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2KWired / 4h
Deep in the mantle, a branching plume of intensely hot material appears to be the engine powering vast volcanic activity.

500+Mashable / 4h
Remember how Sen. Richard Blumenthal seemed hilariously lost in his questions about "finsta" accounts at the Facebook whistleblower hearing? Well, Saturday Night Live sure took note. The latest episode's cold open sketch revisited the Senate hearing, with Frances Haugen (Heidi Gardner) patiently fielding an always confused and increasingly personal lineup of questions from U.S. Senators who reall

Southwest Airlines•
Southwest Airlines is suffering an operational meltdown this weekend as hundreds upon hundreds of flights have been delayed or canceled outright. The airline is blaming weather and an air traffic control issue from Friday for the domino effect of cancellations. Thousands of passengers have been stranded at airports, been forced to wait in long lines, or spent hours on hold trying to rebook their

Engadget / 14min
It's not just countries like Canada paying tribute to space exploration on their currency . The US Mint has unveiled the first coins in its American Women Quarters Program, and one of them features the late Dr. Sally Ride , the first American woman astronaut. The quarter depicts Ride staring down at Earth, as she was fond of doing during spare moments aboard the Space Shuttle. The quarters will b

Gizmodo / 38min
Earlier this year, Marvel announced a deal with manga publishing giant Viz Media . This month, we’ll finally see the first release from that deal with a manga devoted to Captain Marvel’s cat Goose releasing next week, but Marvel isn’t stopping there. Read more...

Shortly before the pandemic the handle on my Rimowa carry on bag broke. Or, rather, the rubber piece that forms the bottom of the handle of the bag broke off on one side. I tried to figure out how to fix it but had no luck. I wound up putting the bag aside for the pandemic, and only just came back to it. And boy have I been down the rabbit hole. Continue reading ...

Nikola TC Energy Hydrogen•
SlashGear / 52min
Typically when we talk about green vehicles, we’re talking about electric cars and trucks. One of the alternatives to using batteries for emissions-free driving is hydrogen fuel cells. When the biggest challenge for hydrogen moving forward is the lack of hydrogen fueling infrastructure in most of the country and around the world. A company called Nikola builds semi-trucks that run … Continue read

Sweet Spot Sunday is a weekly series highlighting the best-value award redemptions across loyalty programs. British Airways Executive Club can be incredibly useful for booking Oneworld award flights, particularly on short- and medium-haul routes. However, if you are booking award flights operated by British Airways itself, you will incur some of the highest fuel surcharges levied by any airline .

How-To Geek / 54min
If you’ve ever been on the hunt for the perfect font, there are two terms you’ve probably noticed—“serif” and “sans serif.” Knowing what these terms mean will help you better understand what you’re looking for. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

How-To Geek / 54min
Now 90 years old, William Shatner will channel his inner Trekkie and make history next week by being the oldest person who’s flown to space. Shatner will take a trip to the final frontier in a Blue Origin rocket, sitting alongside Audrey Powers, who serves as the company’s vice president of Flight Operations, and two others. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Black Friday-worthy deals have been dropping early thanks to Amazon's Epic Deals sale that's happening right now. The retailer is offering fantastic discounts throughout the month of October, and we've just spotted this 55-inch QLED TV on sale for just $449.99 (was $649.99) . That's a massive $200 discount and an incredible price for a 2021 QLED TV. QLED TV deal Insignia 55-inch F50 Series Smart

FaceTime hasn't been available in the United Arab Emirates since Apple launched the technology in 2010, but that policy might have eased — at least for a brief while. The AP reports FaceTime calls were suddenly working in the UAE as of October 10th, letting those with the app (not available on Apple gear sold in the UAE) make high-quality video and voice calls. The feature worked when speaking to

Elon Musk Bezos SpaceX•
400+Futurism / 1h
Besting Bezos Tesla CEO and meme thief Elon Musk’s net worth just rocketed even further past Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ — solidifying him as the richest person in the world even more. Musk’s wealth was bolstered after a deal with investors boosted the value of SpaceX in excess of $100 billion, according to Bloomberg . His net worth hit $223 billion after the agreement, and gave him an additional

Things haven’t gone as smoothly with the Starliner as Boeing and NASA would’ve hoped. The launch of the Starliner was scrubbed due to a problem with valves. The spacecraft had to be removed from the launchpad and disassembled to address the problem, and currently, NASA and Boeing have been unable to fix the issue. NASA issued a statement on October … Continue reading

