Monday, November 27, 2006

IE7 Do you really want to install it?

If you are reading this then odds are you already have, and are currently using the AVANT Browser... why? Because I have blogged about the AVANT BROWSER to death! IE 7 on the other hand, is a relatively new program and one that is becoming more and more of a problem then a solution to Microsoft's current security issues. So the question is, do you really want to install this program? With your windows updates happening automatically, if you allow them to, this program will eventually get installed on your computer. This is because you are allowing it to install through the automatic updates since Microsoft figured they would throw it in with all the other crap that clutters up your computer! I say this because I am typically the one that ends up either rolling back some failed security update or dealing with a number of problems as a direct result of those of you that continue to use the Internet Explorer. Yes, even though the newer version (IE7) is touted as being a much more secure browser, it seems inevitable that your computer will end up having it installed and in theory this is not a bad thing, since many of the built in Internet applications of the windows operating system utilize the 'explorer' which is the graphical user interface of windows. Since the latest version of IE includes an anti-phishing filter, this can be considered a good investment, to go ahead and install. The problem is, this 'filter' I have found, will make adjustments to the global settings of your Internet connectivity resulting in potential problems with other browsers and/or connecting to the Internet, depending a lot on what your current home page is. On this note, many of my existing clients will probably have a little application called spyware gaurd that will block the change of the current home page as in previous versions of the Internet explorer, this could be 'hijacked' without your knowledge, resulting in you clicking on your web browser only to find it opening to some pornographic or other damaging web site that essentially makes your computer an Internet zombie, unable to do anything at all. I have seen it happen and it is not something I enjoy cleaning up so this is why I donate so much of my time to helping those with computer related problems and hope to help my existing clients from falling in to these sort of traps.

Do yourself a favor, the next time you get that gold shield icon on your system tray telling you that there are available windows updates, DON'T just automatically click OK to install since you see the "recommended" in brackets... DO click on the CUSTOM choice so that you get to see just what exactly is going to be installed when you do click OK. Then, if you are unsure of this, DO NOT continue with this download/installation and DO EMAIL ME with the question of what should you do next. In the end, it can save you a lot of time (and that relates to money)!