Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Getting ME connected to YOU-what is involved?

This is directly related to any and all clients that have at one time, had me take a look at their computer:

There are many way in which connection from computer to computer can be made over the Internet and typically I install two methods. What I require however, is your current IP address as we are all on a 'dynamic ip address' which means your Internet provider provides your Internet modem with an address which can change at the servers will.

I have made this VERY SIMPLE to provide for me. From my HOMEPAGE located at you click on the link reads "Get your current ip address" This link will then open a new window which will have the number that I require.

Now some of you will simply write this number down on a piece of paper, open a new email message and then type it in--nice idea, but please don't do this. As I am quite dyslexic, it appears that many of you are as well and as a result I get the numbers backwards.

Another way is to copy and paste this number in to a new email message. Although this way is better, it still can be wrong, in the fact that when you copy, you may add too much of the line (and incur spaces where there shouldn't be) as well, not all the information that I may require is provided as you will notice when you do click on the link, besides the ip address is other information such as browser type, time, etc. This can be very useful in helping me determine what may be wrong with your computer.

So, what is the best method, the method that I hope you will all do now after reading this?

When you click on that link and you get that new window, from within your AVANT BROWSER (not using AVANT? Well whatever browser you are using should also have the email icon on the toolbar) this email icon on the toolbar will have a 'send page' option. By choosing this option, it will take the page you are currently viewing and place it in to a new composed email, complete with the subject header and all you have to do is ADDRESS IT TO ME.

Note that this email icon on the toolbar may not be there and if you don't see it, simply RIGHT CLICK on a blank space next to the other icons on the toolbar and choose CUSTOMIZE. This will now allow you to add the EMAIL icon. For those of you not using Outlook Express (as this is typically the default email program of windows), you will have to go in to the AVANT (or other browser) options and change the EMAIL CLIENT option to whatever it is you are using.

For example if you are using Outlook and you are using AVANT as your browser, then you would click on TOOLS then AVANT BROWSER OPTIONS. Now from the menu on the left, click on EMAIL CLIENT and on the right, choose the 'OTHER PROGRAM' check box and now browse to the .exe (executable file) the case of outlook it may be found in c:\program files\Microsoft office\office 11\outlook.exe (this is if you are using office 2003) Office 10 is what office XP is so that would be where the outlook.exe file is locate. If this sounds too difficult to find the file, you can always do a search for the file. Again, this is only necessary if you ARE NOT using the Outlook Express email program.

Because I have created this simple method, (yes, believe me once you have tried it you will see just how easy it is) to send me your current ip address. I suggest you start using it each and every time you send me an email regarding some computer related question as in most cases I find it much easier to connect to your computer, take a look at just what it is you are having issues with and either correct it on the fly, or at least be able to respond with a little knowledge of what problems you are having and can then give you some idea as to how I will go about fixing it. As I am strictly dealing with a time management issue here, I have found that by responding to each and every email I receive with a lengthy "try this and go here and do that" sort of answer, may take anywhere from 5 to 35 minutes to compose, then as a result of this lengthy answer (much like this blog entry), people will then have this glazed over look in their eye, realizing that it just looks a little bit too complicated for them to do on their own and respond back to my answer with "could you please take a look at it for me?"... now, as you can see, that is a complete waste of my time when I could have simply connected, fixed the problem(s) and then responded to the email by saying "it's fixed"... I have found that about 70percent of the time, this entire process is done in less then 15 minutes.... best part is for you--you aren't going to get charged for that! Yes, you heard it right... I have basically found that as important as time is money, quality time is by far more important. This is why if I can find a method to fixing not only your problem, but two or three other client problems, all by connecting remotely AT THE SAME TIME, then what is 10 minutes here and there? I have learned that my time spent fixing some problem on a computer must be billed by the actual amount of time spent looking at that particular monitor feed. Therefore if I were to connect and spend 4 hours one evening, updating and cleaning your computer, odds are that I spent no more then 1 full hour of time actually looking at the computer screen connected to your computer since the computer was off running tasks (spyware/virus scanning or updating for example). So why wait until your computer is completely crashed or running like a slug! Contact me on any little problem.. why not, all the people that ask me a question at do and to date I have that total number of questions answered is 1655 ! (all voluntary I might add)