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As usual things happen on show day and the last show was no exception with Trump ordering 59 cruise missiles (at one million dollars a pop) be sent to level an airbase in Syria. From the sounds of it they all missed since the airbase was back up and running within a day.

Your No Agenda Show will dissect this and other crazy news for you tomorrow, Palm Sunday to many, and the Sunday before Easter. This is a good time for giving. And No Agenda can use your help. As of this writing tomorrow will be a down day. The last show had only three official producers let’s hope we do better tomorrow.
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We will keep you sane with news analysis and deep research that actually makes sense if you continue to support the show. Tomorrow’s show is shaping up to be great.

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There is a madness in the Photoshop community and an obsession with Trump's long ties. Here is the outcome. The goal is to make the President look like a doofus.
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