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It's a Biden Juggernaut

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Dear Producer,
All news is overshadowed by the Coronavirus and the Biden surge. Harvey Weinstein is mentioned in passing. You can be sure that your No Agenda Show will cover the news outside the bubble. Please support the show to make this possible. Click here and make sure it continues. Everything helps. All credit cards accepted.
Indiana Jones Image
Tomorrow you hear about the Biden bandwagon rolling out of control. Look at these tweets supporting Biden including those from the biggest hate tweeter, Rob Reiner.

The dimensions A&B are quite obvious and pretty much define reality versus fantasy.
Tweet by Rob Reiner coming out for Biden
unhinged Rob Reiner Tweets
The serially unhinged Rob Reiner comes out for Biden. He exhibits all the earmarks of a Bernie Bro, but like most Democrats has now turned his back on Bernie.
There will be continued discussion of the VP pick with a new character oddly introduced in a New York Times piece, retired Admiral James Stavridis. Weird, yes. He was noted to be on Hillary’s shortlist.
Now with the Carlyle Group. Globalist supreme. Perfect!
The Coronavirus exercise continues unabated with more and more pundits joining the panic including Scott Adams. This is slowly turning into an Orange Man Bad exercise as Trump is blamed for not doing enough and soft peddling this “emergency.”

Only your No Agenda Show will discuss all the alternative possibilities regarding the outbreak and when it might be over. This is why No Agenda is so important. The mainstream media and the Orange Man Bad alternative media will not touch any of this because they are all corporate sponsored.
Covid-19 reandom chart
You’ll also hear about the oil crises ginned up by Saudi Arabia and Russia as well as the under-reported locusts, which seems ripe as a topic for climate change activists.

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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Meme Trends
Joe Biden image
Expect to see a slew of anti-Biden memes like this.
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