Illegal?

View from the Wing / 7h
Government subsidized loans had different employment rules than those contained in payroll support. They didn't specify 'no furlough' they talked about the employment levels that airlines had to retain through September 30. Airlines receiving loan approvals did not meet these conditions. Continue reading ...

Mirzapur Season-2 airs on Amazon Prime Video - these characters have unfinished business

24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
Mirzapur premiered on Amazon Prime Video in 2019 and was seen as its answer to the hugely popular Sacred Games on Netflix.

Tipalti receives $150M at a $2B+ valuation after its accounts payable platform sees a surge in use

Tipalti $150M AP Valuation
300+TechCrunch / 7h
Digital transformation has been one of the big enterprise themes of 2020: organizations are doubling down on cloud services both to link up suddenly remote teams and centralize apps, documents and data in a more efficient way. Today, one of the startups that has filled out that story with a cloud-based suite of accounting services is announcing a major round of funding on the back of massive grow

Spotify’s new Soundtrap capture app offers collaborative voice notes for songwriters

80TechCrunch / 7h
Acquired in 2017, Soundtrap more or less serves a similar role as Anchor under the larger Spotify banner — albeit largely focused on music creation, instead of podcasting. The company’s software of the same name is a cloud-based service designed to let musicians remotely collaborate on a song, track by track. It is, honestly, a perfect tool for this moment of social distancing. Announced this mor

Tuesday travel tip: How to disembark from your cruise ship before everyone else

The Points Guy / 7h
Today’s cruise industry has changed so much from the early days when ships were smaller and onboard activities were limited to trivia, shuffleboard and stuffing your face at the midnight buffet. Now, ships are so much larger and can accommodate many more things to do — from onboard watercoasters, roller coasters and go-kart race tracks to laser tag and skydiving simulators . All that real estate

2021 Ram 1500 Limited Longhorn 10th Anniversary Edition pickup revealed

SlashGear / 7h
Ram has unveiled the new 2021 Ram 1500 Limited Longhorn 10th Anniversary Edition pickup. The truck offers luxury inspired by the Southwest and capability in one package. RAM says that the Limited Longhorn replaces the Laramie Longhorn and the 10th Anniversary Edition. The special edition’s hallmark is an interior featuring premium materials such as real wood, leather, and metal trim. … Continue r

Amazing deal: Save 50% on all long-haul Avios redemptions for a limited time

The Points Guy / 7h
British Airways has launched one of the best redemption sales we’ve seen in years. On Tuesday, the carrier’s Executive Club launched a massive sale where you can spend 50% fewer Avios on long-haul redemptions and 25% fewer Avios on short-haul redemptions. Best of all, these savings can be used in any cabin of service. In other words, you can fly in BA’s first class for 50% fewer Avios than you wo

Avianca’s Live Inflight Concert Backfires…

200+One Mile at a Time / 7h
If I didn’t know any better I’d say this is from The Onion, but nope. Then again, I tend to think lots of things nowadays seem like they’re from The Onion. Avianca is promoting on Twitter how passengers on flight AV8565 from Medellin to Bogota “lived an unforgettable trip thanks to a live concert.” Los pasajeros del vuelo AV8565 que viajaron desde Medellín hacia Bogotá, vivieron un viaje inolvida

Square’s new self-service ordering system offers help to the hospitality industry

24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
Square Online system is aimed at letting customers place orders using their phones and QR codes to stay touch-free.

