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 Technology and More!

Watch Our Future Robot Overlords Dance Like There's No Tomorrow for the Humans

500+How-To Geek / 4h
If ever there will be a reason that the robots overthrew their human masters, it’ll be the time we made them act like a show choir. The Boston Dynamics folks are at it again, and this time instead of parkour or torture, it’s a combination of the two—dancing. The engineering group put up a video showing a choreographed dance routine set to Do You Love Me by The Contours. Yes, you should watch it.

Amex adding new Platinum cardholder perk: $30 monthly PayPal credit

300+The Points Guy / 5h
December 31 marked the end of a lot of things — including the monthly Platinum Card® from American Express $20 streaming and mobile statement credits that were implemented earlier in 2020 as temporary perks for Platinum cardholders during the pandemic . Want more credit card news and advice from TPG? Sign up for our daily newsletter . While we would have liked to see those monthly credits extend

Catch the Peak of a Meteor Shower Featuring Fireballs With Colorful Trails

1KLifehacker / 6h
With many in-person New Year’s Eve celebrations and fireworks displays either scaled back or canceled altogether this week, fans of flashy events taking place in the night sky may have been disappointed. But all is not lost. In fact, nature has its own lights display for us to enjoy as we ease into 2021. It comes in… Read more...

Travel Agencies Are Promoting Vaccine Tourism Packages

View from the Wing / 33min
Gem Tours & Travels, which is planning New York vaccine trips, claims to have coined the term 'vaccine tourism' and Zenith Holidays has promoted a London stay long enough for both vaccine doses at $8211 per person single occupancy ($6158 per person based on double occupancy) and expects that "by mid-January next year, the vaccine will be available for foreigners in the UK." Continue reading ...

TPG round-up: Top 5 premium economy meals in the sky

The Points Guy / 35min
Premium economy is that sometimes-awkward in-between cabin class that often has travelers deliberating whether it’s worth the hike in price from economy . If you have any doubts at all, then this round-up of our five best premium economy meals in the sky might tempt you to spend that extra cash on your next long-haul flight. We’ve already sampled the delights and disasters of economy dining, so n

Flash is finally dead. Here's how to remove it from your computer.

51Mashable / 37min
The end of 2020 was seen as a positive for many, but it was bittersweet in at least one way: Adobe finally, officially killed Flash Player . This didn't come as a surprise, as Adobe had announced Flash would die with three years' advance warning . It marks the end of a long era, one that at its peak gave bored teenagers ways to keep themselves entertained in the computer lab at high school. Befor

One lucky (and rich) person can buy a gold-plated PlayStation 5

31Mashable / 59min
The PlayStation 5 has been notoriously hard to get since its November 2020 launch, but a Russian luxury company just jacked it up to the highest difficulty level. Caviar , a company perhaps best known for selling extremely expensive gold iPhones, is giving the PS5 its usual treatment. The new and very rare "Golden Rock" PS5 brings a rocky textured custom plating to the PS5's exterior. An importan

Jabra's Elite 85t wireless earbuds drop to $170 at Amazon

34Engadget / 1h
Don’t worry if you missed out on a pair of wireless earbuds this holiday season, especially if you want an alternative to some of the usual options. Amazon is selling Jabra’s Elite 85t earbuds for $170 , or $60 below the usual price, after a coupon automatically applies at checkout. That’s a good deal for major-brand buds with active noise cancellation — they still tend to cost $200 or more outsi

Welcome John Bishop to the Cast of the Upcoming Season of Doctor Who

100+Gizmodo / 1h
Recently, two of the Doctor’s three companions were announced to be leaving the show, leaving a potential gap in the show’s ensemble cast. Now, we might know about who’s going to be filling it. Read more...

