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Cower in Place

Social Distance, Please.
Dear Producer,
With tomorrow’s show you’ll get more in-depth Corona-virus coverage as the mainstream media begins to further bend the narrative to politicize the whole thing so the suddenly emergent Joe Biden can become the next President.

Much of the information promoted today by the MSM was long since explored by the No Agenda Show as you have observed. This "ahead of the curve coverage" must continue for the good of everyone. Please keep up your support because we all know people will be rethinking their priorities and everything might dry up fast. Stay on top of the trends and help the show.

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Tomorrow’s show.
Tomorrow’s show will revisit the world outside of the Corona crises which does dominate everything globally. A wartime effort is being put into face mask and ventilators mostly for New York which has become the hardest hit in the country. Even California moved quick to seal things off, but New York did not and all the problems there suddenly seem to be Trump’s fault. Listening to Cuomo and mayor Bill DeBlasio groan about things makes you wonder if anyone is ever going to assign blame to these two.
Cuomo and DeBlasio
The NY Governor pooh-poohed the idea of shutting down New York and rejected any idea of shelter-in-place edicts. Now the City leads the nation in Corona cases and is begging the Feds for extra help. It should be noted that this was the town that collectively cheered as Vice President Mike Pence and his wife were rudely thrown out of a Broadway performance of Hamilton. Pence now leads the Corona task force.
Many of you can still recall the 1975 economic downturn that resulted in New York going broke and requiring a massive Federal bailout hounding then President Ford for more help than anyone else was getting.

In a fractal of things to come New York then had a Democratic Governor, Hugh Carey and Democratic Mayor of NYC, Abraham Beame with a Republican US President, Gerald Ford.

Ford initially refused to have anything to do with bailing out New York City but the constant pressure from the then New York-based national media forced his hand. Otherwise the city would be forced to declare bankruptcy.
Mayor Beame and Gov. Carey
45 years later and the town still cannot take care of itself.
A lot of the spread is related to public transportation.
There are other world developments and you will hear about it on No Agenda. Meanwhile, the No Agenda coverage the Corona pandemic will continue with unsurpassed analysis.

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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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