In London, we're in the midst of a "wet" season. Every few months, more often if we're unlucky, the heavens open for a week, and the city is bathed in a constant deluge that washes the dirt and grime away. This isn't the kind of weather you just turn up your collar up, and an umbrella isn't going to offer much protection, either; the downpours clean the streets of people as much as they do litter

Website security company Cloudflare has won a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against it by two US wedding dress companies. Mon Cheri Bridals and Maggie Sottero Designs acted after discovering several counterfeit websites using their content to sell dresses. Both companies claimed that Cloudflare was guilty of contributory copyright infringement as the firm did not end the services for websi

50Gizmodo / 1h
A few weeks ago, Jason Momoa released a personal behind-the-scenes video for his fight scenes as the preposterously named Duncan Idaho in Dune . It was a cute video that highlighted Momoa’s enthusiasm as a physical actor, so it’s not surprising that he’s followed up with a second video. And this one is all about the… Read more...

If you’re a fan of the late, great Eddie Money and dream of two tickets to paradise during the winter, today’s deal alert is just what you need. Scott’s Cheap Flights has found scores of flights to Cancun (CUN) at great prices. A number of these tickets are at least 50% cheaper than normal fares. We could wax poetic to try and convince you about why you should jump on these fares, but who are we

When you’re sharing a document in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, you can use comments to collaborate. Not only can you mention someone to call their attention to something, but you can also assign document tasks to them using comments. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Those of us who grew up trick-or-treating in the days before the internet had to rely on word-of-mouth, or memories and/or notes from the previous year to help stake out the best Halloween houses. But even then, a house that gave out full bars (in this case, full candy bars) one year might switch to pencils or pennies… Read more...

The ability to create killer presentations is an essential skill in the modern workplace. Whether you’re making a pitch to potential investors or business partners, presenting at an industry conference, or simply trying to communicate ideas to your coworkers, a compelling presentation can get people to engage and buy-in, which will ultimately advance your career. So what is the most important fac

Tesla Berlin Gigafactory•
41Engadget / 2h
Tesla's long-in-the-making German Gigafactory is close to manufacturing its first electric cars. As Bloomberg reports , company chief Elon Musk told those at an October 9th event that the Berlin-area factory should start production of Model Y crossovers in November or December. The challenge, as Musk explained, was bringing production up to healthy levels. The CEO estimated that the Berlin Gigafa

We’re just weeks away from COP26, the big environmental policy confab where scores of world leaders will descend on Scotland and determine the future of the planet, answering the question, “Should we all die or live?” That’s meant a whole truckload of new books on the subject, as well as renewed attention to older works that are suddenly back in the limelight again. So following up from our summe

Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride. The pace of change over the last few decades is only set to accelerate in the coming years, as improvements in biology, medicine, spacecraft, manufacturing, software and more continue to transform the very foundations of society, economics and politics. We cover these innovations pretty much daily at TechCrunch, but we rarely get a chance to step back from

The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson isn’t a book that lauds ecoterrorists. In fact, it mostly manages to avoid the subject across its many pages. Yet, at the center of its speculative account about the eponymous ministry and its leadership over the next few decades, the dark side is the linchpin for transitioning Earth to its peaceful, sustainable future. It’s a strange setup for

Roughly two hours pass between my initial email and our first Zoom chat — on a Sunday, no less. I skip the post-gym shower and pop on a baseball cap, because I’m not sure when the opportunity will present itself again. After more than two decades of espousing the benefits of vertical farming around the world, it seems Dickson Despommier is still every bit as eager to talk about the subject as I a

Climate change has been the deepest, most challenging cognitive puzzle for humans to untangle these past years. It’s systems on top of systems, with emergent properties that can easily turn intuitive notions into catastrophic dead ends. Every action has a reaction or ten, and improving one part of the system almost invariably leads to weaknesses elsewhere. Unsurprisingly given the scope of the ch

Ford Nissan Two Mexico•
Ford is being forced to temporarily suspend production at the Hermosillo production plant in Mexico on October 11 and 12th. The production suspension was confirmed by union workers at the plant and is being blamed on a shortage of material. However, Ford hasn’t specifically said what material shortage is causing the production problem. Presumably, the shortage is chips required for … Continue rea

The BaaS market is evolving rapidly and so are the options for companies who wish to quickly spin up new financial services by leveraging these bank-in-a-box APIs. We recently took a look at who the ideal customers and partners are for banking-as-a-service startups … And today we’re going to dig deeper into the different flavors of BaaS offerings and how they stack up. Some of the BaaS players in