Virgin Orbit has a unique launch capability, but it’s come at a high price

56Ars Technica / 7h
Cosmic Girl releases LauncherOne mid-air for the first time during a July 2019 drop test. [credit: Virgin Orbit/Greg Robinson ] The slim white, red, and black rocket dropped into the blue sky for the first time in late May. For a few tantalizing seconds, all appeared well as the booster cleared the 747 carrier aircraft and ignited its NewtonThree engine. The engine burned brightly in the thin atm

Spacebit books a second trip to the Moon via NASA’s commercial lunar payload program

100+TechCrunch / 8h
UK-based robotic rover startup Spacebit has booked a second payload delivery to the Moon, aboard the Nova-C lander that Intuitive Machines is planning to send in 2021 as part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program. Spacebit already has a berth aboard the Astrobotic Peregrine lander that’s set to go to the Moon in July 2021, flying atop a Vulcan Centaur rocket, and so this woul

Dialpad raises $100M Series E at a $1.2B valuation

Dialpad Raises $100M AI
100+TechCrunch / 8h
Dialpad , the business-centric voice, video and contact-center service, today announced that it has raised a $100 million Series E funding round led by OMERS Growth Equity. Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, ICONIQ Capital and Work-Bench also participated. The company says its valuation is over $1.2 billion after it has now raised a total of $245 million. The funding news comes only a few week

The Morning After: Google and Samsonite team up on a smart backpack

100+Engadget / 8h
It seems increasingly doubtful that we’ll spend much time inside movie theaters this year, but Free Guy remains scheduled for release on December 11th. Yesterday, a full trailer for the Ryan Reynolds flick appeared , filling out more details on what a movie about an NPC is actually like. After checking out the two-minute trailer , I don’t see a best picture award in store for this flick, but the

AT&T is axing its DSL service in some areas

AT&T DSL Mississippi
31SlashGear / 8h
AT&T is still one of the largest Internet providers in America, and it recently announced it was discontinuing its oldest broadband technology. On October 1, AT&T stopped selling DSL connections leaving some existing subscribers on the low-speed service and new residents of areas only covered by DSL without broadband access. An AT&T statement confirmed that it was beginning to phase … Continue re

Bing receives a Microsoft-flavoured rebrand

Microsoft Bing Google
28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
Rebrand looks to emphasise the role of Bing within the Microsoft family of products.

Valorant Act III competitive changes announced: stricter queuing coming

24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
Valorant Act III competitive changes have been announced in a new blog by the developers at Riot Games.

Archaeologists delved into medieval cesspits to study old gut microbiomes

200+Ars Technica / 8h
Enlarge (credit: Sabin et al. 2020) One of the things archaeology consistently teaches us is that humanity is remarkably resilient in the face of crisis. Another is that poop is forever. Archaeologists have already explored the contents of coprolites and the chemicals left behind by a city’s worth of human waste. And according to a recent study, DNA from your gut microbes can stick around for cen

The UK wants to power all homes with offshore wind by 2030

400+Engadget / 8h
The UK government has promised once again to make a massive investment in offshore wind energy. Speaking at the Conservative party conference, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the renewable would power every home in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland by 2030. “Your kettle, your washing machine, your cooker, your heating, your plug-in electric vehicle, the whole lot of them will get

HUGE: 50% Off British Airways Redemptions, You Have A Week To Spend Your Miles

50View from the Wing / 8h
British Airways is offering 50% off long haul redemptions in any cabin and 25% off of short haul. Book by October 13 for travel through June 30, 2021. No registration is required, and this appears to be available to all members worldwide and isn’t restricted to particular routes. For instance book New York – London for just 25,000 miles each way in business class, 34,000 miles each way in first.

Now Nintendo is being sued by a child over Joy-Con drift

58TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
Nintendo is facing yet another lawsuit over Joy-Con drift, and has been accused of not doing enough to address the problem on Nintendo Switch.

Hinge and Headspace launch free pre-date meditations to beat dating nerves

62Mashable / 8h
Everyone gets the odd butterfly or two before a hot date. But sometimes, those pre-date nerves can feel really debilitating — particularly if you're living with anxiety. Well, here's some news you can use: Dating app Hinge has teamed up with Headspace to bring you pre-date meditations. From Oct. 6, daters can access Hinge and Headspace's pre-date guided mediations on hinge.co/headspace at no cost

Covid Kid Reporters: Back-to-School Edition

100+Wired / 8h
Seven young journalists weigh in on remote learning, face-mask fatigue, and the many joys of goldfish ownership.

