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At 9,036 Pieces, the Roman Colosseum Is Officially the Largest Lego Set Ever

8KGizmodo / 17h
Realizing that 2020 has given people lots and lots (and lots) of free time at home, today Lego announced the largest set the toymaker has ever released: the 9,036-piece Roman Colosseum letting anyone visit one of Italy’s most historic landmarks without risking their health by traveling. Read more...

Google Photos Loses Its Free Storage: What You Need to Know

400+How-To Geek / 22h
Google Photos has stood out by offering free unlimited storage of “High Quality” photos. That’s going away. Starting on June 1, 2021, Google Photos will no longer offer free unlimited storage. Here’s what you need to know. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Fraudsters 'targeting Christmas online shoppers'

200+BBC News - Technology / 56min
Buyers of games consoles, bicycles and clothing may be at a higher risk of encountering a scam, banks say.

New EU drive to remove extremist web content

94BBC News - Technology / 50min
The EU aims for a deal this year to force the immediate removal of "terrorism propaganda" online.

Social media: How can we protect its youngest users?

200+BBC News - Technology / 1h
A psychologist says parents need to provide their children with "digital resilience".

These Stanford students are racing to get laptops to kids around the U.S. who most need them

100+TechCrunch / 1h
The digital divide is not a new phenomenon. Still, it largely took Americans by surprise when, as the U.S. began to shut down to slow the spread of Covid-19 in March, schools grappled with how to move forward with online classes. It wasn’t just a matter of altering students’ curriculum. Many lacked either internet access or home computers — and some lacked both. According to USAFacts, a non-parti

Watch out - that too good to be true PS5 deal could be a scam

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
PS5 deals targeted by hackers and criminals looking to scam shoppers.

iPhone 13 release date, news, leaks and what we want to see

54TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
Expecting to buy an iPhone in 2021? This is what we want Apple to be able to do for its line of smartphones.

Oculus Quest update adds 90Hz support for games, built-in fitness tracker

Oculus VR Quest 2 90Hz
100+Engadget / 4h
The platform-wide 90Hz refresh rate support the Oculus team promised for the Quest 2 has arrived. Oculus has rolled out a major software upgrade for the Quest, and it’ll enable Home, Guardian and Passthrough to run at 90Hz by default. It also means 90Hz gaming on the VR headset— in fact, the Facebook-owned subsidiary is now allowing developers to start shipping Quest titles with native 90Hz suppo

Walmart Black Friday deals are live: get this 58-inch 4K TV on sale for just $298

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
Walmart Black deals are live at the 'Deals for Days' sale, and we spotted this 58-inch 4K TV on sale for just $298.

Save 20% on eBay with this Black Friday voucher code

36Mashable / 4h
SAVE 20%: eBay has launched its early Black Friday sale, with 20% off from selected sellers using the code PURCHASE20 . Black Friday deals are picking up pace as many leading online retailers launch early Black Friday promotions. eBay is the latest big name to drop a sale, with 20% off from selected sellers until Nov. 19. The discounts won't be automatically displayed on the site, but all you nee

Save up to £144 on iPhones before Black Friday

Mashable / 4h
SAVE UP TO £144: Apple iPhones are on sale in's early Black Friday sale, saving you up to £144 on list price. There is probably going to be quite a lot of excitement generated by Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2020. There is always a bit of commotion around deals on things like the Nintendo Switch, 4K TVs, and games consoles, but nothing comes close to Apple. Everyone loves deals

This is your last chance to save with NordVPN's Cyber Month deal

Mashable / 4h
SAVE 68%: A two-year subscription to NordVPN is on sale for £2.86 per month as of Nov. 14, saving you 68% on list price. As a sort of warm up to Black Friday, a bunch of VPN providers are offering special deals to get you in the mood to save. A two-year subscription to NordVPN is on sale for £2.86 per month as of Nov. 14, saving you 68% on list price. This also comes with a 30-day money-back guar

Kickstart a coding career with this beginner-friendly programming bundle

28Mashable / 4h
TL;DR: The Complete Ruby on Rails and Ruby Programming Bundle is on sale for £15.94 as of Nov. 14, saving you 97% on list price. With so many different programming languages out there, it can be tough trying to kickstart your coding career. How do you know where to start? Well, Python and JavaScript are often dubbed as the most beginner-friendly options, but there's another that actually gives th