Sunday NFL Live Stream•
The Broncos defense look set to become the latest to trample the old warhorse Ben Roethlisberger, but with doubts over the fitness of Teddy Bridgewater, who was concussed last weekend, will they have enough offensive firepower to make it count? Read on as we explain how to get a Broncos vs Steelers live stream and watch the NFL week 5 game online from anywhere. Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steele

American Airlines has two frustrating, little-known rules for frequent flyers who like to redeem miles in one program and use the benefits of elite status from another - or who want to use their AAdvantage elite benefits while flying American, but earn miles in another partner frequent flyer program. You’re not allowed to switch out your frequent flyer number and accrue miles with a partner after

Casino Las Vegas Strip•
When you think of Las Vegas accommodations, the first thing that comes to mind likely isn’t a boutique-like property. Sprawling megaresorts — some with multiple casinos, dozens of restaurants and thousands of rooms — dot the Strip from end to end. Many of the world’s largest hotel brands also have a flag property in the city, allowing guests a multitude of options using points . But the Dream Hot

Learning to use a 35mm film camera can be intimidating. There’s no screen to check, so you need some way to gauge exposure without burning through frames the way you would with a digital SLR. A light meter app can save the day. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Arcade games are great, but it’s rare you get to play them the way they were intended to be. Console ports and collections are good fun, but they can never rival the experience of playing on an actual cabinet. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable, home-friendly machines you can buy right now. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Ariel Katz Contributor Ariel Katz is the co-founder and CEO of H1 . More posts by this contributor The health data transparency movement is birthing a new generation of startups The epic fall from grace of Elizabeth Holmes holds lessons for everybody from CEOs to investors, commercial partners, the media — social or otherwise — and the Silicon Valley hype machine that is always hungry for a new b

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che are hardly hurting for targets here. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, R. Kelly and Bill Cosby, Fox News and... well, Fox News is singularly terrible, it doesn't need a pairing. But the biggest beneficiary of this Weekend Update's rapid-fire barrage of one-liners is none other than Mitch McConnell. The U.S. Senate's obstructionist mi

If you're a new parent concerned about your child's health, this might be the sale you were looking for. Amazon is selling Owlet's Smart Sock 3 baby monitor for $240 , or a sizeable 20 percent off the usual $300 price. That's nearly the best price we've seen, and it makes this wearable considerably easier to justify if you're already overwhelmed with all the costs of raising a baby. Buy Smart Soc

Drones are helping scientists observe animals, get up close to geological features, and even explore the inside of hurricanes . Want to start flying? These drone bundles will get you started with gorgeous 4K footage and long flight times. EXO Blackhawk Pictured above, the Blackhawk uses a professional lens with an f-stop of 2.0 for the best shooting. it flies for up to 43 minutes on a battery whi

OnePlus 9RT October•
We know that the OnePlus 9RT and the OnePlus Buds Z2 are getting their official unveiling on October 13, and as that date draws closer, we've got a mix of confirmed details and unconfirmed leaks to share before the big day. OnePlus has confirmed (via GSMArena ) that the OnePlus 9RT will indeed run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, as expected. We also now know it'll have top-end LPDDR5 RA

Southwest Flights SA•
Southwest Airlines is experiencing a huge number of cancelations and delays this weekend, and the carrier’s explanation doesn’t make much sense… Southwest cancels 1,800+ flights On Saturday and Sunday alone, Southwest Airlines has canceled over 1,800 flights (and that’s as of 9AM on Sunday, so expect things to get worse). According to data from FlightAware : On Saturday, October 9, 2021, Southwes

Though we’ll probably never see the return of Google Reader, the company has tossed its users a bone in the form of a new Follow button on Chrome. The feature is only available on Android at this time, though it is now present in the browser’s stable build. The feature’s rollout to everyone follows the company’s test earlier this year. … Continue reading

Disney World may not be the first place that pops into your head when you think of solo travel destinations, but Disney is so much more than just nostalgic rides from your childhood and Mickey Mouse sightings (though it has both of those, too). Yes, it is a great theme park destination for families, but it’s also a fun place for solo adults to unleash their inner child. You just have to know how

Have you ever sat next to someone on public transport and been able to hear exactly what song they were listening to, right down to the lyrics? This is an example of sound leakage, but it’s not only limited to cheap headphones or excessively loud sound levels. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

29Wired / 3h
It's almost inevitable that social media forces us to see ourselves as objects—so why not opt out of the human image?

24Wired / 3h
The internet is a mess. Ignore the algorithm and distill the web down to the things you actually care about.

