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And the Winner Is....

The Terrorists won!
Dear Producer,

The new year is off to a good start for the show with most of you eager for continued coverage of the election and the transition to what appears to be Obama’s third term with pretty much the same jokers running the show. The evil “F’ the EU gal, Victoria Nuland, looks like she is going right back into her old role as Middle East troublemaker.

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The terrorists won.
Tomorrow's Show

Expect unusual coverage of the final report to Congress regarding the next President. Sleepy Joe or Orangeman Bad? Also look for real analysis of the Georgia runoff for the US Senate with lots of new voters coming in from everywhere. Many are carpetbaggers from both parties mucking things up. It’s a mess. You can be sure that they will finally find a way to soon elect creepy Stacy Abrams to the governorship where the Democrats will end up doing to Georgia what they did to California, rob it blind and bankrupt it.
Stacy Abrams, would-be Governor, Council on Foreign Relations member.
Of course another week of Covid coverage with more and more “cases” which never seem to result in any sort of actual infection or symptoms (see NFL and NBA cases).. This has resulted in the cancellation of numerous events from people testing positive. And now because of the latest “worse than ever!” panic reporting we are bringing back the death panels!
Screen capture RT story
The situation with the lack of cases and the lack of dead in Africa continues and it is getting some attention from the M5M. Unfortunately, the coverage is racist from the woke NYT. It seems as if the Africans, according to the Times, are too dumb or too lazy to give out accurate numbers. Too funny.
NYT Screen capture
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John C. Dvorak & Adam C. Curry
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The terrorists won.
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