Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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COVID is the New Viet Nam
Dear Producer,
This is show 1296 and No Agenda is marching towards a remarkable accomplishment of 1300 shows. Show 1300 will be streamed as the first podcast of December -- Dec. 3 2020.

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Fake News
Funny Fake, plugging the show.
Covid continues and now begins to look like the Viet Nam war, no way out without losing face, so let’s just keep fighting it. All the death and hospitalization curves are down in most places with ICU shortages attributable to the fact that only a few ICU units are now reserved for Covid. In the beginning they were all reserved for Covid.

The death curves (except below) do not match in in any way the cases which are in themselves skyrocketing due to very dubious testing procedures as discussed on the show week after week. The mainstream media is making it worse by convincing themselves and the public that right now it is worse than in April. Be more afraid than ever.
World Covid death charts
This is the chart causing the problem. It shows an average death rate of over 9000 per day on a straight line up. The data is provided by the European CDC. It contradicts other observations, but it is an official source. The methodology for obtaining the data is vague. There is no explanation for the straight line up. Compare this with the two charts below from Sweden. (source
Covid cases in Sweden chart
Death charts fro Sweden Covid 19
The dumber state governors such as Kate Brown of Oregon and Jay Inslee of Washington State are taking draconian steps to shut down their states despite reality. Inslee wants to close the state borders so nobody can come in or out.
Jay Inslee
Meanwhile the election is not over or finalized as numerous unreported lawsuits work their way through the courts. Again, the mainstream media led by PBS and the New York Times continues to do a disservice to the greater public by not reporting on any of it or even acknowledging it exists. This “woke” reporting has gone beyond appealing to a Democrat base of viewers and readers to actually keeping these same people completely in the dark. This never works out.
Joe Biden
Should say "Basement" not "Office."
Only your No Agenda Show addresses these issues with true objectivity and real news analysis that has become rare in the news industry. No Agenda will also examine incredibly important International issues. Currently the mess in Ethiopia is only reported by overseas outlets as the sad American media harps on Covid.
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John C. Dvorak & Adam C. Curry
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Easter Bunny
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