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Australia Doomed??

China Hates Florida Too.
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Tomorrow’s Show
It seems as if Australia, except for Western Australia and Perth, has returned to being a prison colony using Covid as an excuse to terrorize the citizenry. Some reporting about the situation is finally coming our way. Your No Agenda Show has been on this story for months.
Aussie riots
China Syndrome
China is getting into the bashing act. Listening to CGTV, the Chinese government-controlled news and, all of a sudden, you hear the exact same bashing of Florida and Texas regarding Covid restrictions (or lack thereof) that you hear from CBS and NBC. It’s very strange to witness.
Podcast versus Flroida
All around the world it is important to be hating on Florida
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Here is some humor for your weekend.
Health Care meme
Meme about drunks
Meme about rights
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