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Woman's Day

The Bloomberg Advertising Fiasco
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Tomorrow’s show.
We highlight the fallout from super Tuesday with commentary about the Mike Bloomberg fiasco, which needs to be further analyzed. One of the best commentators in Canada, Rex Murphy, does an excellent take down of Bloomberg’s insulting (to the electorate) pretense. It is linked here. It is a must read.
No on Bloomberg image
From his perspective anyone who understands and supports the idea of democracy should be insulted to an extreme by the Bloomberg campaign. His blatant attempt to buy the Presidency is actually a black mark on society. Not so much because Bloomberg was a jerk trying to buy his way into the Presidency, but because he was welcomed by the mainstream media in his efforts to spend money to buy the Presidency.

It becomes very apparent that the M5M is not your friend. They were glad to take the money and stay silent.

The irony, not lost on the No Agenda community, was that it proved that advertising does not work as promoted by these same media outlets. They now have a lot of explaining to do.
ironic clip from Bloomberg news circa 2016
From 2016, Bloomberg's own publication showed the problem four years earlier. Apparently Mike does not read his own publications. More hilarious irony. This also quells the arguments that the Koch Brothers and Citizens United are ruining Democracy by "buying" elections.
Then we have the abnormal situation whereby an apparent stronghold of noodle boys have captured the management of one of the largest publishers in the world, Hachette.

It began when Grand Central Publishing, who picked up the Woody Allen autobiography, got cold feet. They are a division of Hachette and actually the remnant of Time-Warner books from an earlier acquisition. It suddently decided that the book was too hot to handle and pulled the publication.

While these imprints are supposed to be independent, this episode in cowardice shows that they are not, in the least. It was Ronan Farrow, hell bent on besmirching Woody on behalf of his accusatory sister, who threatened to pull his books from Hachette as a protest. This then started the ruckus. Suddenly a slew of social justice types walked out of Hachette protesting the Allen book in a tail wagging the dog move.

Hachette is a massive and classic global corporation dominating the book business with its various imprints and brands. The fact that it is cowed by some politically motivated New York activist staffers is incredible and pathetic. This will be discussed.
cartoon mocking thepublishing business
This is part of the noodle boy phenomenon often discussed on the show. This sort of analysis is only heard on your No Agenda Show. Please continue to support these efforts and this show. There is nothing else like it and your sole support is what makes it possible. Click here! Any amount of support helps.

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