Saturday, December 10, 2005

The ongoing debate with Intel versus AMD

As Christmas approaches, many are in the market for upgrades to their current computer, or are looking to purchase an entirely new one. It is very easy to look at what you had and then figure you need something like what you had, just faster, as is the case with many clients I see that are currently using an Intel product (celeron or pentium). Most recently I was sent this information from someone who just decided to go with the AMD product even when they were initially planning on going with what they had before--the Intel Pentium.

I always love receiving mail like this, whereas someone has sent information to them, creating a great buzz within their own circle of friends that might be talking about the latest in computer technology.

From the test performed, the answer is quite clear and if you decide to further your research, it also becomes only logical, the results that are presented. As a consultant, it has always been my job to present this sort of fact to my clients so that they can make their own minds up on the choice of computer/processor. Now you can make your own mind up after reading this!

As always, my TIPS and SOFTWARE SUPPORT pages are intended to help those who are not quite sure what way to turn.