Though a gallon of paint is technically supposed to cover 400 square feet , that’s not always the case. Plus, you may be painting a space and not know exactly how big it is. Either way, it can be easy to incorrectly estimate how much paint you need for a project, and end up with some leftover when you’re done. Read more...

Emirates Skywards has just launched its latest sale on purchased miles, which could represent a good deal. Buy Emirates Skywards miles with 35% bonus Through Sunday, October 24, 2021, Emirates Skywards is offering a bonus of up to 35% on purchased miles . You get a bigger bonus the more miles you buy, as follows: Buy 5,000-24,000 Skywards miles, receive a 15% bonus Buy 25,000-49,000 Skywards mile

View of an advertising card for D.M. Ferry & Co., depicting sweet peas. Printed on front: “Sweet peas from seeds put up by D.M. Ferry & Co., Detroit, Mich. Painted from actual specimens, grown on D.M. Ferry & Co.’s trial grounds. Copyrighted 1889 by D.M. Ferry & Co.” Description printed on back. Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Like many pilots, he has a side job. (The most common side business seems to be insurance.) So it's odd to suggest that a vaccine mandate forces him to make a choice about whether to feed his family. Continue reading ...

Wired / 4h
Microsoft’s latest experiment is great for creative professionals. Too bad Windows 11 holds it back.

The brand new Sky Glass is being billed as a powerful 4K TV , with Sky's excellent programming and hardware expertise to bear – without a satellite dish or additional set-top box needed to access the broadcaster's vast array of content. With a simplicity to its hardware, it appears to offer a 'no fuss' solution for customers that just want to kick back and relax to their favorite shows and films.

Editor’s note: As of October 18, 2021, Conrad Miami is leaving the Hilton portfolio. I love Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, and I’ve had really good experiences with Hilton’s Conrad brand , so a work trip to Miami was the perfect opportunity for a review of this luxury property. I had a great stay overall, but the saga over getting a suite upgrade was quite amusing. Prices are reasonable consideri

NFW is one of the most popular acronyms on the internet. It generally stands for two phrases: “no freaking way,” or more commonly, “no fucking way.” Both of these essentially have the same meaning, though the latter is a more aggressive form. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

With recent improvements , the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is now the single most valuable travel rewards credit card for everyday spending, whether you’re making purchases at home or abroad. This is truly an incredible card, and if you’re looking to maximize your rewards, this card should have a place in your wallet. Capital One Venture Card Benefits In this post, I wanted to provide

Anker has launched a new pair of true wireless earbuds under its Soundcore brand, the Liberty 3 Pro. This is the latest model in Soundcore’s Liberty product line, offering active noise cancellation alongside an upgraded driver configuration, according to the company. Anker says the Liberty 3 Pro is its “best sounding” true wireless earbuds released thus far. The Liberty 3 … Continue reading

NFL London Jets Falcons•
Londoners get their first taste of NFL action in two years as the Jets and the Falcons fly into town, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium a fitting venue for two teams that have started this season in miserable form. Read on as we explain how to get a Jets vs Falcons live stream and watch the NFL online from anywhere. New York Jets vs Atlanta Falcons live stream Date: Sunday, October 10 Time: 2.30pm BS

If you've watched the Marvel movies in order as much as we have, Phase 4 of the MCU is a big deal. Surreal as it seems on paper, Marvel Studios has already released six movies and TV shows since Spider-Man: Far From Home put a cap on its Phase 3 schedule. And, with the likes of Shang-Chi , WandaVision and Loki releasing to critical acclaim earlier in 2021, Phase 4 is off to the best possible star

Quantum Computing ZC•
Enterprise quantum software company Zapata Computing has partnered with UK’s University of Hull to leverage each other’s expertise to detect signatures of life in deep space. The partnership will support research to repurpose Zapata’s quantum workflow platform Orquestra in order to assist in the development of highly accurate astrophysical models and applications. “Although quantum computers are

100+Ars Technica / 5h
A clip from the simulation where virtual robots learn to climb steps. An army of more than 4,000 marching doglike robots is a vaguely menacing sight, even in a simulation. But it may point the way for machines to learn new tricks. The virtual robot army was developed by researchers from ETH Zurich in Switzerland and chipmaker Nvidia . They used the wandering bots to train an algorithm that was th

97Wired / 5h
Apple's video calling app is finally available on non-Apple hardware. Here's how it works.

28Wired / 5h
Robin Carnahan, head of the agency that manages the federal government's offices and IT, is revamping job descriptions and pushing remote work.

