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No Agenda Thursday Show

420 on 4-20 on Show Day

Dear Producer,
How often does a No Agenda Show fall on 420? Rarely. Tomorrow is 4-20-17which is a bogus event to celebrate pot smoking in Marin County California. Think Cinco de Mayo for pot heads.

A recent indication that over half of the American public has imbibed cannabis in one form or another tells you that universal legalization must happen.

Some people, because of religious beliefs that are technically not supposed to be a part of legal discussions have hindered this progress. An old woman who uses various cannabis elixirs to feel better and less arthritic is a criminal in the eyes of many. Kids who have seizures should suffer.

This is bolstered by lies about its effectiveness for medical conditions. People like Hillary Clinton rant about it needing more studies before anything can be done. This is despite the many existent studies that already prove the point
Recreational use is the second step. Every President including Clinton (who had to say he never inhaled), has used pot recreationally. They know the facts.

There are people who choose never to drink. Is it their place to make that the rule for everyone? Same with cannabis products.

Tomorrow will end up with a lot of dumb smoke-ins and other excuses to get hammered. Your No Agenda Show uses the day to ask for 420 dimes to support the show. Please contribute that to tomorrow’s show by clicking here. If you want a specific call out on the show make it a double hit at $84. Click here.
Your Co-hosts,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Newest fun pics for you. 420 Edition showing incredible lies fed to the public as fact. Ironies abound.
The irony of this old article from the Denver Post is not lost on anyone.
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