Give your CV a boost with this stacked Microsoft Excel bundle

Mashable / 4h
TL;DR: The Complete Microsoft Excel & VBA Bundle is on sale for £22.77 as of Nov. 14, saving you 90% on list price. Microsoft Excel is everywhere, in practically every industry. It's the closest thing to an "essential" software that exists in the modern workforce. The vast majority of us learn Excel basics in school or on the job, but very few know how to tap into the wide array of features Excel

What to buy and where to find the best deals on Black Friday

24Mashable / 4h
The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season has sort of merged with the delayed Prime Day this year, which has basically left everyone with months of non-stop deals. Depending on your outlook, this is either a fantastic opportunity to save or an overwhelming period of stress. We can help you through to the end of this busy shopping season, whichever side of the line you fall on. If you are

The SoundBeamer 1.0 Looks Like a Normal Speaker, but Only You Can Hear It

98How-To Geek / 5h
Headphones make it easy to listen to music without disturbing your family or coworkers. But what if you could privately enjoy music without wearing uncomfortable cans or earbuds? A new “sound beaming” speaker from Noveto Systems, called the SoundBeamer 1.0, promises to give you that perfect private listening experience by shooting ultrasonic audio toward you and you only. Read This Article on Rev

L'Oreal's Makeup Filters Give You a Digital Glow-Up for Your Online Meetings

24How-To Geek / 5h
Most of us are working from home now thanks to the ongoing global pandemic. For many, that means no longer needing to dress up or throw on makeup for the office five days a week. That is, until you need to jump on a video call. To help with that, cosmetics brand L’Oreal is announcing Signature Faces, a completely digital product that will up your appearance in your next Zoom or Google video call

The BBC Sounds App is Now Available Outside the UK for Global Listeners

20How-To Geek / 5h
Fans of the BBC’s terrific content can now enjoy curated audio programming—from music to podcasts—on the service’s new BBC Sounds app. Previously, users could only access audio content from the BBC’s iPlayer app, but it has now been separated and moved to BBC Sounds. The app is also available outside of the UK. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Alexa Now Guesses What You Need Before You Ask for It

54How-To Geek / 5h
Talking to a smart assistant feels unnatural, especially when simple tasks require multiple commands. But a new Alexa update allows the smart assistant to “infer” what skills you need to use based on the context of your requests. Amazon says the new feature should make Alexa feel more conversational and reduce the time it takes to use skills. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Behold: LEGO Unveils the 9,036 Piece Roman Colosseum, Its Biggest Brick Set Ever

LEGO Colosseum Set
100+How-To Geek / 5h
Move over Millennium Falcon, there’s a new king of LEGO sets in town, and while it’s not from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it does cover ancient history. LEGO just unveiled the Colosseum and will release the $549.99 set on November 27. At 9,036 pieces, it outstrips even the vast Millennium Falcon by nearly 1,500 bricks. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Finally! Here’s the first 5G rugged smartphone - and its price tag will shock you

44TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 5h
Countdown has begun on one of the hottest tickets in the world of rugged smartphones.

Google Is Shuttering the Expeditions App, but Its VR Field Trips Aren't Going Away For Good

24Gizmodo / 7h
Another one of Google’s virtual reality ventures is biting the dust. The company says it’s ending support for its VR educational app, Expeditions, next year, though it’ll fare far better than Google’s shuttered Daydream VR platform . Instead of discontinuing Expeditions completely, Google’s folding many of the app’s… Read more...

If Only This Animal Crossing Animated Series Were Real

81Gizmodo / 8h
Though you might have foregone it in favor of other video games , Nintendo’s Animal Crossing is still one of the most charming, relaxing titles to drop just when people across the world needed (and still need) a way to take their minds off the hellscape that is our reality. Animal Crossing encouraged all sorts of… Read more...

