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Covid Blues

Hollywood! Goodbye!
Dear Producer,
As the economic effects of a state and Federal stay at home order ravages the economy, now is the time to think of your No Agenda Show. Some of our normal subscribers will not be able to continue their support and hopefully you can pick up the slack for them. This is not pretty for anyone. Think of No Agenda as your lifeline to reality. Help the show today.

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LA Shelter in place orders
LA County shelter-in-place order exempts podcasters. Woo hoo!
Tomorrow’s show will continue the best Corona virus coverage in the Universe with the uncovering of more research. More importantly your No Agenda Show is not going out of its way to scare the beejeebers out of the public so they will go out and suddenly stock up on toilet paper.

What are the police doing round the country to enforce the mandated stay and home and cower-in-place state edicts? You will hear a report on that too.
news articles using 33
There are too many coincident stories about the Corona pandemic that use the magic number 33 in the headlines. This is the tip of an iceberg.
The number of small businesses that will go under after this is over will be frightening. Calls for more global governance will come from the same people promoting global warming. These folks, looking for a utopian one world technocratic government may actually get a leg up after this exercise.

There is evidence that this event will also move us closer to a cashless society where actual money gets replaced with computerized “credits.”  Stay vigilent.
empty basketball court and stadium
In the meantime, commonplace industries are taking a huge hit and may never fully recover. Besides the obvious ones such as cruise liners and air travel you have Hollywood. The theaters are going to be hard hit and there simply is not enough money to be made in digital downloads. This would resemble the ruination of the magazine business by the Internet. The economics change a lot. Netflix showed the way to make it work, but the model is completely different since it entails the disappearance of the money-making blockbuster tent-pole movies usually released in mid-summer. This phenomena was exaggerated over the past decade resulting in single movies easily bringing in a billion dollars.
This is your new reality, Hollywood.
One thing is for sure, the socio-economic effects of this pandemic will be studied for decades. Maybe the question, “Daddy, what’s a movie theater?” will someday be asked.

Well, podcasts are not going anywhere and your No Agenda Show is at the forefront with analysis and insight only made possible by direct support. Please support the only advertising-free news analysis podcast that gives you 6 hours a week of insight, sanity and entertainment. Whatever you can afford is worth it. Click here and help.
John C. Dvorak
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The Promised Shocking photo!
photo of low gas price
This photo was taken two days ago in Oklahoma City, The oil producing state of Oklahoma gives back to its citizens when the price of oil collapses as it has. What are the prices in your state and how do they compare?
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