Saturday, April 15, 2017

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Dear Producer,
There is a show tomorrow because, unlike much of the media, No Agenda works on Easter Sunday. The news cycle does not take a break, why should the show? There is hope that the producers and supporters appreciate this dedication. You can show it with an Easter special donation of the sum of the ASCII characters spelling Easter multiplied by 10 cents or $39. Click here.

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I personally found this to be oddly disturbing.
Tomorrow’s show will cover the expensive use of the giant bomb we dropped in Afghanistan that killed 30-90 people or so and a network, supposedly, of tunnels that may or may not have been built by the CIA in an amazing cock and bull story. The story begs the question: why weren’t these tunnels destroyed a decade ago?

Also, the dead Afghans could have been given an all-expenses-paid vacation to Hawaii and it would have put the money back into circulation, helped the economy and saved the taxpayers money.
Instead the public seems to be jumping for joy. When I was a kid, and a Democrat, the entire party seemed both pro-Russia and anti-War. Now the opposite is true. Only No Agenda discusses these fundamental sociological changes.

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