Bonus: An extra week to save on tickets to TC Sessions: Space 2020

100+TechCrunch / 8h
When you’re laser-focused on reaching beyond the stars, it’s hard to remember more earthly, mundane tasks. That’s why we’re giving you an extra week to score early-bird savings to TC Sessions: Space 2020 (December 16-17). So, to all you harried, procrastinating visionaries: take a breath, relax a bit and buy your pass before November 20 at 11:59 p.m. (PT) . Join the two-day online conference to h

Fortnite Chipotle Challenger Series returns with free burritos and cash

20SlashGear / 8h
The Fortnite Chipotle Challenger Series that took place back in September has returned — and yes, the company is still offering a year of free burritos to winners (plus cash). As expected, the tournament will involve qualifier rounds to determine who will move on to the Finals, which will ultimately result in three winning teams. As with before, the latest … Continue reading

The Essential Sneakerhead Starter Pack, According to Outfitgrid's Dennis Todisco

56Gizmodo / 9h
Even if you aren’t one of his 87,000 Instagram followers, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Dennis Todisco’s work. You just might not realize it. He’s hardly the first person to take a picture of his outfit and post it to social media, but as the mind behind @OutfitGrid , one of the most prominent fashion… Read more...

British Airways Flight Attendant Filmed Passenger Using An Airport Restroom

View from the Wing / 9h
A British Airways flight attendant is now a registered sex offender after peering over a London Heathrow airport restroom stall with his phone in order to “watch a man urinate.” Continue reading ...

How critical is the weather for the SpaceX launch?

300+BBC News - Technology / 9h
Nasa and SpaceX were due to send astronauts to the ISS on Saturday but the weather's changed their plans.

PC sales grow again - with tablets and Chromebooks leading the way

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
Remote working and distance learning helped lead to a strong surge in demand in the PC market this year.

NextView Ventures closes its fourth fund with $89 million

200+TechCrunch / 9h
NextView Ventures, a Boston-based venture capital fund, has raised an $89.6 million fund, according to SEC filings. The firm’s fourth fund, its largest to date, is oversubscribed, with early documents indicating a $70 million goal. The NextView Ventures team did not immediately respond to request for comment. NextView Ventures was launched in 2010 by Rob Go , a former partner at Spark Capital; Da

Wonder Woman 1984 movie may get another big release change

20SlashGear / 9h
Wonder Woman 1984, the movie that has experienced several theatrical premiere delays this year due to the pandemic, is currently scheduled to finally hit theaters on Christmas. That plan may fall through, though, according to reports from insiders who claim that a couple of other options are also being considered. Warners Bros. may decide to skip the Christmas release date … Continue reading

Google Fiber adds Sling TV as its latest streaming option

71Engadget / 10h
Back in February , Google stopped offering new customers the option to add conventional TV service to their internet package. It made up for the change in policy by letting people subscribe to YouTube TV and fuboTV. In August, it bolstered that lineup with Philo , and now it’s also adding Sling TV as one of its preferred streaming partners. Sling TV subscriptions start at $30 per month. Depending

Alexa now runs on more powerful cloud instances, opening the door for complex new features

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
Amazon's Alexa team has moved the cloud-based voice service to Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances powered by AWS Inferentia.

Google pulls the plug on Expeditions VR app, migrates tours to Arts & Culture

100+TechCrunch / 10h
Google today announced that it is ending support for Expeditions. The VR app will also be pulled from its own Play Store and Apple’s App Store in June of next year. In a blogpost somewhat confusingly titled , “Expanding Google Arts and Culture with Expeditions,” the company notes the 360-degree tours captured for the project will survive — but will be moved to Google Arts & Culture. Director of P

The Essential Sneakerhead Starter Pack, According to Outfitgrid's Dennis Todisco

56Lifehacker / 10h
Even if you aren’t one of his 87,000 Instagram followers, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Dennis Todisco’s work. You just might not realize it. He’s hardly the first person to take a picture of his outfit and post it to social media, but as the mind behind @OutfitGrid , one of the most prominent fashion… Read more...

It Sure Sounds Like Nest Audio Will Double as Home Theater Speakers Soon

38Gizmodo / 10h
If your budget doesn’t allow for dropping hundreds of dollars on a pricey soundbar, smart devices that double as home theater speakers could offer a way to upgrade your setup on the cheap. Read more...

Oculus Quest 2 update ads 90Hz refresh, Move tracking

SlashGear / 10h
The next software update for Oculus Quest ads some features for both Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. For Oculus Quest 2, specifically, this update will add native support for 90Hz refresh rate “across the entire platform. The display system in the VR headset was able to support 90Hz before, but it was relegated to a few key bits of … Continue reading

Here's Why We Don't Need Another Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie

Gizmodo / 11h
Tobe Hooper’s 1974 Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a horror masterpiece. His 1986 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a horror comedy masterpiece . The rest of the series ain’t so great. With another Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot due next year, we decided it was time to sift through the bones and revisit the rest. Are they… Read more...