Warner Bros. has ambitious plans for DC movies starting in 2022

SlashGear / 1h
Marvel dominates the superhero entertainment business, but that hasn’t stopped competitor DC from attempting to get a piece of the pie. Warner Bros is looking to increase its DC Films lineup in a big way starting in 2022, with plans for movies that’ll be released in theaters and others that’ll drop on the streaming service HBO Max. Warner Bros. subsidiary … Continue reading

Canada Requiring PCR Test & Quarantine For International Travel

67One Mile at a Time / 1h
Since March 2020, Canada has been requiring a 14-day quarantine for arriving international travelers. Well, the country is now adding a further requirement, coinciding with fears of a new faster-spreading COVID-19 strain . International travelers need a negative test result As of January 7, 2021, Canada will require international travelers arriving into Canada by air to have tested negative for C

7 reasons you should splurge for a suite on your next cruise

The Points Guy / 1h
Anyone who has priced out a suite on a cruise ship knows they’re not inexpensive. As The Points Guy showed in a recent pricing comparison , you’ll often pay at least 50% more for a suite on a cruise vessel than for a standard cabin. Sometimes the premium can be much higher. At $11,000 a night, the top suite on luxury line Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ new Seven Seas Splendor , for instance, is more

9 common misconceptions about the Canary Islands

The Points Guy / 1h
Whether or not you’ve made it over to the popular Spanish destination Canary Islands, you’ve likely heard some of these common misconceptions below. The Canary Islands. (Photo of Tenerife by Dennis Fischer Photography/Getty) Despite what you may have heard, the Canary Islands have a lot to offer many different types of travelers. Read on to understand why the Canary Islands are often misunderstoo

Alphabet's Wing argues new US drone rules will hurt privacy

64Engadget / 1h
Alphabet’s Wing is less than thrilled with the FAA’s new rules for drone ‘license plates,' and it’s pushing for significant changes. Reuters and The Verge report that the drone delivery company has attacked the rules for remote IDs, warning that they might have “unintended consequences” for privacy. Wing argued that the requirement to use locally broadcast remote IDs made it possible to infer “se

GM to show off electrified vehicles at CES 2021

SlashGear / 2h
CES 2021 is going to be very different from past years. Rather than hordes of technology fans and journalists showing up in Las Vegas in person, the entire event will be held online. A new report has surfaced that General Motors CEO Mary Barra will give the opening keynote address on January 12 for the show. During her keynote, she … Continue reading

Nvidia may be preparing to release the RTX 3080 Super and RTX 3070 Super

52TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
Nvidia is said to be preparing to launch new GeForce RTX 3080 Super and RTX 3070 Super cards in the next few months.

3 surprising drugs being repurposed to fight COVID-19

Mashable / 2h
It’s been a year since the first case of COVID-19 was identified in Wuhan, China, and in that time, we’ve gone from not even having a name for the disease to developing treatments and approving two vaccines for emergency use. Despite how far we’ve come, scientists are still hard at work finding more effective ways to treat for the disease. Many treatments being tested are already used for other d

The Earth is at its closest point to the sun today

25SlashGear / 2h
NASA recently talked a bit about something going on between the Earth and the sun today, January 2, 2021. Today marks the Earth’s perihelion, which is the closest point it reaches to the sun in our planet’s elliptical orbit around our host star. NASA says the sun won’t appear noticeably larger in the sky. Despite the fact that it doesn’t … Continue reading

2021 kicks off with the Quadrantid meteor shower peaking tonight

SlashGear / 2h
We’re only a couple of days into the new year, and skywatchers have something to look forward to in the late evening hours tonight, and the early morning hours on Sunday, January 3. The Quadrantid meteor shower reached its peak Saturday night into the early AM hours of Sunday morning. This could be one of the strongest meteor showers of … Continue reading

Tesla could have a new Model S variant coming soon

40Mashable / 2h
Tesla isn't actively manufacturing cars at the moment, but that hasn't stopped a new version of the Model S from apparently taking joyrides around Palo Alto. The electric vehicle-centric YouTube channel The Kilowatts posted a video over the weekend showcasing a new and previously unseen Tesla Model S that they saw driving around in the vicinity of Tesla's headquarters. Most of the shots in the vi

30 Marriott Elite Nights, 5 Hyatt Nights, And A $50 Saks Credit

View from the Wing / 3h
A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading ...

