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After a couple of great shows, the support fell off the cliff for today. It could be because of Biden or general election fatique. Have you supported the show recently? There are excellent ideas on the support page here.

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Democrat Strategy Works! Biden wins!

Republicans Mum
Dear Producer,
From the looks of it, your No Agenda Show enters the Biden era of news deconstruction. There is no way of knowing where this will lead. But it does lead to a couple of new and weird contribution targets.

One of the sharpest producers discovered that the already weird year 2020 when divided by the mark of the beast 666 gives you the result of 3.03303303303. The first five of those numbers 30330 is the number Joe Biden promotes on his signage and websites. At first you supposed to text “Ready” to that number then later “United.”  This is the number Biden stumbled over (while trying to remember it) during the Democratic debates. Very spooky if not satanic.

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Biden and 30330
Where did this 30330 number come from? Why is it used? Who chose it?
Tomorrow's Show

You’ll get the best rundown of the Biden victory and how it was achieved. Despite doing no serious campaigning and staying in his basement most of the time Biden managed to get the most total votes of any person ever running for the Presidency. This brings into question the entire vote by mail mechanism which has brought into question the entire election.

Meanwhile, the various Republicans who should be complaining about this are either mum or gutsy enough to come on TV and say, “good riddance.” They never liked Trump in the first place And now they are joining the likes of Mitt Romney and John Kasich in expressing happiness that the Democrats have taken over.
Margaret Hoover and Larry Hogan
Pleased as punch. Creepy Margaret Hoover chats with never-Trumper and Republican Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan who refused to vote for Trump and bragged about it.
What do you get when you breed an elephant and a donkey? You get a RINO
Joe Biden biting wife's finger.
The fact is Trump did his job. He appointed a ton of Federal judges and three Supreme Court justices. And there will be no court packing. China has been exposed by Trump as well as the problem with open borders and the American educational system. Despite all the socialists in the Democrat party they are gaining no real foothold except in the area of climate change which is more of a pure globalist one-world government initiative than socialist.
The changes with Biden-Harris will be short-lived as the Republicans scheme for a House and Senate majority in the 2022 midterms. It should not be difficult as the Republicans will use the Democrat playbook calling for the 25th Amendment removal of decrepit Joe, something they know Kamala Harris will back. The media should end up backing it too to get the first female President pushed into office by any means.
Kamala carftoon showing her wantingf to move into the White House.
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John C. Dvorak
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The M5M Follies
NBC Screen shot.
Not knowing the concept of "over doing it."
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