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Election Fiasco

The Terrorists won!
Dear Producer,
Keeping up with the jinxed year 2020, the election, despite all predictions on both sides, turned out to be a nail-biter and at this point will come down to one side or the other apparently cheating to win. Discussing, analyzing and deconstructing all this will only be done by a few sources and those sources include your No Agenda Show. There will be no tinge of media corruption here and this is only because of your direct support.

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How things stand at this moment.
Tomorrow's Show

You’ll get some interesting insights into the election with some unusual predictions about what to expect no matter who finally wins. If Biden wins you can credit the combined efforts of the mainstream media, the American intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI), turncoat Republicans (John Kasich, Lincoln Project, Romney), Big Tech companies (Google, Twitter, Facebook), globalist NGOs, Climate activists, Hollywood celebrities and China influencers. With those sworn enemies it’s amazing he did as well as he did. Covid was the icing on the cake.

If Trump wins it can probably be blamed solely on just Biden for hardly campaigning and preferring to stay home. Oh, and the fact that he has lost his faculties. Also, if Trump wins somehow Russia will be responsible according to the losing side.
James Comey
Vasectomy poster-boy James Comey feeling good about his future.
There are already reports of anomalies in both Arizona and Michigan which could throw the election to Biden. And the Pennsylvania authorities have said before the election that they will slow down the count and hinted that they will make sure Biden wins.

What’s more interesting is fact that the Democrat-run states where they had the most rioting, violence and property damage – MN, OR, WA, CA voted the most strongly for Biden. This will signal to the radicals that these tactics worked as predicted by the most radical of the groups. This was all aided by the mainstream media which cheered the burning of buildings with their reports of peaceful protest in front of flames.
Chart of voters by race
The hoped-for surge of Latino and Black men asserting their masculinity was a fizzle and laughable with black men, in particular, going 83-17 for Biden. Black women firmly Democrat 92-8. Lyndon Johnson was right. This is a voting bloc that can be counted on and forever taken for granted by Democrats and unmovable by Republicans. Why bother trying any more?
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Women like this help keep people in the their place.
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John C. Dvorak & Adam C. Curry
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CNN Wins!
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Twitter wins!
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Maxine wins!
It's not about race, it's not about gender, it's not about competency. It's about party/
Again, Lyndon Johnson was right.
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