UK company Spacebit is sending a spider-like rover to the moon

SlashGear / 3h
A company from the UK called Spacebit has announced that it will put a rover on the moon in 2021. The mission will mark the first UK mission to the lunar surface. The rover the team is sending is very different from rovers typically sent to the moon and other planets. Rather than being wheeled, Spacebit’s rover looks like a … Continue reading

AMD patent points to new MCM GPU design for RDNA3

46TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
Is AMD bringing MCM to its Radeon line of GPUs? A new patent application suggests so.

Be like Mike and buy Jordan’s old 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

SlashGear / 3h
The 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is already an exciting car, but this one available for sale on eBay is a little more special. The car doesn’t have a custom body kit or gobs of extra power. What makes it special is its past owner. Basketball legend Michael Jordan owned this 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. For those unfamiliar with the Mercedes-Benz … Continue reading

Bitcoin kicked off 2021 by crossing the $30,000 threshold for the first time

Bitcoin $30 000 Time•
67Mashable / 3h
Bitcoin had a rough start to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, but apparently it's always darkest before the dawn. The biggest name in cryptocurrency surpassed $30,000 in value to begin 2021. That is, a single Bitcoin is now worth more than 30 grand on its own. So, what accounts for the massive uptick in value? Maybe investors see it as a way to keep their money safe amidst the worst economic rece

How to Charge Your Apple Pencil

How-To Geek / 3h
Apple offers two different generations of Apple Pencil, which are compatible with different iPads. As both are battery powered, they are inevitably going to run out of juice. Here’s how to charge and check the battery percentage of your Apple Pencil. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Caviar's Modified AirPods Max Headphones Go for the Super Low Price of $108,000

27How-To Geek / 3h
When Apple announced the AirPods Max noise-canceling headphones, the $549 asking price stood immediately. But what if you could take a premium set of headphones with a premium price and make them absolutely eye-watering? Enter Caviar, a Russian company known for dripping products and gold and marking up the price astronomically. This time you can get AirPods Max with the Caviar treatment for “jus

Samsung's Galaxy S21 could beat Apple to the punch with one small feature

100+Mashable / 4h
We've been waiting patiently for Apple to drop its device tracking hardware for nearly two years , but Samsung might win the race as a late entrant. A plethora of leaks from the past few months suggest Samsung will launch something called the Galaxy SmartTag in the near future. Most recently and perhaps most convincingly, 91mobiles published some leaked images of the product that make it look a w

Saturday's Best Deals: Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Air Fryer, Board Games Sale, Gooloo Jump Starter, YouCopia StoraLid Organizer, Exfoliating Foot Masks, Razer Hello Kitty Keyboard, and More

96Gizmodo / 4h
A Target sale on board games and a Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Air Fryer lead Saturday’s best deals. Read more...

MyLife review: The mindfulness app that hooks meditation skeptics

33Mashable / 4h
MyLife app $9.99 per month View Product The Good Easy to navigate • Flexible program length • Broad range of instructors and themes • Bilingual The Bad No desktop or AppleTV option • The price may not encourage new mindfulness practitioners The Bottom Line MyLife offers a great range of mindful meditations for beginners and more experienced practitioners. The app makes it easy to find the time fo

Pursue a career fighting cybercrime with these 8 courses

32Engadget / 4h
Hackers can’t keep their hands off things that aren’t theirs , but this spells good news for anyone who wants to make a career fighting cybercrime. As online threats continue to rise, so does the demand for white hat hackers, those who use their hacking skills for good. If exposing weaknesses in networks (ethically, of course) sounds rewarding to you, The Ultimate Cybersecurity & IT Career Certif

Saturday's Best Deals: Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Air Fryer, Board Games Sale, Gooloo Jump Starter, YouCopia StoraLid Organizer, Exfoliating Foot Masks, Razer Hello Kitty Keyboard, and More

96Lifehacker / 4h
A Target sale on board games and a Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Air Fryer lead Saturday’s best deals. Read more...

