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Lucky Double Ten Day
Dear Producer,

The Sunday Show Falls on 10/10, which is also called Ten-Ten day by the Chinese and was celebrated in most US and Worldwide “Chinatowns” until recently when the Communist Chinese Party influence prevented further events. It's considered an extremely lucky day.

In the San Francisco area, where most of the politicians are “owned” by these CCP Chinese, the once popular events have been downplayed or replaced. Even S.F. Fleet Week, which was almost exclusively done during the first week of October, was moved to fall on the 10-10 day weekend.

Why was this done? Because 10-10 day –which No Agenda has highlighted for years – is a Taiwan (R.O.C.) celebration eschewed by the mainland P.R.C.
Taiwant flags
1912-1928 R.O.C. Flag one left. Current flag on right
This Fleet Week move seems like another example of the US Government knuckling under to Chinese pressure whether on the part of Nancy Pelosi or local stooge and pinch-faced Rep. Eric Swalwell (D) who was notoriously seduced by a Chinese spy and yet he remains on the House Intelligence Committee.

When I was a kid there used to be a huge Chinese parade in San Francisco on 10-10 day and it was discussed on the news as a major Chinese holiday. It commemorates the start of the 1911 Wuchang Uprising in China. No more.

It should be mentioned that the Chinese communists, sick of 10-10 day, are now trying to turn it into a reflection of 11-11 ”friendship day” to mark the beginning of a shopping season avoiding any mention of Christmas or Taiwan, just shopping. It’s version of Amazon “Prime” Day. This co-opting of 10-10 is in the USA specifically to move Christmas shopping forward.

Not so at the No Agenda Show. We love double 10 day (as it is also referred) and we have the 10-10 donation medley. Click here to choose from the three possible show donations celebrating 10-10 day or choose something of your own. The three options are: $1010 (dollars) or $252.50 (quarters) 101.00 (dimes) or a variable option.

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10-10 Day celebration
Nothing the CCP wants to see.
Your No Agenda show covers and analyzes news without interference. This is because the show is not owned by a large corporation nor beholden to advertisers and is solely supported by you. There are no creepy advertisers or dogged CCP influencers telling us what to cover and how to slant things.

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John C. Dvorak
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Anti-Americanism Lurks
Really? Who knew?
"I am what I say you are.." comes to mind

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