Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Obsessive Compulsive, A.D.D whatever you want to call it, it sounds like we have it in common

A fellow consultant, and staff writer for Lockergnome writes about his 'issues' much to the same tune as myself I am afraid. I too find myself surrounded by technology in a retirement town where everything works at one pace. This however is something that I don't mind in the least, in fact it allows me the ability to slow down when I am out and about. Using shopping for an example, I too made a stop in to Walmart this evening to pick up a few things, but completely forgot that the place would be swarming with Christmas shoppers. I guess I got my share of that during my last visit to Houston where I happened to take advantage of the sweet Thanksgiving day specials. Mind you, I did have to get up at 3am to drive to Houston to be in line for the 5am opening at Fry's electronics, but when they are practically giving away stuff, you just have to see it for yourself. I did, for about 30 minutes. We arrived at about 5:10am and by that time there were only two parking spots left, fortunately I was driving a small car and squeaked in before two larger Suburban SUV's tried for the spot and failed. The place was packed like you expect but people were waiting in lines for things they had no idea they were waiting in line for.. And my friend fell for it as well! I walked past all the people, carefully watching them watch me, thinking that I was going to jump in to line ahead of them when in fact all I was doing was asking at a low tone of voice to each of them as I walked past them, in question as to what they were waiting in line for.. I couldn't help but laugh after I had passed by the third or forth person,all of whom were waiting in line for different things. When I got to the front of the line, there was a Fry's employee getting the box-o-computer that they were selling. Apparently they were getting rid of a bunch of HP desktop machines at "blowout prices" of about $399! Umm sorry folks, to me that is NOT a blowout deal.. Especially when you examine just what you are getting.. Compared to what you can buy, this was certainly not worth waiting in line for. By the looks of the pallet, which had about half of the computers taken from it, you might as well cut the line in to 3rds as only the first 1/3 would be getting what they were waiting for.

I think for me the act of shopping, not necessarily buying anything but just browsing, does work for me, because of my definite short attention span. That is, unless I am intrigued with whatever it is I am doing, then I may not stop for hours at end. Anyone that knows me well enough, understands just how I will not stop a project until I get the job done. But then I also know how difficult it can be when dealing with lineups. My travels back and forth from the southern states on a pretty regular basis allows me to immerse myself in to the fast paced city atmosphere for a while and then return to what I consider one of the nicest places to live. Very laid back town the size of a big city community. When you can pretty much be anywhere within the city limits of this city in about 6 to 8 minutes.. That pretty much tells you what I deal with on a daily basis.

So where I usually find myself is back in front of my big screen (computer monitor that is), working on what else, but computers... Not one but many.. My current workspace allows for 8 computers to be worked on at one time, as well as the ongoing remote work that I will be doing for clients with small issues, it does keep me hopping, I guess that is a good thing if you are dealing with A.D.D. Not that I have ever been diagnosed with something like this... But I think you pretty much have an idea when you can't remember what you are doing next without the PDA telling you its time for your next appointment. When there isn't another appointment, there is always allexperts.com that I volunteer for which keeps my email hopping, not to mention my TIPS and SOFTWARE/SUPPORT sections of my website rather busy.