How to Start Streaming on Twitch

100+Wired / 8h
You don't need a ton of equipment to stream your own gaming sessions, or to meet more people who play the games you love.

A Poker Pro Accused of Cheating Wants $330M in Damages

100+Wired / 8h
Mike Postle claims he was the victim of an elaborate online campaign to tar him as a fraud—and he's suing a dozen defendants.

Nokia announces six new Android TVs in India starting at Rs 12,999

Flipkart Nokia Smart India
28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
Nokia has announced six new smart TVs in India today. The all-new Nokia Smart TVs starts at Rs 12,999.

Google Workspace is the new name for Google's productivity suite

G Suite Google Workspace
100+Engadget / 8h
Google is rebranding its productivity tools in an attempt to better cater for people who are working from home. G Suite, itself formerly Google Apps, is being rechristened as Google Workspace, with new logos and branding but not much else. The idea is to make it clear in people’s minds that this is the one place you can go to get all of the tools the company offers and highlighting the new messag

Northern sky panorama was assembled from 208 images captured by TESS

SlashGear / 8h
The image below is a panoramic shot of a familiar sky captured by NASA’s TESS spacecraft. The panorama is a composite image assembled from 208 individual pictures. So far, TESS has imaged about 75 percent of the sky in its two-year-long mission that is still going on. Among its accomplishments so far is the discovery of 74 exoplanets. Astronomers working … Continue reading

Early Prime Day deals are dropping PS4 controller prices below £40

Amazon Prime Day One
28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
The PS5 may be just around the corner, but you can save plenty of cash with these early Prime Day PS4 controller deals.

Mobile Industry Insider Updates: October 2020

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
All the latest deals and developments from across the mobile industry

Wow: British Airways Offering 50% Off Award Tickets

200+One Mile at a Time / 8h
British Airways has just launched its most lucrative award sale ever, though it goes without saying that this isn’t exactly an easy time to travel internationally… British Airways offering 25-50% off awards British Airways’ new Avios award sale is valid for bookings through October 13, 2020, and for travel through June 30, 2021 : You can save 50% off on long haul redemptions in all cabins You can

What’s New in Chrome 86, Available Today

100+How-To Geek / 8h
Chrome 86 is another solid upgrade from Google. Besides the usual under-the-hood improvements, Google Chrome 86 helps you quickly change vulnerable passwords and protects you from websites wasting your CPU resources (and battery power) in the background. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

How to accelerate your digital transformation

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
With COVID-19 and rapidly evolving circumstances, it’s challenging to balance what is best for the company and the employees, while providing an excellent customer experience.

The CDC has finally acknowledged that the coronavirus can be airborne

CDC Coronavirus Covid
400+MIT Technology Review / 9h
The news: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its guidelines to acknowledge that the coronavirus can be spread by tiny particles that linger in the air. The agency said it made the decision because of the mounting evidence that people with covid-19 can infect people even if they are more than six feet away, or shortly after the infected person left the area. These cases

This 'invisible' malware is nearly impossible to detect

UEFI Malware Kaspersky HT
36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
Kaspersky discovers rare form of malware connected to an advanced persistent threat espionage campaign.

Why the back end, not front of house, matters in retail

Nvidia Jetson Nano AI
28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
To survive the pandemic and adapt to changes in consumer behaviour, retailers must hit reset.

Europe’s top court confirms no mass surveillance without limits

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Europe’s top court has delivered another slap-down to indiscriminate government mass surveillance regimes. In a ruling today the CJEU has made it clear that national security concerns do not exclude EU Member States from the need to comply with general principles of EU law such as proportionality and respect for fundamental rights to privacy, data protection and freedom of expression. However the

Ÿnsect, the makers of the world’s most expensive bug farm, raises another $224 million

French Ÿnsect Farm
200+TechCrunch / 9h
Ÿnsect , the startup building the world’s most high tech bug colony, have added $224 million in equity and debt to an already impressive $148 million cash haul as it looks to commercialize its business. Investors backing the company include the Los Angeles-based investment firm Upfront Ventures and the FootPrint Coalition, an investment vehicle financed by celebrity superhero Robert Downey Jr. Th

