Friday, December 02, 2005

Tech Tip-Logging to Domain using Windows Media Center

One problem I recently had was logging in to my domain after installing WME. This was a reinstallation so I didn't go through the partitioning, etc...., so what happened was the inability to log in to a Domain because no network card was detected. This was because the network card was part of the mainboard, as is the sound and video in some cases and because they have not yet been installed, Windows, upon setup, did not detect the hardware. Therefore I was caught in a catch 22.. I couldn't install the mainboard drivers because the Cd requires a windows installation, but I couldn't install windows because it didn't detect the network card and after I install windows is too late with Windows XP Media Center edition. If it detects the network initially on install, it would then allow you the opportunity to log in. In any case, to quickly get around this, I threw in a 3com NIC in an available PCI slot and started the windows installation..all works fine now! Don't forget about my TIPS page if you haven't checked it out already, as well as the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page where you can get the latest versions of programs I highly suggest you have installed on your computer.