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Vaccine Mania Sweeps Country

Pardon Assange and Snowden?
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Tomorrow's Show marks the beginning of the final days of the Trump Presidency or the beginning of a second term for a minority of folks who see Trump pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Unfortunately, he has no rabbit and there is no hat. This Wednesday, it will be over and the next 14 days will be Trump pardoning people left and right. Julian Assange should be on that list. Even Ed Snowden should be given the nod since he exposed the bad actors who were the same folks that spent the last four years hounding Trump himself.
Rabbit in a hat
With the election over, the Covid crises is now out of control. Or one should say that the hysteria is out of control with people clamoring for a vaccine like crazy. Now that there are four vaccines in the wild plus the Russian vaccine and a Chinese vaccine, that should mean a jab for everyone who wants one, and that is pretty much everyone – at least outside of Africa where the disease has magically had little impact with few cases and fewer deaths. This is despite the fact that black people are supposedly more susceptible to the virus, which is apparently racist.

No Agenda will discuss all this, since nobody else will bother.
Screenshot Nigeria Covid cases
Blacks are more susceptible to the virus we are told. Nigeria has more than half the population of the USA close to 200,000 million people. So how do these numbers make any sense? This is not just under-reporting.
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Covid Explanation Needed
Screenshot Ghana covid cases
Screenshot Somalia Covid
Some serious bullshit going on.
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