Zoom will lift its 40-minute limit on free meetings for Thanksgiving

200+Engadget / 11h
To help families stay connected at a time when it’s not safe to travel, Zoom is lifting its usual 40-minute limit on free video chats for Thanksgiving. As spotted by The Verge , starting at midnight on November 26th through to 6 AM ET on November 27th, you and your family will be able to talk over the app for as long as you want. The company announced the goodwill measure earlier in the week. As

NASA says SpaceX Crew-1 launch delayed over unfavorable winds

SlashGear / 11h
NASA says its milestone crew launch scheduled to take place on Saturday has been delayed by one day due to a couple of factors. The launch will involve SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule carrying four astronauts to the International Space Station. This is a big moment for both NASA and SpaceX, marking the first time astronauts have been launched for crew … Continue reading

I hate my PS5

Sony PlayStation 5
200+Mashable / 11h
It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Ever since PlayStation 5 lead architect Mark Cerny held his " The Road to PS5 " virtual developer talk in March, I’ve been waiting to tear open that bulky box on launch day, primally scream to my video game gods , and, well, game with the sort of half-drunk, everything-is-GREAT glee that’s only befitting of console launches and wedding receptions. That didn’t h

California, other West Coast states call for 14-day quarantine

78The Points Guy / 11h
California, Oregon and Washington issued new travel advisories Friday, Nov. 13 asking all out-of-state visitors and residents returning home to self-quarantine for 14 days beginning immediately. The measure comes amidst a dramatic surge in coronavirus cases across the country. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter . California Governor Gavin News

How to Enjoy Spending the Holidays Alone

60Lifehacker / 11h
The holidays are usually a time to gather family, revisit hometown pleasures, and celebrate friendsgiving . But this year, coronavirus is the guest we didn’t plan for and definitely don’t want to invite into our homes. There are a myriad of reasons why large family gatherings shouldn’t happen this year and why … Read more...

What Are You Doing for Thanksgiving? Are You Sure?

50Gizmodo / 11h
The covid-19 pandemic is possibly at its most dire moment yet, especially in the U.S. Reported cases and hospitalizations continue to reach new record highs here, while daily deaths may soon threaten to approach or surpass the record death tolls seen in the spring. Despite this, at least according to the findings of a… Read more...

Check in on Family Members Using Amazon's Alexa 'Care Hub'

40Lifehacker / 11h
Alexa’s Care Hub is now live, giving elderly and special-needs users better access to their family members and caregivers via Echo devices. With Care Hub, these users can ask Alexa for help directly—which will trigger the device to notify connected family members—or their family members can use it to virtually check… Read more...

Aeroflot London Station Chief Arrested For Spying

23View from the Wing / 11h
In the mid-1990s nearly one quarter of Aeroflot employees were working for Russian intelligence services and the country's spy agencies diverted ticket revenue for their clandestine projects, creating a dedicated source of revenue outside of the government's appropriations or oversight. Now it's Russia complaining that its Aeroflot executive in London was spying. Continue reading ...

Uber in talks to sell ATG self-driving unit to Aurora

200+TechCrunch / 11h
Eighteen months ago, Uber’s self-driving car unit, Uber Advanced Technologies Group, was valued at $7.25 billion following a $1 billion investment from Toyota, DENSO and SoftBank’s Vision Fund. Now, it’s up for sale and a competing autonomous vehicle technology startup is in talks with Uber to buy it, according to three sources familiar with the deal. Aurora Innovation, the startup founded by thr

How to Safely Intervene in a Conflict

32Lifehacker / 11h
For those of us who are conflict-averse, situations involving harassment or discrimination may feel easier to avoid or ignore in hopes that the threat will go away or someone else will intervene. But whether it’s casual racism or micro-aggressions within your friend group, street harassment toward a stranger, or… Read more...

NASA is about to launch the first meteorological network on another planet

24SlashGear / 12h
NASA says that once its Perseverance rover arrives on Mars early next year, it’ll start receiving ‘weather’ reports from a suite of sensors located on the vehicle. NASA calls this instrument the Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA), one designed to measure and report basic info like wind speed, temperature, and more. The Perseverance rover was launched this past summer and … Continue readi

The iPhone 12 Pro Max Is Entirely Too Much Phone, but It's So Good

300+Gizmodo / 12h
I wish I had never used the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Read more...

