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Toilet Paper Mania
Corona Virus Kills Spectator Sports
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Nuttiness abounds in various parts of the nation and you should be appreciative of the calming effect of the No Agenda Show.The No Agenda producers are less likely to have gone nuts this week stocking up supplies as if you are entering a fallout shelter on Monday. It's more important than ever to support the show,  Please click here! All credit cards accepted.

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Tomorrow’s show will highlight the mania sweeping the nation and the financial markets. The ludicrous nature of the computerized stock market was exhibited this past week with the biggest collapse of the Dow-Jones in history followed the next day by the biggest upswing in history. So remind us how all the computerized trading systems work again? How are they beneficial?
cartoon mocking stock market craash
And then there is the toilet paper mania as if all manufacturing of toilet paper is halted forever. Stock up because you will never see toilet paper ever again. Oh, and scramble for bottled water because they will be turning off the municipal utilities too. How does all this illogical thinking come to pass?

There was a situation near me where the freeway was backed up for miles as the local Costco was swamped with shoppers buying up everything they could as if the world was coming to an end. Reports from all of California mirrored this insanity with fistfights occurring in Southern Californi
truck filled with toilet paper
Douchebag of the year? Or smart money? You choose.
This began with scary media reports, then the sudden emergence of a new kind of #MeToo movement. In this case one venue decides to shutter such as NBA basketball then suddenly every other venue jumps in. The NCAA Tournament is cancelled. The Major League Baseball halts Spring Training, then the PGA Golf, and on and on like dominoes. Restaurants begin to close too. TV shows go on hiatus!

In the process a lot of businesses will simply go broke adding to the economic woes. This almost looks like the perfect storm designed to tank the economy.
Empty baseball field
This is very targeted because it is all the M5M talks about (outside of Africa and Pakistan where Locusts seem to be a more urgent problem).

Covid-19 has also had an enormous impact on the unrest reported worldwide. The farmers all over the EU, anti-government protests everywhere ended. Only the Yellow Vests are hanging in there (wearing medical masks). The endless Hong Kong protests are over. If the so-called elites wanted to reset things, this sure worked.
Yellow vest protest
Only No Agenda can analyze the news and events with an objectivity not found in the corporate media which makes its money from election advertising and increased viewership during a crisis. It’s got both.

What your No Agenda Show has is honest analysis. And this is only because you are the sole support for the show. Make sure it continues. Click here and help! Any amount of support helps.
John C. Dvorak
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