2021 Jaguar XF: Updated from the inside and out

2021 Jaguar XF Four
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The 2021 Jaguar XF is arriving with a new face and an updated interior, the latter of which is critically important. The XF remains a stylish and fine-driving midsize sedan, but its outdated interior and infotainment system leaves nothing to be desired. Thankfully, Jaguar is addressing our complaints with the refreshed 2021 XF. “The significant new elements of the XF … Continue reading

5 upcoming WhatsApp features that will make your life easy

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WhatsApp will be adding quite a few new features that will not only improve chat experience but will also help you personalise your personal chats more than ever before.

Google rebrands G Suite as Google Workspace, gives Gmail a new logo

G Suite Google Workspace
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Google is once again reshuffling its portfolio of productivity apps. On Tuesday, the company announced Google Workspace, which is a new name for all of Google's productivity apps, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet. If that sounds familiar, that's probably because Google Workspace was previously called G Suite. So why the change? According to the company, Google Works

Sennheiser HD 250BT headphones and CX 120BT earphones launched in India

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The Sennheiser HD 250BT and CX 120BT are priced at Rs 5,490 and Rs 3,490 respectively.

Instagram's classic 'Polaroid' icons return for its 10th anniversary

Instagram Stories IGTV
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When Instagram launched 10 years ago today , the app world was more... skeuomorphic. To celebrate those pre-flat design days, the social network has introduced an Easter egg that lets you revert back to the “Polaroid” icons of yore (via TechCrunch ). That includes the original October 6, 2010 Land Camera 1000 -like logo and even the pre-release “Codename” icon. You can also select one of the late

Covering Comments Is Instagram’s Newest Anti-Bullying Tool

Instagram 10Th Stories
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Harassment takes many forms. The platform’s latest update works to address a broader swath of negative interactions, from hiding comments to sending warnings.

TechRadar Pro's Best for Business Awards 2020

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Here's our rundown of the best business technology on the market today.

Google fixes ChromeOS update that caused 100% CPU usage and fire risks

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ChromeOS update bug caused major CPU drain and even fire risk.

59 sealed sarcophagi and mummies discovered in Egypt

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Khalid el-Anany, Egypt’s tourism and antiquities minister, announced last weekend that archaeologists had unearthed dozens of ancient sarcophagi and mummies discovered in a large necropolis south of Cairo. The minister said that there were at least 59 sealed sarcophagi with mummies inside most of them. The mummies were buried inside three wells more than 2600 years ago. The minister says … Contin

Netflix's behind-the-scenes Blackpink documentary now has a fun trailer

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Blackpink fans, rejoice! It's only been a few days since the release of the K-pop group's first album, The Album , dropped, and now we have a documentary in the pipeline too. On Monday, Netflix published its trailer for Blackpink: Light up the Sky , which will offer "a personal look at the four members of Blackpink, from their years as trainees to their current global success as the most popular

Latest Steam Hardware Survey is great news for AMD – should Intel be worried?

AMD RAM Intel One Aspire
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AMD processors now power over 25% of gamers' PCs, according to the Steam Hardware Survey.

Calling Amsterdam VCs: Be featured in The Great TechCrunch Survey of European VC

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TechCrunch is embarking on a major new project to survey the venture capital investors of Europe, and their cities. Our survey of VCs in Amsterdam will capture how the city is faring, and what changes are being wrought amongst investors by the coronavirus pandemic. (Please note, if you have filled the survey out already, there is no need to do it again). We’d like to know how Amsterdam’s startup

Big Tech Was Their Enemy, Until Partisanship Fractured the Battle Plans

Republican House Facebook
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A House report on how to limit the reach of Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook has been delayed as Democrats and Republicans split on remedies.

