Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Just how bad is spyware?

If you have been reading my blogs and/or have visited my website and the TIPS and SOFTWARE/SUPPORT that I have created, then you are probably quite aware of this ongoing problem. It doesn't seem to be going away and in many cases could be argued that it is only getting worse. As of Dec 20, 2005 ZDNet has come out with a list of the top 10 tricks causing spyware.

I believe it is in the education where we are going to beat this battle. You may be doing everything you have been told to do in the way of prevention, but what about those that you talk to and do business with online? Quite often the problem can be from your next door neighbor (so-to-speak) who has never even used a spyware scanner program therefore it is up to YOU to direct these people to such sites as my SOFTWARE/SUPPORT and TIPS so that they too can pass the word. This is also the case where more then one person in the home is using the computer and only one of the users is doing their part. If you have more then one user account set up on your computer, it is also important to get that person to run these scans.