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Nissan 1400
NIssan 1400, one of the greatest workhorses of all compact pick-ups. Sold mostly in Africa.
Tomorrow’s Show
William Shatner was obviously “comped” a ride on the Bezos rocket into space and returned safely at the age of 90 becoming the oldest to ever fly into space. To many it brings into question the entire NASA narrative of “training” to become an astronaut in the early days when sub-orbital space flight was a big deal.

The older people in the audience will recall all the rigmarole shown and discussed as part of a rigorous  training regime including being flung around on some weird centrifuge that made your mouth grow big and eyes bulge as you were spun around at tremendous speed. In hindsight -- and the fact that the pudgy 90-year old Bill Shatner could be flung into space without a worry – this space training narrative was horseshit.

Testing someone for claustrophobia was probably all that was ever needed.

Meanwhile, you get an “Oh the humanity” clownish and socialist lecture from the Guardian bemoaning the event from a Star Trek perspective. An eye-roller. Where is the condemnation from a climate change perspective?
Blue Origin Crew
Space crew for latest joyride.
Weather to Fly or Not
The plot thickens for the near complete shutdown of Southwest Airlines because of the “weather.” It seems the pilots, many ex-military, are staging a wildcat “sick out” to protest the mandated vaccine. Many pilots have already had Covid and see no reason for a dangerous and unneeded inoculation. The show will discuss what it knows.
Southwest Planes
Open Border if You Come to Vote
And the most ironic headline tells us that the USA will soon reopen the border with Canada as long as there is solid proof of vaccination. In the meantime our Southern border is wide open vaccines or not. A head shaker.
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