Instagram celebrates its 10th birthday with improved anti-bullying rules

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The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

South African tech innovation wins R20 million award

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The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

NASA announce the winners of the Digital Transformation Hackathon

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The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Students, teachers and lecturers can score on special Mac prices

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iStore South Africa is offering educators and university learners a special price on the 13-inch Mac Book Pro

AMD’s Infinity Cache could be Big Navi’s secret weapon to beat Nvidia’s RTX 3000 GPUs

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If Big Navi does run with a 256-bit bus as some rumors suggest, cache could be the key to the graphics card’s performance.

Shudder drops blood-spattered trailer for horror anthology 'The Mortuary Collection'

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Five twisted tales about death! That's the Halloween-friendly premise of Shudder's latest upcoming original The Mortuary Collection , the trailer for which dropped on Monday. The film revolves around an elderly mortician recounting five stories about local townspeople (and, specifically, how those people met their maker) to a new employee. It looks like exactly the kind of silly, over-the-top fun

Fossil's new smartwatch drops GPS and two buttons, as an affordable take on a flagship

Fossil Gen 5E Wear
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The Fossil Gen 5E drops the price and some features of the Gen 5, but you might not mind the omissions.

Virgin Media and O2 pledge to create 4,000 jobs if merger is approved

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Telefonica and Liberty Global make investment pledges ahead of regulatory process.

A smarter, more capable Flippy robot knows how to fry 19 things

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The restaurant industry has never been for the faint of heart, what with the razor-thin profit margins and continuous churn of employees. Combine that with the economic devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic and, well, it’s no surprise that tens of thousands of eateries across the country have shuttered permanently over the last seven months alone. However, Miso Robotics (makers of Flippy,

How to sign up for Amazon Prime — and maximize the perks

Sale Amazon Prime Day
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As Prime Day (which is, confusingly, actually two days ) approaches, perhaps you're considering an Amazon Prime membership. If you're going to spring for it, now is the time: You'll need a Prime membership to access Prime Day deals when October 13 rolls around. The flagship Prime perk is free shipping (one-day, two-day, or same-day, depending on the purchase) on select items. You probably already

This game development bundle comes with a year of PlayStation Plus

VPN Passwarden KeepSolid
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TL;DR: Turn your love of gaming into more than just a hobby with the Game Developer and Player bundle featuring PlayStation Plus for $99.99, a 98% savings as of Oct. 6. If you eat, sleep, and breathe gaming, this bundle is a great way to treat yourself. You'll learn all about designing and creating video games, and then blow off some steam by playing them. Sounds like the dream, right? Here's the

Save $100 on a robot vacuum that's super easy to empty

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TL;DR: Keep your home spotless with a Neabot NoMo hands-free robot vacuum for $499, a 16% savings as of Oct. 6. What's the worst part about cleaning? Actually doing it. But with a robot vacuum the Neabot NoMo Hands-Free Robot Vacuum, you can (mostly) skip that part. Neabot automatically unloads debris from its cleaning session each time it docks at its recharging station. Then, a bag connected to

Save 64% on a mask with a fan and a 4-layer filter

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TL;DR: Mask up with an Electric Respirator LED fan mask for $49.99, a 64% savings as of Oct. 6. Masks are a necessity, but they don't have to be uncomfortable. In fact, there are options out there designed specifically for comfort. The Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask features an integrated battery, a two-speed fan cycle, and a four-layer filter designed to help you breathe cleaner air. Cycling t

Stream and browse without limitations with this cheap VPN

VPN Passwarden KeepSolid
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SAVE 79%: An 18-month subscription to CyberGhost VPN is on sale for $2.75 per month as of Oct. 6, saving you 79% on list price. You might think that you are able to browse the web freely, but the online world is actually full of restrictions and blockades. They might not be obvious, but they are there. The only way to effectively bypass these restrictions is with a VPN . These security services h

Samsung Galaxy S21 chipset likely to be unveiled in December

Qualcomm Snapdragon 875
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Qualcomm has sent out invites to its annual Tech Summit, where we're expecting to see the Snapdragon 875.

This Netflix anime is basically Castlevania in ancient Greece – and it looks amazing

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The studio behind Netflix's hit anime Castlevania is bringing the action to ancient Greece – and we just got our first trailer.

