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Corrupting the Elections Part 11
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The battle to keep Donald Trump in Office continues with the mainstream media dumping on the entire notion by prefacing every story about the topic with a negative perspective, Either the idea is baseless or unfounded or downright harmful to the country, they say with an air of authority.

The forces lined up behind this ouster are impossible to overcome as the public is told in a convincing manner that a decrepit old fart afraid of his own shadow and afraid to campaign and advocating for higher taxes and promoting a globalist phrase “build back better” handily won this election. This is despite the fact that he is probably suffering from Parkinson’s or dementia. To make it more ludicrous is the fact that he won by a record number of votes.
Front Page of New York Times
Joe Biden
Spending most of the campaign in his basement, he kicked out a popular incumbent President who was drawing massive crowds at his events and had a gift for boosting the overall economy until Covid inconveniently came along.

Anything is possible I suppose, and mass hysteria is a genuine phenomenon. So maybe that explains it. Nothing else does. Well, nothing except vote rigging.
Then there is Covid, Covid, Covid.
There are dozens of these charts showing the dubious mask mandate moment and an increase in cases. Just using this logic you could almost argue that the masks cause Covid! It's nuts.
Chart 2 shows ineffectiveness of masks
Chart 3 show ineffectiveness of masks
The never-ending Covid-coverage continues with draconian shut-downs everywhere and the bright idea of “curfews” (because you all know that the virus is nocturnal). You can be sure that the Covid coverage per se will evolve into a discussion of how the American public became so compliant. What changed?

Also look for a discussion about the various vaccines headed your way. Will they work? You will find out.
Cartoon showing Cave Men discussing Covid
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Sign of the Times
Screen shot of Paul Watson Tweet
I wonder if the topic of "blackface" came up in the conversation? Why is Kimmel back on the air?
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