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Shelter in Place FOREVER!

Dear Producer,
As we all continue into the financial panic caused by the Corona panic, your No Agenda Show maintains a objectivity not found in the mainstream media which sees panic as an opportunity to gain more eyeballs and thus more advertising dollars. The economic downturn will put a lot of stress on the show and you are asked to pick up the slack in any way you can. Help the show. Click here. You can contribute whatever you want. All credit cards accepted.
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Tomorrow’s show will continue a discussion on the dubious aspects of the Corona virus pandemic including the horrific computer-predicted gloom and doom. All the early models say we should be well past three million dead by now/ As of this writing there are 8724 deaths worldwide. Why so few? The show will discuss the shortfall.
John Hopkins map
Johns-Hopkins at the forefront of the fear mongering. This looks like the worst plague ever but where are the 10's of millions of predicted cases and millions of dead?
While the Wuhan numbers are small considering this plaque began in late 2019 and in its third month, that is not the case with the stock market which is wiping out years and years of solid gains falling below 20.000 today while attempting to recover.

If the Wuhan virus turns out to be a fiasco, someone needs to explain why the hype by the media beyond anything reasonable. If the media and the cable news stations think their credibility is low, wait until this episode in "reporting excellence" ends without the millions of dead in the streets.
toilet paper face mask
Explanation for toilet paper shortage.
Then there is the near universal “shelter in place” edicts by many municipalities and some states. weirdo Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State seems to be leading the way in trying to panic the public. This character ran for President and was the drum pounder for calling a National emergency because of climate change. Collapsing the economy will do wonders for lowering carbon emissions.
cartoon showing whack a mole game
While the locusts are still chomping away at Africa and elsewhere the news cycle is preoccupied with Corona virus news despite the fact that the only real news is that the Corona virus is not killing as many people as predicted (see video). The state of California is virtually shut down. Why? Because the entire state has documented 11 Corona virus deaths. Oakland alone has had 10 deaths by homicide this year.
March madness empty stadium
A whole new meaning.
No Agenda seeks to develop realistic analysis and predictive outcomes that make logical sense and present you with the real facts and not corporate controlled blather designed to keep you afraid and submissive. The future of the show is always in your hands. Without your support there is no show. Please contribute something today.

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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Fear Mongering Headline of the Week
Fear mongering headline
It was odd to see CNBC, the network of the perpetual bull market, run this headline.
Fear mongering the market? Not a good idea dummies.
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