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As you head to May with both Mayday and Cinco de Mayo coming next week, you see a continued assault on the Republicans and their high-profile supporters. Sean Hannity is the current target that we’ve identified for you. The attack researchers will probably have to go into his childhood to make the smear work.

It may have already been decided to skip Sean and go after Fox network itself and take them all down at once. The current approach sues the crap out of Fox for racism. Leading the charge are the usual suspects, the New York Times and the Washington Post.
Since the Times is the paper of record, this amounts to a go-ahead from CBS, ABC and NBC to run stories breaking the broadcasters rules of not going after a fellow network. This is not sitting well at Fox.

You can expect, over the next few years, to see articles about safety and labor issues at DisneyWorld, reliability of GE jet engines, business practices at Viacom, etc. These will be produced by Fox. Also look for movies and TV shows that disparage the New York Times.

This is not like the feud between Alex Jones and Glen Beck, believe it.
No Agenda, your representative observer in what will be a battle of large dinosaurs, is the proven watchdog of media realitiesNo Agenda is unlike anything out there. We have the experience to understand media “hit jobs” and smear campaigns AND agendas.

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