Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reading English is hard work!

Currently helping a friend by reading the rough draft proposal of a Ph.D dissertation can take a lot out of you. Reading and reading and reading, looking for any errors, and this because I am a 'native speaker of the English language' that I can be of some help on a paper about Englisht as a second language! Problem is, it makes for tired eyes and as a result my own time helping those in need of some computer assistance remotely must be put on hold for the night. Yes, even though the computer is a machine, I am not! I realize how important health is and working for myself, I must always take those early warning signs (in this case, the inability to keep my eyes open), as time to stop what I am currently doing and get some rest! As with all of my work, I do have to prioritize with the work on my bench which always comes first, and then those computers I will connect to remotely for checking up on things, and doing whatever is necessary to keep the computer performing at its peak performance. I do apologize if that may seem like your computer is not getting the attention it deserves and remind you that I do have service loaners for those that would rather work on a computer that isn't sick, which would then allow me to go full tilt on the repairs on the bench! As I do try and attempt to make most of my remote connections later in the evening, after most have finished using it for the day, it just so happens that I am not always capable of staying up and performing all-nighters all the time! And don't go telling me to get a life either, cause I enjoy the one I have.. helping those that can't help themselves fix their little babies (computers).