Monday, November 20, 2006

Experimenting with Email options

Owning a Gmail account has been a wonderful thing and it seems it is only getting better. What is GMAIL? Google Mail and having it has most definitely increased my productivity. The more I play around with the settings, the more I am finding ways to make my life a little bit easier. Currently I have had a number of email messages go -- somewhere within my Small Business Server (SBS) system which basically uses Microsoft Exchange. Yes although it may be true that no messages have been actually lost, it seems quite apparent though, that they will not surface any time soon. I have therefore been left with a few alternative methods of handling my email when I use multiple computers, from multiple locations and also require immediate access to other files/documents. This is where Google is really starting to shine in my opinion! Now with the ability to use the online documents/forms I have been able to access many useful tools that I have posted to my own account. This includes the google calendar and of course the email. The great part about the email is not only that I can use the P.O.P features, but I can utilize mail forwarding and still have it appear that my email is coming from the appropriate email account.

Unfortunately however, for the first few email messages I have received from some clients, I have responded to but using my 'gmail' account and in the past, quite possibly a 'yahoo' account. I should at this point out that my email address is and always will be one email address always! This is my own domain ( and therefore will always be my email address. It is at this time that I ask you to check your address books and make sure you have removed any and all other email addresses. I say this because as much as I am trying to centralize my email, I want to confirm that when I receive a phone call from someone stating that their email message got returned or that I had never responded to it, that I have something to fall back on and that would be my own fault if my domain should not be working but other then that, there should be no excuse from the Microsoft small business server eating up the email messages. I have had enough of this exchange bull&*^T!