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Media Loses Control of Itself

Impeach Trump Forever!
Dear Producer,
As we relax into 2021 with a new political direction of decorum and less divisiveness, you are immediately witnessing the exact opposite as the “still angry about 2016 election” Democrats want to impeach Trump again! The process takes months and he has 11 days in office left. Witnessing this lunacy has to signal to you that donating and supporting the No Agenda news analysis podcast is more important than ever.

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President and VP? Or bank robbers?
Tomorrow's Show
Covid coverage doggedly continues as we head towards a one year anniversary. Again this seems to be a political disease with various players from various sides freaked out. Will the vaccines stop this nuttiness or not
Then there is the follow up from the protest at the Capitol which has become an exercise in linguistics. First it was a protest, then it was desecration, then it was terrorism. Then it was finally settled and became an attempted coup. Really? A few hundred people wearing Trump gear milling around with flags was an attempted coup? It’s actually laughable.
Who is coordinating this usage?  None of this is a coincidence.
This is especially laughable when you know what the other side of the political spectrum does when it comes to desecration or terrorism, let alone an attempted coup. There is pig blood thrown all over the place, there is feces splattered, spray paint everywhere. Here we have some dude sitting in Pelosi’s chair. How moronic and literally psychotic is the analysis you are getting from the mainstream media?
Attempted Coup
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John C. Dvorak
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