Chicago BM Boston 2021•
The first ever World Marathon Majors double-header takes us to Beantown from the Windy City in 24 hours. Both races had to be cancelled last year, snapping a 43-year streak for the Chicago event and a historic 123-year streak for Boston, home of the world's oldest annual marathon. So read on as our guide explains how to watch a 2021 Chicago and Boston Marathon live stream from anywhere in the wor

The new Radisson Rewards Americas program is currently offering a promotion on purchased points, and for some it could be worth considering. Buy Radisson Rewards points for 0.35 cents each Through Wednesday, October 13, 2021, Radisson Rewards Americas is offering a 100% bonus on purchased points . With this promotion you earn a 100% bonus as long as you purchase at least 3,000 points in one trans

Tesla owners tend to be pretty passionate about their choice of electric vehicle and the battery-powered lifestyle. You're probably never going to go wrong getting them something EV-related or an accessory for their beloved vehicle. Here are some accessories that range from excessive (chances are, no one's buying a $50,000 gift, but it's there, anyway) to fun and affordable, all of which will mak

42Mashable / 6h
Grab your magnifying glass and get ready to investigate as Mashable uncovers Big/Little Mysteries. The world's most famous typing teacher was born in a garage in Sherman Oaks, Calif., more than three decades ago. Her creators named her Mavis Beacon and she would go on to teach a generation to type with her trademark tranquility while coaching millions of students through the basics of QWERTY. In

OnePlus 9RT October•
OnePlus has a slightly confusing lineup up front – there is the OnePlus 9, the 9 Pro and a surprising entrant called the OnePlus 9R – with very little difference between them. With a ‘T’ version on the horizon, we believe OnePlus will make it very difficult for us to keep count. Anyway! The company, by way of founder Pete … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S22•
With the Apple iPhone 13 now out and the Google Pixel 6 about to launch, it'll soon be all eyes on Samsung for the arrival of the Galaxy S22 series of phones – and a new leak gives us more evidence of the redesign that appears to be on the way for the Ultra model. A dummy unit of the Galaxy S22 Ultra revealed by Italian outlet CoverPigtou and tipster @xleaks7 shows the P-shaped rear camera module

TL;DR: Elevate your watch parties with the Pico Genie M550 Plus 2.0 LED Portable Projecto r , on sale $699 as of Oct. 10. That's a 10% savings. When it comes to on-the-go entertainment options, nothing compares to a portable projector. These modern marvels make it possible to turn virtually any space into a movie theater , complete with the big-screen experience. Plus, they allow you to basically

TL;DR: Change the way you reach out to your audience with the 2022 Premium Mailchimp & Email Marketing Mastery Super Bundle , on sale for $34 — a 98% discount — as of Oct. 10. In the office, if you don't keep up with evolving programs and processes, you'll get left out. Impress co-workers and your boss with your newfound knowledge of the top email marketing platform in the country: Mailchimp . Em

There are lots of reasons to buy a refurbished computer. Maybe you’re homeschooling your kiddos and need something that can keep up, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. Or maybe you don’t want to ruin your work computer by constantly gaming or streaming , so you opt for a second setup. Or maybe you know refurbished is often just the way to go. Whatever your computing needs, there are plenty of

TL;DR: Find relief with the DR-HO Neck Pain Pro Set , on sale for $159.99 as of Oct. 10. That's a 35% discount. As cozy as it may be working from your couch, it’s really doing a number on your posture . And yes, while working from home is a blessing, it is most definitely the reason your neck always hurts. Luckily, there’s a solution: the DR-HO Neck Pain Pro Set , which combines all the popular t

TL;DR: Maximize your work-from-home potential with the Complete Productivity and Automation Bundle , on sale for just $34 — a 98% discount — as of Oct. 10. You use all sorts of apps and software to get through the day — whether you’re working from home, tackling a side project, or starting a new hobby . But simply downloading an app is not the equivalent of understanding an app, which could be th

Apple iPad Air 2021•
The new iPad 10.2 (2021) has only recently landed, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the next model, which – since we’re not sure of the screen size yet – we’re just calling the new iPad 2022 for now. There’s little in the way of news about Apple’s next entry-level slate yet, but we can predict some things, and you’ll find those below, covering the possible release date, price, and

Mashable / 12h
TL;DR: The ProWritingAid lifetime subscription bundle is on sale for £146.15 as of Oct. 10, saving you 90% on list price. Being a good writer is so much more than knowing basic communication skills. Things like syntax, tone, and grammar have a real impact on h