Monday, April 17, 2017

Windows 10 build 1703 "Creators Update" is upon us..

I am getting numerous questions from people, wanting to know what they are supposed to do with a message that they are receiving from Microsoft which states "New Windows Features are almost here!" (see image below)

If you are a client of mine and are getting this message, just contact me and I will take care of it. If you are on your own and want to do something about it then follow the prompts to 'review settings' and there I suggest turning everything off except the first item.  What is basically happening here is you are able to set some features so that when the automatic update happens it will implement these new features. Of course if you don't do anything it will still get installed, only you will end up with the default settings which typically have things set the way Microsoft wants it. For those of you that use Chrome or Firefox browsers, you will of course need to change the default settings back to your favorite browser since it will revert back to Microsoft Edge. You can learn more about the new changes from Betanews here.

To answer any questions whether or not you should upgrade? Yes, of course because these are mostly security updates but in some cases they are also changes that people have been complaining about wanting done so this is always a good thing. Whether you want to expedite the upgrade however, is up to you. Leaving it until it happens automatically will be for most but those that want to get to the head of the pack can go here and install it. Using the update assistant.

FYI: win10creator