Tesla made half a million electric cars in 2020

100+Engadget / 4h
Tesla just reached an important production milestone. The electric vehicle maker has confirmed that it reached its goal of producing half a million cars in 2020, having built 509,737 EVs before the year was out. It didn’t quite deliver that many (‘just’ 499,550), but it’s still a huge leap over the 367,500 deliveries from 2019 and no mean feat in a pandemic-struck car market . Not surprisingly, t

Tesla delivers nearly 500,000 vehicles in 2020

Tesla 2020 500000 499550•
200+TechCrunch / 4h
Tesla delivered 499,550 vehicles in 2020, a 36% increase over the previous year and just a few dozen short of hitting an historic and long-awaited milestone that CEO Elon Musk has been aiming for more than five years. Tesla reported Saturday that it produced 509,737 electric vehicles in 2020. Tesla was able to reach the 500,000-vehicle target by ticking up production and sales in the fourth quart

Original Content podcast: ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ might be a beautiful mess, or maybe just a mess

100+TechCrunch / 4h
“Wonder Woman 1984” was released on HBO Max on Christmas Day, where it quickly divided the hosts of the Original Content podcast . Perhaps it was predictable that Anthony — a fan of clunky-but-ambitious superhero sequels like “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” — enjoyed the film. Darrell, meanwhile, took the side of most critics , who found the movie exasperating and even, at t

The Morning After: 2021's other next-gen console launches

61Engadget / 4h
Welcome to 2021! So many things are different this year, but one thing is the same -- a new year means it’s almost time for CES . While this year’s event is happening entirely online, we’re still planning on covering all of the news from start to finish. While we get ready for the show, there’s still a few interesting stories to pore over, and for those kicking things off with a resolution, Valen

Sonesta Acquiring Red Lion Hotels

25One Mile at a Time / 4h
2020 was a rough year for most major hotel groups, though there was one exception — Sonesta. The previously unheard of hotel group started the year with fewer than 100 properties, and now has plans to have 1,200+ properties, thanks to its latest acquisition. How Sonesta took over 200+ IHG & Marriott hotels In 2020 we saw IHG lose contracts for 103 hotels , and Marriott lose contracts for 122 hote

Huawei P50 Pro shows up in an unofficial render

60TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
This rendering doesn't reveal much but we think we know what size screen the handset will come with.

SpaceX rings in the new year with a $150 million satellite launch contract

SlashGear / 4h
SpaceX landed a contract at the end of 2020 for the Space Development Agency. SpaceX estimates the first launches under the contract will happen in late 2022, and they were awarded $150.4 million. Under the contract, as many as 28 satellites will be put into orbit. SpaceX will launch a mix of small and medium spacecraft of different sizes into … Continue reading

Get Those Food Storage Lids Organized Finally With a $13 YouCopia StoraLid System

28Lifehacker / 4h
YouCopia Food Container Lid Organizer (S /M) | $13 | Amazon YouCopia Food Container Lid Organizer (L) | $16 | Amazon Read more...

How to Use Microsoft Outlook Online’s File View

How-To Geek / 4h
Searching through emails for attachments can be time-consuming and annoying. Thankfully, Microsoft has a “File” view in Outlook Online that makes it easy to find any document you’re looking for. Here’s how it works. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

2021 Travel Will Mean A Lot More Sex

View from the Wing / 5h
We're going to be excited to see people . With greater distancing and less time spent with others outside our household, other people will just seem more interesting . And we'll see the people we've been stuck at home with for a year with fresh eyes when we're on vacation. Continue reading ...

How to Clean and Sanitize Your Humidifier, Because It's Probably Gross in There

47Lifehacker / 5h
Humidifiers can make breathing and sleeping more comfortable in the winter, giving off a gentle mist that can help with everything from dry sinuses and bloody noses to cracked lips and skin. But if you’re not cleaning your humidifier regularly, it can breed mold or bacteria, and make you feel worse—especially if you… Read more...

