Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Web Browsers are your choice!

As much as I like to promote and push the AVANT BROWSER on everyone that reads my blogs and for all of my existing clients, I do realize as with anything on the Internet and your computer, it is completely up to you to decide what you want to use as your web browser while surfing the web. The main reason I have found the AVANT BROWSER as my choice and what I believe should be yours as well, is the simple fact that it is NOT the number one browser being used and for this reason alone, it means you are going to run a lot lower risk of hacking issues which directly result in security problems. As I write this, it is quite apparent that the number two browser in the world is Mozilla's Firefox which I am happy to report, has a new "version 2.0" available. If you are wanting to live on the edge and actually give yourself a new workout in computer know-how, then go ahead and download it and give it a try! My opinion hasn't changed however and I still feel the Avant Browser is the better choice. For my clients especially, since I see many of them struggling with spyware issues, the nice feature of FireFox is the simplicity of the toolbar, however in my opinion it is too simple.. to the point that you are going to end up adding many things. The next thing are the 'plug-ins' that are required to have it function properly. Again, this could be seen as a good feature since you may or may not require certain things and therefore if it isn't installed, then it can't be running, further helping the problems of security issues. But unfortunately it isn't quite that simple, since most people want things to simply work and be able to see everything, it then becomes an issue with the tabbed windows. To this point I still haven't found the option to have it so that when I do open a new tab, that it will open to a web page of my choice. It is for this type of issue that I remain true to my browser of choice, the Avant Browser. Simple is sometimes better and in this case I will agree with that statement! Regardless of what I may say here, I hope you will at least believe me when I say that the Internet Explorer is Bad, Bad, Bad and you should stop using it completely. By doing this, I can almost guarantee you will have less spyware problems, less malware problems and less chance of potential windows disasters, since this remains the worlds number one choice of web browsing mostly due to the simple fact that it comes included with your windows operating system and most people are just too lazy to go and install something else when as far as they are concerned, it gets them to the website and that is what they are after in the first place. That my friend, is the attitude I hope to be able to change with this blog!