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Covid PCR Blues

Corrupting the Elections Part 10
Dear Producer,
The entire world is headed toward more dubious shutdowns because not enough Mom and Pop stores have been shuttered. It turns out that a few were surviving, and the governments found out about it. So more lockdowns please. Whatever the case, you can lockdown the No Agenda Show and it just gets stronger. But only with your needed support.

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Someone painted up an Ice Cream Truck. Best seller? The Truth-sicle.
Tomorrow's Show

If you want something fun to read, check out this hilarious look at the Fox News team getting into it with the gay cabal, or at least an offshoot of it. Click here. At some level this story is disgusting. This publication is a News Corp property and the story seems planted for a reason as the Murdoch family is quibbling about its future and who should run the thing into the ground.
the Murdochs
Shot of TV screen
The election continues to unfold and two clear sides are emerging. The media, the Intelligence agencies and the bureaucratic machine are lined up against Trump and the Republicans. The Republicans themselves see this as a win-win since whatever happens they emerge with greater power in 2022, they think. This is part of an ongoing show dialog with Adam taking the side of truth, honesty and the American way. I’m favoring (only to win) the side of the relentless machine and the crooked media. Evidence of foul play will be presented as usual.
Then there is Covid, Covid, Covid.
death toll in Sweden is very low
Deaths way way down, yet there are more cases than ever. SHUT IT DOWN!!!
Finally, the show was remiss, last Thursday, to not further discuss a deep analysis of the Gen Z folks who are emerging as quite the neurotic lunatics. You can be sure this will become a regular feature.
Cartoon about Gen Z showing them as dummies
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