Get a Houseplant to Feel More In-Control of Your Life

300+Lifehacker / 5h
For almost a year, nearly every aspect of our lives has been changed by things beyond our control (mostly the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects). And while having multiple effective vaccines is certainly a reason to be optimistic, that doesn’t mean any of this is going to end in the near future. We still don’t know… Read more...

AMD in 2021: a look ahead for Team Red

49TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 5h
2021 will probably be a good year for AMD. But we expect more focus on rounding out the Zen 3 and Big Navi lineup, not the introduction of Zen 4 or a successor to Navi.

Humanity Is in Danger of Becoming Obsolete in LX 2048

500+Wired / 6h
Director Guy Moshe talks about the ambitious scale and preternatural timeliness of his new sci-fi film.

Japan's Wooden Satellites Won't Solve Space Junk, but They're Still Interesting

100+How-To Geek / 6h
A Japanese company and Kyoto University are working on a novel concept—wooden satellites. On the inside, they’ll look much like the satellites we have now, but the early concepts show a wood-box exterior. Early reporting suggested that converting to wood could help with the growing space junk problem, but that’s likely not accurate. Instead, wood satellites could have other benefits. Read This Ar

How to Stop Siri from Popping Up on Your Apple Watch

How-To Geek / 6h
Siri can be useful but, if you have an Apple Watch, the virtual assistant can accidentally pop up all the time—especially when you’re working out. Here’s how to stop Siri from appearing on your watch. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

This Ingenious Device Turns Your Smartphone Into a Powerful Thermal Camera

Futurism / 6h
It’s tempting to assume that our expensive new smartphones with their high-tech cameras can do practically anything. But there’s a whole world surrounding us that most of our standard phones can’t capture: the world of thermal imaging . The applications of thermal imaging technology are numerous, and thanks to FLIR ONE’s thermal camera smartphone modules , they’re all at your fingertips. Attach a

COVID-19 vaccine ‘open season’ may still be months away

SlashGear / 6h
As of last week, nearly three million first-dose COVID-19 vaccines had been administered in the US, but we’re still months away from widespread availability, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci. The statement was made during a recent interview with California Governor Gavin Newsom during which Fauci also talked about testing, mutations, and other hot topics related to the pandemic. Dr. Fauci’s … Conti

Citi Prestige $250 Travel Credit More Flexible In 2021

23One Mile at a Time / 6h
The Citi Prestige Card is Citi’s most premium travel rewards credit card. The card has a $495 annual fee, but offers a $250 annual travel credit that helps offset it. Ordinarily the $250 annual travel credit will automatically be applied towards any purchase coded as travel. The way I view it, this lowers the real “out of pocket” on the card to ~$245 per year, since everyone should get full value

How to Appear Offline on Nintendo Switch

How-To Geek / 6h
Secretly playing your Nintendo Switch can be difficult because, by default, Nintendo alerts all of your friends when you launch a game, and they can see if you’re online from their friends list. Luckily, you can always appear offline if you choose. Here’s how to set it up. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Supersized: why I’m finally upgrading my Twitch gaming PC

32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
I’m saying goodbye to my compact gaming PC and putting together my very first custom-built PC.

What a Victorian Disease Detective Proved About Urban Health

200+Wired / 7h
John Snow showed that London's cholera outbreak arose from bad water, not the moral failings of the poor. His legacy can help tackle new problems like Covid-19.

Palestinian Airlines Shuts Down For Good

27View from the Wing / 7h
Palestinian Airlines is being liquidated by the Palestinian Authority. It hasn't flown in 6 years but has continued to serve as an employer in Gaza. Down to just two Fokker 50 aircraft those were returned from lease by Niger Airlines during the pandemic. Continue reading ...

Age of Empires 4 development continues, with focus now on 'balance and polish'

32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
Microsoft has given an update on the progress of Age of Empires 4.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro appear on the brand's site ahead of rumored launch

60TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro true wireless earbuds are expected to launch on January 14.