Netflix cancels GLOW after renewing it for season 4 – and fans are not happy

Netflix Witcher Season
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Covid-19 production headaches are apparently to blame for the show's cancellation.

AirPods Studio launch seems imminent as Apple Store headphone stock is removed

Apple Sonos Bose Logitech
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Apple Stores are making way for the expected arrival of new AirPod Studio over-ear headphones.

Spotify bags one of Apple Music's best features to help forgetful fans

Spotify Apple Music
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You can now search Spotify for songs using lyrics on iOS and Android.

What the new Netflix tabs mean

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Netflix has launched a new way to find shows worth watching

Want to buy the cheapest iPhone for business? Amazon has a deal for that

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Save up to £60 on your first £200 business spend.

John McAfee Arrested in Spain, and U.S. Seeks Extradition

John McAfee Spain SEC
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The U.S. authorities accused the former antivirus impresario of evading taxes and said his extradition to American soil was pending.

Picker, an app to discover products recommended by people you follow, picks up €1.3M seed

Picker 10 Best 2020
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Picker , an app that lets you discover and buy products recommended by people you follow, has raised €1.3 million in seed funding. Backing the Barcelona-based startup is Berlin’s Btov. The company has received €2 million in funding to date, mainly from various angel investors. Founded in 2018 by Daniel Ramos, Conan Moriarty and Enric Gabarró, Picker offers a curated marketplace that enables you t

G Suite is now Google Workspace

Google G Suite Workspace
1KTechCrunch / 11h
Google is rebranding G Suite, its set of online productivity and collaboration tools for businesses that include the likes of Gmail, Drive, Docs and Meet. The new name is Google Workspace, a name the company already hinted at when it first introduced a set of new collaboration tools and Google Meet integrations for the service earlier this year. Now those new tools are coming out of preview and w

Apple kicks third party speakers and headphones out of its store

Apple iPhone 12 IDFA
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Apple is no longer selling any third-party speakers or headphones in its online store. The change, noticed by Bloomberg , likely has to do something with the reports that Apple is launching its own over-the-ear headphones soon, as well as a new version of its HomePod speaker. I've checked Apple's store and could not find any speaker or headphone products except Apple's own AirPods, Beats, HomePod

YouTube Music’s free tier allows personal library casting

YouTube Music Google
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YouTube Music can now cast your uploaded songs to a smart speaker even if you don't have a premium account. 9to5Google has confirmed the welcome change, which is merely one of the many transformations the app has gone through and will keep on going through after Google Play Music’s shutdown . Google rolled out the ability to play your own music files, regardless of where you got them from, on You

Poco C3: Specs, launch date and price in India

Poco C3 India Redmi
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The Poco C3 is the company’s latest and most affordable smartphone yet. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Lupita Nyong'o and Jessica Chastain assemble an international spy crew in first trailer for 'The 355'

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With 007 on temporary hiatus until April 2021 , many people will be yearning for their fix of steely-eyed, gun-wielding secret agents on a mission to stop shadowy organisations. Well, splendid news: the trailer for spy thriller The 355 has just dropped, and it looks like we'll be getting five steely-eyed agents instead of just one. In the trailer above, a group of intelligence agency workers – Je

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE price in India and availability revealed

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
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Samsung’s new affordable flagship, the Galaxy S20 FE will be available in India starting October 9 at Rs 49,999.

Cryptocurrency wallet BRD reaches 6 million users, driven by growth in Latin America and India

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Mobile cryptocurrency wallet BRD announced today that it now has more than six million users worldwide, thanks to strong growth in India and Latin America. With this momentum, the company expects to reach 10 million users by early 2021. Founded in 2015, Zurich-based BRD also said it now adds about one million new users every two months, after initially taking more than four years to hit the one m

Night City’s full map from Cyberpunk 2077 has been leaked

Cyberpunk 2077 Night City
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The map shows all the districts from Night City that will be featured in Cyberpunk 2077.