Easiest credit cards to be approved for

The Points Guy / 12h
This page includes information about the Discover It Cash Back and Discover It Secured that is not currently available on TPG and may be out of date. Whether you’re new to the world of credit cards or are looking to rebuild your credit after hitting a financial rough patch, you’re probably on the lookout for a card that you’re most likely to be approved for. While getting denied for a credit card

Peninsula’s Amazingly Generous New Flexible Stay Policy

97One Mile at a Time / 12h
Peninsula has just announced a series of positive initiatives, the most significant of which is the introduction of the world’s most generous check-in and check-out policy. For those of you not familiar with Peninsula, the luxury hotel group has properties in 10 cities, including Bangkok, Beijing, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Hong Kong, Manila, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo. The new “Peninsula

How Bad Is It to Lose Your Grip on a Kettlebell?

59Lifehacker / 12h
I remember the first time I saw kettlebells in a commercial gym. I’ve heard of these , I thought, and decided to try some swings. I picked up one of the bells and faced the mirror—wait, no, I didn’t want to drop it and shatter the mirror. So I turned to my left, and realized if I lost my grip it would fly toward the… Read more...

The 10 Best Deals of November 13, 2020

64Lifehacker / 12h
Friday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals

The 10 Best Deals of November 13, 2020

64Gizmodo / 12h
Friday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals

The Mandalorian Just Opened Up a Galaxy of New Possibilities

500+Gizmodo / 12h
In terms of pure revelations, Chapter 11 of The Mandalorian may be the show’s most significant episode yet. Short of introducing the Child in the first episode , the characters and ideas introduced this week have the potential to shake the world of Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) to the core. They might just change the galaxy Read more...

Upcoming Space Telescope Will Study the Atmospheres of Distant Exoplanets

100Futurism / 12h
ARIEL The European Space Agency just formally signed off on two years’ worth of feasibility studies that will hopefully clear the way for an exoplanet-studying space telescope for launch in 2029, the BBC reports . The telescope, the called Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey (ARIEL) is designed to study what the atmospheres of exoplanets are made of, and how they are formed

How to Celebrate Diwali

100+Lifehacker / 12h
Diwali, a five-day-long “festival of lights” that celebrates the triumph of good over evil , began yesterday. The holiday emerged from the Hindu religion, but has become a cultural event around the world. We could all use a little celebration of triumph over evil, right now. Read more...

Ticketmaster Fined More Than $1.6 Million Following 2018 Data Breach

95Gizmodo / 12h
Ticketmaster’s UK wing has been fined £1.25 million pounds (roughly $1.6 millions) following an investigation into the company’s lackluster response to a massive 2018 data breach affecting more than nine million customers. Read more...

Buckle up for Safety With $40 off the Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone

32Gizmodo / 12h
Otterbox Defender for iPhone | $20 | Target

Yes, you can visit the place Bob Ross worked now

Mashable / 12h
An exhibit arranged by an organization in Muncie, IN puts together the crucial artifacts from Ross's life, including his easel, palette, and brushes...all in the home where he made his iconic painting videos. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Painting , Paintings , Bob Ross , and Bob Ross Challenge

How to Store Your Weed

85Lifehacker / 12h
If you’re not a prolific weed-smoker who consistently burns through mountains of pot to satiate your craving, there’s a good chance you’d like to save your stash for later. Read more...

This $500 LIDAR wants to give self-driving cars and ADAS better vision

SlashGear / 12h
A $500 LIDAR sensor for ADAS and autonomous cars could help take the technology mainstream, giving new vehicles an extra sense that some driverless experts think will be essential if Level 4 and 5 is to be commercialized. Velodyne Lidar isn’t new to the segment – indeed it’s one of the better-known companies making laser rangefinders, and its sensors feature … Continue reading

GREAT Time To Apply For Chase Freedom Unlimited

83One Mile at a Time / 12h
The no annual fee Chase Freedom Unlimited® is one of the all around best cards for everyday spending . Over the summer we saw some positive changes to the card — not only was the welcome bonus improved, but the rewards structure wa