Apex Legends Fight Night event will include a ring for fist fights

SlashGear / 7h
Respawn and EA plan to kick off the new year with a Fight Night Collection event in Apex Legends. This will be the first Collection event in the game’s Season 7, according to the studio, which recently detailed Fight Night in a couple of videos. The key point of this event? You’re going to ditch the weapons for hand-to-hand combat. … Continue reading

What we want to see in 'The Mandalorian' Season 3

40Mashable / 8h
The Mandalorian won't return until early 2022 , but that gives us another year to speculate about Season 3. The Star Wars show from Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni went deeper into wider canon with its second season, and with that and the departure of our favorite little friend , Season 3 could look very different. The Star Wars universe is rich and extensive, so Season 3 could really go anywhere. Bu

Pandemic shaming can backfire—here’s a better way

200+Ars Technica / 8h
Enlarge (credit: Nopphon Pattanasri / EyeEm) With the holiday season continuing and the spread of COVID-19 widely expected to worsen, many of us face the same gut-wrenching decision: to gather or not to gather? Do we take comfort in familiar rituals with family and friends—or should we limit celebrations to the relative isolation of our COVID-19 bubbles? During a pandemic that has already claimed

Two foldable iPhone designs have reportedly passed durability tests

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
It looks as though Apple is considering two different form factors for its coming foldable phone.

What Was the “Game Genie” Cheat Device, and How Did It Work?

100+How-To Geek / 8h
First released in 1991, the Game Genie let players enter special codes that made video games easier or unlocked other functions. Nintendo didn’t like it, but many gamers loved it. Here’s what made it special. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Where are all the cheap Xbox Series X and PS5-friendly 4K 120Hz TVs?

200+TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
A new generation of affordable 4K 120Hz monitors compatible with the PS5 and Xbox Series X are starting to arrive, but where are all the affordable 120Hz TVs?

Cyberpunk 2077 DLC could be coming soon – but don't hold your breath

70TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
A Cyberpunk 2077 DLC was promised in early 2021, but could be pushed back in favor of crucial patches.

A Canadian ‘Buy Local’ Effort Fights Amazon on Its Own Turf

4KNYT > Technology / 10h
A website called Not Amazon was created to drive sales to more than 4,000 independent stores in four cities. The initiative aims to keep expanding.

Here's an online course to help you master your finances in 2021

60Mashable / 10h
TL;DR: Manage your money more responsibly with the 2021 financial learning bundle , on sale for $19.99 as of Jan. 2. Contrary to popular belief, becoming financially independent isn't just about earning more money, it's about knowing what to do with the money you do have. If 2021 is the year that you vow to finally learn about taxes, savings accounts, and more, you'll need help. And this six-cour

Get over 40% off this mesmerizing levitating lamp that will instantly turn heads

Mashable / 10h
TL;DR: Purchase this unbelievable LampDepot LED Levitating Lamp for $85.59 with the promo code HOLIDAY20 , a 42% savings as of Jan. 2. A levitating lamp? Did you automatically start humming Dua Lipa's "Levitating" in your head? Same. But this impressive LampDepot LED Levitating Lamp might even be cooler than the song itself. And if you're looking to add something new and exciting to your home or

For just $30, this online training can help you enter the world of real estate

Mashable / 10h
TL;DR: Elevate your knowledge of real estate with the Ultimate Property and Real Estate Management Training Bundle for $29.99, a 97% savings as of Jan. 2. The world of real estate is certainly appealing to those of us looking to switch careers in 2021. From investing in property to selling homes as an agent, there's money to be made and you don't need to go back and get a degree to get your feet

Get stereo sound quality for $40 with this powerful wireless Bluetooth speaker

100+Mashable / 10h
TL;DR: Enjoy an enhanced listening experience with the Motorola Sonic Sub 530 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for $39.96, a 32% savings as of Dec. 26. Just add promo code HOLIDAY20 for the lowest possible sale price. It's now 2021, and if you're still