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Tomorrow’s show will be another winner thanks to the Susan Rice brouhaha. Everyone has listened for weeks about unmasking of names from phone tap transcripts and how it would be some sort of crime. Then as soon as Susan Rice’s name came up as the unmasker the narrative changed completely and the use the of the meme “legal unmasking” seems to have taken over on the mainstream media.

So you will find the No Agenda analysis fascinating and unlike anything you will hear elsewhere.
There are some predictions headed your way. There is one teed up involving Donald Trump being fat. This is something only No Agenda has discussed until now.

A recent New Yorker cover with a cartoon showing Trump as a fat guy golfing should lead into his eventual comparison to the fattest President who has occupied the White House, William Howard Taft. He was clocked in at 300 pounds or more.
Obviously taken from this photo, the New Yorker makes Trump into a Taft-like image with the big butt and waistline.
The mainstream media which is clearly dominated by the politically correct class of hand-wringers do not quite know how to broach the topic without sinking to overt fat-shaming. It knows there will be blowback.

At some point they will relent with stories using the word “heavy” instead of fat. Look for more than one media outlet to use this headline: Is Trump the Heaviest President Ever? And off you go.
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